Therapedic Latex Mattress So Confused Need some guidance

I’ve read and read and read and I’m so confused. I need some guidance. I’m pretty sold on a latex mattress. I found a super comfortable bed, the Therapedic Allure Soft Latex. It is 12 inches thick, contains 6 inches of Talalay Latex followed by 3 inches of 14ISD on the top and 19ISD on the bottom and below that is the reflex foam (bio based). 100% made in California and they are the same brand as Stress-o-pedic. The foam is manufactured by FXI. I talked them down to $2,200 for a Cal King. I would love to figure out if this is the best buy (price and longevity) for an amazingly comfortable mattress. I truly appreciate any guidance. and Phoenix, you’re doing an amazing service for mankind.


Hi hieyemtim,

Just in case you haven’t read it yet … the mattress shopping tutorial here which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choice … and more importantly know how and why to avoid the worst ones. If you follow the steps in the tutorial one at a time you will have the best possible chance of making a successful purchase in terms of suitability, durability, and value.

I’m assuming that you mean IFD or ILD (rather than ISD) but IFD/ILD is a “comfort spec” which only indicates the softness and firmness or a material (which you can feel when you test the mattress anyway) so it’s not an important spec when you test a mattress locally. What you need to make more meaningful comparisons are the “quality specs” that indicate the durability of the materials rather than their softness/firmness…

The specs you listed aren’t complete so it’s not possible to make any meaningful comments about the quality of the materials in the mattress but if you can provide the information listed in this article (including the thickness, type, and blend of any latex layers in the mattress and the thickness and density of any polyfoam layers) and post it on the forum I’d be happy to make some comments about the quality of the materials or the mattress “as a whole” or help identify whether there are any potential “weak links” in its design.

There is also more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more meaningful quality/value comparisons between mattresses or the “finalists” that you are comparing (I would normally suggest having more than one “finalist”). Since the value of a mattress purchase is always relative to the other mattresses you are considering or that are available in your area (or online for those that are also including online options in their research), if you only have one “finalist” or don’t have other mattresses that you are using as a reference to compare with then there really isn’t any way to make any meaningful quality/value comparisons either in terms of suitability, durability, or “value” regardless of the price you would be paying for the mattress.

I would keep in mind that the amount of any “discount” that you may be receiving on a mattress either as the result of a sale or “negotiating” can be very misleading because the reference price you are using may be inflated to make the “value” of a sale or the outcome of a “negotiation” look better than it really is (see post #6 here).


These specs do not match anything in the current national Therapedic lineup, including the Pure Touch, Pure Touch II or the Buoyancy Collection. I even went back in my notes the past five years and didn’t find anything like that from my licensee. Therapedic does allow licensees some latitude in creating their own specs. You need to get more complete and correct details of that product before making an informed decision.