Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress

Hi Phoenix,

My husband and I are very impressed with your site discussing the types of mattresses. We have just return a lucid 14 inch memory foam back to Amazon, the worst experience coming from sagging Spring Mattress after 5 years of use. That Lucid feels like were roasted, feeling extremely hot and sweating too much. But anyway, we decided to go with Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress 10 inch Queen especially it has a good responds from the you and the forum and also partly from amazon posting on the product.

We just have some Question: we both are back and side sleeper, based on a couple of discussions and comments we’ve read 8 (19 ILD) firmness is good for us. Is it possible that we can exchange the latex firmness on Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress? Im just basing my question on advertised Brooklyn Bedding website (if this is their product) that you can exchange if you not happy with firmness.



Hi Ruiz,

On the Amazon site … the Ultimate Dreams latex here is a “finished” mattress and there are no comfort exchanges. They also have their Eurotop here which has a zipper top and for these the latex comfort layer can be exchanged (see post #2 here). The mattresses on their own site also offer a “comfort exchange” which is a little better than the ones on Amazon that offer it.


Thanks for the info., this forum has been very helpful. I have a question re: the mattresses found on Amazon vs. the ones directly through BB. Is the 12" Eurotop Latex essentially the same as the 12" Bambo Bliss, and the 10" Ultra Plush the same as the 10" Cotton Camilla (without the zipper)? It looks like there is a small difference in the core in the 10".

Are there any noticeable differences between the beds available on Amazon vs. direct in the actual mattresses, or other things like warranty, returns, etc?


Hi humpback,

the 12" Eurotop would most closely match the 10" Camilla on their own site. The 10" Ultra plush doesn’t have an equivalent on their own site (which all have exchangeable layers and zip top covers while the Ultra Plush doesn’t).

You can read a bit more about some of the differences between their mattresses in post #2 here and post #4 here.