Tranquility Mattress Co

Does anyone know anything about this company? I’m looking for a latex mattress and their prices seem to be pretty fair. Any experience with them?

Hi Flash11,

Tranquility Mattress is owned by Merrick Group and is connected to Angelbeds and Dream Number Beds and The Sleep Better Store among others. If you are local to their bricks and mortar outlet in Houston then they would be among the better local options in the Houston area because you could test their mattresses in person for how well they meet your needs and preferences which can reduce the risk compared to an online purchase.

If you are looking at them as an online option … then IMO they are probably not in the same “value range” compared to some of the other online manufacturers who offer more options (before and after your purchase) with better value. These are listed in post #21 here.

A forum search on “tranquility” or on “angelbeds” will bring up more information about them.

Hope this helps.