Thoughts on Arizona Premium Mattress Co?

Hi, Phoenix,

I’m wondering about your thoughts on the AZ Premium Mattress Co ( I’m happy to find another factory in Phoenix but for some reason Ken Hightower’s article on Latex mattress comparisons is offputting to me. He names names, saying things like Dream foam bedding uses the same cover material he does when there are thousands to choose from—intimating that they are shady in their practices, trying to confuse customers. And there are many other examples.

How are his mattresses—as good as he says they are? And are they so much better than all the rest he names? I will go to his showroom if you believe it to be worth my time and money but I think comparisons can be made in a softer way.

Thanks, Phoenix, for all you do to help us dazed and confused mattress buyers!


Hi Marlarae3,

I think highly of Ken and Arizona Premium and I would certainly include them among the best quality and value in the country (which of course is why they were invited to become a member of the site when it first began). He is also very outspoken and passionate about many things in the industry and has been pushing back against some of the worst practices in the industry for many years. I have had many hours of very informative and interesting conversations with him.

Like most of us that have passionate opinions though … sometimes they may go too far and they can simply be wrong. I believe that his thoughts about Dreamfoam are one of those cases. Of course it’s not for me to judge what anyone else says especially on their own site but I will confirm with absolute certainty that the implications in the article on their site about Dreamfoam using “imperfects” or “factory seconds” in their Amazon mattresses are just not accurate at all and I personally wish he would change this.

That aside though … like the other members of this site they make some great quality and value mattresses and are exceptionally knowledgeable about latex in general and the mattresses they make and sell in particular.

A mattress is as good as the quality of the materials that are in it and they use high quality materials in their mattresses. Once you know the materials in a mattress then you can make meaningful quality and value comparisons with other similar mattresses and while the definition of “value” depends on each person’s personal value equation… there is no doubt that like the other members of the site they are among the value leaders.


I felt exactly the same as Marlarae3 regarding the snarky remarks on the Arizona Mattress website…rather turned me off as well. Thanks, Phoenix, for the input regarding their integrity.