Topper Help/Layer of Memory Foam?

So, I built a DIY latex hybrid (with the help of the forum experts) that is an amazing feeling mattress. My build is as follows:
'1" Firm Dunlop Latex
8" L&P Quantum Elite Bolsa Coils
3" Firm Plushbed Talalay
3" Soft Plushbed Talalay
Arizona Premium Mattress Bamboo/Wool Cover

This mattress is great, it is cool and breathable, the firmness has alleviated our problem with hands going numb at night, and over all we are sleeping much better. NOW to the slight issue we are having. Both my husband and I have a bad shoulder from years of playing sports. Even on this most amazing mattress we can only be on our “bad” shoulder for about 15 minutes before it starts hurting. We have been trying different down alternative mattress toppers because I do not like the feel of sleeping directly on foam. Both toppers have been really nice breathable, bamboo covered toppers over-filled with down alternative (I don’t like real down). However, while they feel amazing when we first lie down, they start to feel hard and hot after a while and cause the shoulder pain to come back. I have also tried using my Cozy Earth mattress pad, but it doesn’t feel plush and makes me lose the plush feeling from my Bamboo/Wool mattress cover. So, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I have considered still trying the following and wonder if anyone has any feedback on these:

(1) The woolroom deluxe wool mattress pad Deluxe Wool Mattress Pad | Wool Mattress Topper | Woolroom It is supposed to be cool and breathable, but I wonder if it is plush enough to actually alleviate should pain.

(2) Adding two inches of wool batting inside the mattress cover. Even though it’s only a 15" mattress cover there is plenty of room and stretchiness to add the batting. However, I wonder (1) if the batting would add any plushness, and (2) would the batting get too compressed and loose its loft if it’s zipped inside the mattress pad.

(3) Purchase a 2" vented gel memory foam or a 2" serene foam topper and zip it up inside the mattress pad. Again, there seems to be room for it inside the mattress pad, however I worry about it being to compressed inside the mattress pad. I also worry about heat retention, I am a very hot sleeper and don’t want to add anything that will trap heat.

Thanks for any guidance or suggestions anyone can give. Hopefully if I can address this one issue (shoulder pain) I will finally get that perfect nights sleep.



Hi michtx.

It’s great you’ve got a set up you love, but I’m sorry your shoulders are still suffering even on your ideal configuration. It’s interesting, I don’t make specific recommendations ever because feel and needs are so very subjective, but while reading your post, this topper came immediately to mind. It won’t compress the same way wool does (and wool inevitably does compress over time).

Your idea of adding more batting, however, could be a good one! As long as it’s not over-packed it should allow for some plush support.


Sorry for just reading your suggestion, things got crazy for a few days. I will definitely check out the topper you suggested. Thank you.

Well I finally took the plunge and ordered the Cozypure LaNoodle Cuddle Top topper yesterday. My topper should be here next week and I can’t wait to try it out.

Hi Michtx,

Great news! Congratulations on ordering your new topper! @CozyPure has been a valued Trusted Member of the site for over 10 years; they are known for being ‘perfectionists’ in all aspects of the design and manufacture of their products, and they have managed to keep the price points down without sacrificing quality, even as material costs have skyrocketed.

Please let us know how it feels once you’ve had some time with it…here’s to many restful nights of sleep going forward!

~ Basilio

So sad. I received my topper today, but Cozypure sent the Cozy Top topper with the channels (which I can’t stand the feel of) instead of the cuddle top topper. I went and re-checked my order and it shows the cuddle top and has a picture of the cuddle top, but for some reason they sent the cozy top. So, no trying the new topper for me for a while until someone with Cozypure calls or emails me back to let me know how they are going to fix it. Really concerned about quality of products if they can’t even send the correct item. :cry:

Hi michtx,

Oh no! Sorry to hear this I know you were really looking forward to the topper! Unfortunately shipping mix-ups do happen; if you haven’t I would email or leave a message for @CozyPure (customer service is open 10am-5pm EST M-F at 1-800-229-7571, there’s also a contact form on their website here I am certain they will send you the correct topper ASAP. Sorry for the delay you’ve had, I’m hoping that when you receive it you will find it worth the wait! I will follow up with them as well. They have been providing excellent sleep solutions for their customers for 30 years…as a smaller manufacturer sometimes things go awry despite
In-place processes.

~ Basilio

Thank you so much for being supportive. I was disappointed, but I’m sure a company is reputable is Cozy Pure will make it right. I’ve already left a voicemail, and sent an email, but I do understand it was after five on Friday, so nothing will happen before Monday. Thanks again for all of your suggestions and help.

I have to say that the customer service response from Cozypure was unbelievably amazing. I have a degree in marketing, and worked in customer service for years, and even I was impressed with Cozypures response. They have earned a customer for life in me. I can’t wait to get the new topper. I am sure it is going to be of exceptional quality based on the ethics of this company and its owner.

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I have slept on my LaNoodle Cuddletop topper for the last two nights and I cannot thank you enough for the suggestion. It has done exactly what I was hoping–no more shoulder or hip pain. It has given my DIY hybrid mattress the plush pillowtop feel that my husband and I were craving. I know people say stuff like this all the time, but I can honestly say the LaNoodle topper has given us the best nights sleep ever.

I am interested in LaNoodle Cuddletop topper as well. Does anyone know the equivalent ILD for this?


It looks like it only comes in twin.

This would be best answered by @CozyPure. I am not positive, but I would guess that they would not measure ILD on a noodle topper or any noodle product. The noodles are a blend of various latex foam cylinders. Additionally, the noodles react a bit differently than a solid core slab of latex.

When you lie on a noodle topper or pillow, the noodles exhibit a foam of displacement that is different than if it were a solid core.

Having tried a CozyPure noodle pillow, a solid core Dunlop pillow, and a solid core Talalay pillow, I’ve noticed that each one has a distinctly different feel. My wife loves both the Talalay and Dunlop pillows. On the other hand, I found the Ba-Noodle pillow to be far too soft for my preference. Luckily, I had ordered an extra pound of noodles. Once I added them, the pillow firmed up significantly, making it comfortable for me to sleep on. Since I’m accustomed to a horsehair pillow that compresses to a firmer feel, my experience might differ from that of most people.

I own and have created a variety of pillows. Having purchased pounds of noodles, wool batting, horsehair, and other fillings, I found that it’s possible to change the feel of a pillow, topper, or even a mattress. How taut, stretchy, or tightly these bedding pieces are encased will determine their performance. You can read more about my experiences here.

Though these are pillow experiences, the materials and their properties certainly transfer to other bedding selections.