Tuft and Needle 5" Review

Hello all,

I just want to leave some thoughts on the Tuft and Needle 5" I bought at the end of last month.

First off, communication was top-notch. I mean, these people will do anything for your satisfaction. They offer great advice. I was torn at first between getting the 5" or 10" models, but T&N customer support told me the 5" will support up to 300lbs per person or 600lbs total for a couple. My wife and I weigh 300 combined so this is not a problem. I am 170lbs and she is 130lbs. I am sold.

It took about one week from the time I made the purchase online to the day I received the mattress, going from Arizona to Michigan. The mattress was only about 50lbs, and came in a box about 16"x16"x48". I could be off a few lbs or inches. Point being, it was not very difficult to carry up three flights of stairs. When I got it in my apartment, I carefully cut open the plastic wrap holding the rolled up mattress together. It was curled up and compressed like a cinnamon bun. The mattress comes with instructions on how to do this. As the air rushed in to the mattress, it began inflating to it’s full, queen size. Pretty cool, actually.

It says right on the mattress that you can begin sleeping on it after it expands all the way. AKA, right away. There was hardly any smell (I had no problem almost napping on it immediately). In any case, it said within one week the mattress will be at it’s fully functional state, where it should stay for a minimum of 10 years. We will see.

It has been a couple of weeks and I am extremely impressed with the mattress. I am a stomach sleeper, and have had no problems falling asleep, even on my back. This is saying a lot because I usually cannot fall asleep on my back. I have a 50% disability rating due to my back. I would call this a firm mattress, but not in the sense of sleeping on the floor. I sink in just enough and then stop. Heavier parts of my body such as around my hips and upper torso sink in more than the lighter parts of my body. I’m not going to say it feels like sleeping on a cloud, because I have no idea what that feels like. I will say it distributes your body weight evenly and I no longer wake up with a sore back.

There is no possibility of feeling the ground underneath the mattress, which is what I was afraid of in the 5" vs 10" version. Unless you weigh more than 300lbs, I imagine this would not be an issue. Perhaps if I jump on the bed I could feel the floor. I’m not going to jump on the bed. This brings me to my partner and I. This mattress does not bounce around when I get out of bed or when she gets out of bed to use the restroom. This is good for us, but one downside is you will not find much help when it comes to intimacy. There is just no spring or bounce in this mattress. Rolling over is not a chore, but if you are one of those people who look like a fish out of water when rolling over, you will receive no feedback from the mattress. You’ll just continuously flop in place. You must put in an effort to roll over. No monkeys would enjoy jumping on this bed. No bounce.

Obviously, I am very pleased with my purchase. I don’t know what topics I may have missed so if you have any questions, I will try my best to objectively answer them, although I am no expert. The only thing I am not pleased with is they said I would be refunded the discount for being a member of this forum within 5-8 business days, but it has been well over that and I have yet to see the refund. Maybe it is only $20 or so but I am surprised given their otherwise excellent communication practices. I will let you know if this issue is resolved. I am sure it will be.

Hi CuloInteligente,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback about the Tuft & Needle Five in such great detail … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Most people that buy from them purchase the Ten so your comments will also be helpful for other forum members that are considering the Five as well.

I don’t anticipate that there would be any issues with this either but it may be worth calling them to ask about it just in case your discount ended up falling through the cracks.


I didn’t receive my TN refund yet either, but I had never asked how long it would take to receive it. I guess I’ve assumed they wait to see if you’re going to keep the mattress or not, so I haven’t been expecting it until after the 60 days? I did get two verifications that this information was in my order summary.

I’m not complaining, their service has been great, but just wanted to give a heads up. I will contact them after 60 days, I’m not too worried about it.

Hi CuloInteligente and sheep123,

I’ll call them when they’re open just to clarify what is happening with the TMU discounts.


Thanks for the review. Can I ask what factored into your decision between the 5 versus the 10?

Without any graphic details :ohmy: How would you compare this to other types of mattresses you may have owned. The wife and I hated our memory foam topper in this regard but our inner spring gave us some “help” :stuck_out_tongue: Would you say the T&N its neutral?


Pheonix - Thanks a lot for your help. :cheer:


I decided to buy the 5" because there is no difference in quality or functionality, besides the 10" can support more than 600lbs. I won’t have to worry about that limit (at least for the near future). The only other difference is the 10" ‘looks’ more like a regular mattress. Why would I spend $200 more for looks? I used the $200 I saved to buy rayon bamboo sheets. It made more sense to me.

Regarding this mattress in terms of intimacy, it is neutral. That is a fair way to put it. I owned a bed with a 4" memory foam topper and it required a lot more effort to tango. It was like it was working against me. That memory foam topper is the typical “put your handprint in it and it stays for 10 seconds” type. So it was a pain. Here is a good way to put it: Let’s say I dropped a bowling ball on grandpa’s old innerspring mattress from 1980. It bounced 10 times before stopping. If I did the same thing with the memory foam topper, it would bounce maybe twice before stopping, and sink. With the Tuft & Needle mattress, the bowling ball would bounce around four times before stopping and only sink slightly. The spring effect is about the same as a traditional pillowtop mattress, I would say. You by no means get ‘lost’ in it like with the sinky memory foam, but it’s not a trampoline like innerspring. I think the way you described it as ‘neutral’ is fairly accurate. Another way to put it is imagine it like making a hardwood floor really comfortable. You’re not going to get feedback from the floor but it doesn’t hurt because it’s comfortable. Hope this helps! B)

Great feedback. Thanks.

Hi CuloInteligente and sheep123,

I talked with Tuft & Needle today and they confirmed that you should normally have received the discount within the timeframe they mentioned (it would be applied as a credit to your card) so it may be worth calling them to ask them about it to make sure that you haven’t fallen through the cracks for some reason.


Hi CuloInteligente and sheep123,

My name is Stephen, I am one of the teammates with Tuft & Needle. I wanted to personally reach out and say I am sorry about your discount not being applied. Phoenix is correct, please reach out to us with your information at [email protected] or call us at 877-842-2586. We will get this taken care of asap.

Thanks again for the support and we are happy you’re enjoying the mattress!

Hey Everyone-

I did receive my MU discount from Tuft and Needle!

I didn’t realize it was coming in the form of a credit on my credit card- I thought it was going to be a “rebate check” sort of thing coming in the mail.

I looked more closely at my credit card bill from December (received a couple weeks ago)- and indeed the credit was there!

Thanks for looking into this Pheonix, and thank you Stephen for responding.

Still loving our 10" queen TN, received mid-December. We are definitely keeping it!


Let us know if we can help with anything else. Contact us at [email protected]

Tuft & Needle

I just wanted to update my review to add Tuft & Needle has acknowledged the refund mistake and they are taking all measures to get that member discount back to me ASAP. They are very good at communicating with me. They really go above and beyond in that aspect. What a great company. I will post back when I receive the refund. Thanks Tuft & Needle.

Is there a thread for the T&N 10"? I’m seriously about to pull the trigger and would love some reassurance!


Hi Sleeplessinlawrence,

In addition to the many comments in the topic that CuloInteligente linked (thanks CuloInteligente :)) I would also keep in mind each person’s experience can be different from others and that Tuft & Needle have a great return policy so there is very little risk in trying it to see how it feels for you and your own sleeping experience will be the “best” reassurance about whether it’s a good match for you in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).

Some of the comments there are also about their older design and there is more information about their newer design in posts #2 and #6 here and the rest of the topic.


I received my T&N 6.5% discount today and the mattress isn’t set to be delivered until four days from now, so they are pretty efficient with refunding it!

Hi dwzemens,

Thanks for the update and it’s good to hear that you received your rebate so quickly :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I just wanted to comment I received my discount, no problems. Tuft & Needle are good people B)

Is the feel of the mattress like latex with a bounce? I hate the sinking feeling with memory foam. Our bed is a Simmons beauty rest 19 years old.

Hi CuloInteligente,

Thanks for the update and for letting us know that you received your discount :slight_smile:


Hopefully some of the members here that have purchased it will share their experiences and while each person may have a very different opinion or description of the same mattress … it would probably be fair to say that the comfort layers aren’t as resilient or “bouncy” as latex but they also aren’t a slow response and temperature sensitive material like memory foam where you sleep more “in” the mattress and there is no resilience at all. It would be somewhere in between (less resilient than latex but still much more of an “on the mattress” feel than the “in the mattress” feel of memory foam).