Twice bitten....! bad 'Memories'....!

Thank you immensely for putting together so much good information, as well as this forum to help all of us negotiate our way thru. the ‘badlands’ of mattress shopping!! I was going nuts trying to read/learn and sort out all the real and so much bogus-information that’s out there on the internet …and then chanced upon your site and forum…what a relief! Thanks again!
To make a long story short I just returned for refund a memory foam mattress I bought online at a price range ($1200 King mattress only) I thought would get me a decent product…but…turned out to be a lemon! At least got a full refund. The other one I bought just before this (name brand, Queen mattress for under $800) was also bad, and I m stuck with it. From your buying guide I see we were getting what we paid for.
After much reading on materials, our sleep needs, etc., we have concluded …enough of the memory foam nonsense! I am focussed on all-latex mattresses only.Trying to decide b/w Natural 10000 from SleepEZ and a 9" Botanical Bliss from Not sure of the cost premium with the latter…if its worth it? Any thoughts on PlushBeds? I see SleepEZ is a member of this site/forum.
Any pointers are welcome. Wish me luck too!

Hi nkramad,

Plushbeds uses high quality materials and are certainly “better than average” value but they are not in the same value range as SleepEz or some of the other members here and they don’t have the same layering options available.

A forum search on Plushbeds (you can just click this) will bring up many more comments about them (lots of people have asked because they do a lot of internet advertising) but they don’t do as well with an apples to apples comparison with SleepEz or some of the other better value options that are part of the membership here (with or without the membership discount).

Of course there are many elements to value and each person has a different way to calculate their own “personal value equation” but IMO … SleepEz offers many more options in terms of material choices and layering possibilities, has more ways to customize their mattresses, has better exchange options, has a lower cost, offers great customer support and service, and for most people would be a better value choice. Of course the 5% discount for the members of the forum is an added bonus.

It wouldn’t be a difficult choice between these two for me :slight_smile: