Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress - First Impressions

I know that memory foam is not what a majority of the people on the site prefer, but having tried latex and tempurpedic in the past the wife and I both prefer the MF. Through this site I found reference to the Dreamfoam’s new gel foam mattress that is supposed to mimic the feel of the tempurpedic cloud luxe.

I had a few questions before ordering and between sat-sun chuck responded within hours (sometimes minutes). After placing my order on Monday he responded that my order would be shipped within 48 hours and my free pillow would be included. The following day (Tuesday) I received notice that my shipping label was created and the info submitted to fedex, the mattress was picked up wednesday and fedex had the mattress until today. The shipping weight was 95 lbs. Once the package was opened it expanded to about 80% within a few minutes, and now 3 hours later its probably 95% expanded with the center still somewhat compressed compared to the edges.

Initial thoughts are that the mattress feels very good, more firm then the demo luxe (expected by both design and lack of break-in) but significantly softer/cloud like then our old tempur classic. There is a little bit of off gassing but not overbearing, the latex pillow has SIGNIFICANTLY more smell and wont be used until it goes away. The cover is very nice, soft and looks professional, only downside is it is not removable. We also had a 4" square sticker inside between the cover and the top layer of foam, not sure why and it was noticeable and annoying. We were able to get the sticker moved to the edge with a little work, but its now a little ball and no way to remove without cutting the cover, its a minor annoyance that doesn’t affect the performance of the mattress. I have the mattress on my tempur adjustable base and the mattress is about 1" shorter and 1" wider then the tempur, haven’t pulled a tape measure out to see if the measurements are true to the description but the tempur was always a little difficult to get mosts sheets on so it could very well be correct…

Based on my initial impression I would give 5/5 stars for value, and 4/5 stars for performance. I will follow up with my observations after our first nights sleep, but overall i’m very happy with our $700 purchase (queen).


Unrolled on base:
After 15 Minutes:
After 3 Hours:

Hi supermanx,

Thanks a lot for a great review of both the mattress and the process … and of course the pictures :slight_smile:

You are the first to “break the ice” with a review of this mattress on the forum and it’s great to have some visuals as well. I hope you have the chance to provide some updates along the way as you sleep on it for a while.


First night went well, we both slept ok but we’re still not full adjusted. I was actually very surprised how much putting a sheet on firmed the mattress up, frankly more then I would have liked had the bed been broken-in. I fully expect the bed will soften up over the next couple weeks/months as the foam breaks in.

The foam was a little warmer then the latex topper we have been using, but not as warm as the tempurpedic. I am a hot sleeper and it did not bother me, wife is always cold and she actually enjoyed the little extra warmth and noted she had to take her sock off in the middle of the night. We both tossed and turned a bit, just a little more than normal but woke without major stiffness or soreness. We both had the feeling of sleeping ON vs. IN the bed, although we both agreed without the sheet the feeling of being in the bed was there and expect this will change as we get used to the bed and it loosens up. I can say we did not continue to sink into the bed after extended time like we found common with cheaper foam. Overall we are fairly happy with the bed.

I’ll update again after a few nights sleep.

Any update on your mattress?

Hi Supermax,

I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on this bed as well and would appreciate your insight after more time on the bed.

Has the bed loosen up? Thanks


I just purchased one of these as well. Just a quick question for you, not that I anticipate returning it, but can you return this bed if you are not satisfied? On Amazon, it states that if the bed is in the original packaging, you can return it. Aside from vacuum sealing it again, I don’t think I would be able to get this in the original packaging. :S

Also, how is it now that you have had around 3 months on it?

Without a local storefront, you can forget about returning once opened.

Hi back357,

I’m not supermax of course but I can answer your question :slight_smile:

The Dreamfoam mattresses are fulfilled by Dreamfoam themselves (not by Amazon) and are not returnable (except of course in the case of a defective mattress) and there are no comfort exchanges except for their Eurotop latex mattress and their Total latex mattress which offer comfort exchanges (with a minimal charge) for the top 3" latex layer.

This is part of the reason for their low cost because all “free” or “nominal charge” services offered by a manufacturer or retailer (comfort exchanges, refunds, free delivery etc) are all built in to the cost of a mattress. Deciding on how important each of these options are and any “risks” involved are part of each person’s “value equation” and part of the many tradeoffs involved in every mattress purchase whether locally or online.

Hope this helps


Got it. Thank you. Based on the fact that they are a member of this site, I feel confident that I will love the mattress. I am coming off of a 17 year old coil spring mattress. I’m pretty sure the cardboard box would feel better. I did a significant amount of research and did test out the mattress that this is closest to. Thanks for everything you do. I can’t imagine how dedicated you are in your “real” job.

Hi back357,

That’s certainly some “stiff” competition!

This has been a 12-16 hour a day 7 days a week project for over 2 years now (since well before the site was started) so a "real’ job doesn’t fit into the picture at the moment. Fortunately … I love what I’m doing and there are many plans to build the site further over the next year or two.

Thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile:


Just wanted to come back and update everyone about my purchase of the Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

I ordered on December 31.

I received the bed on January 8th (didn’t come with the free pillow, but oh well).

I did ask Chuck a few questions throughout the process like a warranty question. He was prompt with information.

I was able to put the bed on my frame by myself. I bit heavy, but much easier than I anticipated. Once I started cutting the package open, it started to “inflate” and I was able to unroll the whole thing and position it quickly.

It filled out fairly quickly. I opened it at around noon and we slept on it that night. It feels just like people have stated - a bit more firm than the Cloud Luxe.

I was concerned about falling off the edge of the bed, but that has not been an issue.

It really didn’t smell at all when I opened it. It did end up smelling a bit for 2 days, but that has gotten much better. When I say smell, I am not referring to anything that is horrible. Just a bit of an odor. Again, this went away after a couple of days.

The sleep I am getting is fantastic. I did have some minor lower back pain when waking up on my old mattress. Not with this mattress. From the first night, I have felt rested and pain free. It is really a dream. Be mindful of the size…13 inches is right on. My mattress cover did not fit. My sheets are at their max.

Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend this mattress to anyone who is in the market for a memory foam bed. I know what you are thinking. The no return policy is scary. Yes, it is. But, I can tell you this product is great. Go try the Cloud Luxe. Realize this mattress is a bit firmer, and you will have a great idea of what you are getting. This process was painless and the best part is that I spent $700 on a mattress that goes for $3999 (the Cloud Luxe that is).

I want to thank everyone on this site for all of their help, especially Phoenix and Supermax.

Sweet dreams!!

Hi back357,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a great review. I really appreciate the more detailed information that can be so helpful to many others.

You are certainly entitled to this and I would call them and remind them that you are a member here (and were when you ordered). While it’s always possible for something to slip through the cracks (especially on New Years eve) … a free shredded latex pillow is worth a phone call to let them know they forgot it :slight_smile:

Enjoy your new “pain free” sleep!


Hi back 357,

Thanks for your review.
I a seriously considering purchasing this bed.

I am wondering how much firmer this is than the Cloud Luxe? Just a little? Or significantly.
Is it comfortable? Does it feel at all plush?
I have tried the cloud luxe…and love it…

How can I get in touch with this Chuck guy everyone mentions?
I have some questions I would like to have answered by him first.
Also, can I order right with Chuck or do I have to order on Amazon?

Hi Strummer,

Their phone number (877-955-5503 ) is on the bottom of their details page here.

You can order right on the phone if you wish. They are merchant fulfilled rather than Amazon fulfilled which means that the Amazon fulfillment policies don’t apply (refunds etc).


Hi Strummer,

This bed is plush. I weigh 170lbs and I sink in a good 2-3" at least. You will NOT think this is firm.

Good luck.

I don’t think Strummer is asking if he will think this is firm, but rather about its firmness compared to the Cloud Luxe. Many have stated that this mattress is a little stiffer than the cloud luxe, but to what degree. I have the same questions. I tried out a few tempurpedic beds…The Cloud Luxe and the Cloud Supreme. I liked both beds, and neither were firm, but the supreme was firmer than the luxe. Would anyone who has tried both of those be able to speak comparatively?

Sorry if I confused the question. I have tried both the Tempurpedic supreme breeze and the Luxe. My opinion is it is somewhere in between. This was only in the store and 5 min on each. This is how I look at it, and also what I told Chuck at Dreamfoam, the layering of the Dreamfoan mattress more resembles the Supreme, with 5lb foam under 4 lb. the difference is an extra inch of the 4 lb. on top (3"). The luxe uses an extra 1/2 " of the 4 lb (2.5"), but uses 7 or 8 lb HD foam in lieu of 5 lb underneath. You boil it all away, this Dreamfoam mattress is NOT a Tempurpedic, it feels very close, made with great materials and is 1/4 the price. I can easily afford the tempur, but we all the know mattress industry is one big run around, so did some homework and I have a nice mattress at the end of the day. If it only lasts 3-5 years, I’m ok with that. Good luck.

You coundn’t have answered the question any better. Thank you SleepTight!

I, as well, will agree completely with SleepTight’s assessment of the situation. Very spot on.