Ultimate dreams Icomfort equivalent

I appologize in advance if this question was already addressed in another post as I combed through the forum search and could not find the answer. I am on the cusp of placing an order for a Ultimate dreams eurotop after finding this website and doing several days worth of researching, and toiling. The mattress that this site saved me from buying was a Icomfort genius that my wife and I had fell in love with while at Macys this past weekend. We prefer a mattress on the firm side and would love to mimic the icomfort genius as close as possible using the ultimate dreams mattress. Has anybody possibly had any experience with both mattresses or possibly know the ILD rating for the icomfort genius so I can tell the good people at Brooklyn Bedding in order to dial in my new mattress?

Also, is there anybody out there that is a longtime owner of an ultimate dreams mattress that can shed some light on how well the mattress is holding up. The longest follow up I could find from current owners of the ultimate dreams was only about 5 months. This person says at about 5 months age, the mattress is every bit as supportive as it was when brand new. While this is encouraging, it would be great to hear from anybody that has been an owner for a year or more.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Governor,

I can share a few thoughts with you that may help.

Yesterday i was talking with a retailer that had an iComfort Genius on her floor for less than a year. She was telling me how it had softened considerably and how she was considering dropping the iComfort completely. All the people that tried the Genius tested the softened foam and when they ordered it the mattress they received was considerably firmer and she had received many complaints that the mattress they tried wasn’t the same as the one they received. I’m mentioning this to give you a sense of why 1.35 lb firm polyfoam (the 2" layer under the gel memory foam in the Genius) is not a good idea and how low quality/density polyfoam softens much more quickly than better quality materials.

The Serta rep’s only answer was to “change your floor model a lot more often” which of course is an expense for a retailer and would only lead to the opposite problem when people test a firm mattress on the showroom floor and then when it becomes much softer over the course of the first year she would have a new group of unhappy customers.

In terms of firmness levels for the Ultimate Dreams … this would be very difficult to say because the fast response latex in the Ultimate Dreams is a very different material than the slow response gel memory foam in the iComfort. The gel foam in the Genius is fairly soft and much of the firm “feel” of the mattress comes from “going through it” and feeling the firm polyfoam underneath the gel memory foam. I would suggest discussing this with Chuck and telling him that you liked the Genius and while he probably won’t know the equivalent firmness level because the materials and layering are different … and different people may also feel the same layering very differently (higher weights would “go through” the gel foam more and feel even more of the layers below it while lighter people may feel more of the softer gel memory foam), he could at least take into account the fact that you prefer “firmer than average” and tell you what the “average” for your height and weight would tend to be and “move you up” from there.

There are no real long term reviews for the ultimate Dreams because it has only been out for about a year and not a lot of people knew about it when it first came out. Of course it’s easy to predict that a mattress like this will be very durable because mattresses with similar layering and materials have been sold for many years and a latex polyfoam hybrid that uses good quality materials is a very durable mattress regardless of who makes it.

Hopefully someone that bought it near the beginning will see this and provide some feedback but if not at least you know that the combination of materials is a very good choice for anyone who wants a durable mattress.


Thank you so much for the useful info, Phoenix. I plan on discussing most of what both you and I had mentioned in the previous posts with Brooklyn Bedding. I will be sure to post here any useful info I obtain.
Also, if I do end up making the purchase at Brooklyn Bedding, I plan on putting a reminder in my calendar to follow up and post my feelings on how the mattress is holding up. Least I can do for all the help this forum has provided.
Thx again for the help.

Hi Governor,

I’m looking forward to hearing about what you end up choosing and any feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a while.