Uncomfortable in Los Angeles

Ok, so now I am like others I have read about that stumbled upon this site and is totally confused…

I am looking for a king mattress and visited a couple of stores here in LA. After lying on quite a few, my favorite was the iComfort Savant by Serta. Layers are as follows:

Comfort Layer:

2" KoolComfort™ Memory Foam
1" Serta® Comfort Foam
2 ¾ Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam
Support Layer:

6" ComfortLast™ Foam Core with Ultimate Edge™ Support

After reading the threads here, I am unsure and don’t want to spend the $2500 for this mattress. Is there something equivalent that is better?

I am a side sleeper, get hot when I sleep and I need a bed that I can bend to get up my staircase! My current bed has coils and sags and I am always waking with pain. I’m female and medium built. I like the mattress to feel as if I’m on a cloud. No firm beds for me. :slight_smile:


Ok, I looked at the manufacturers list you have here and have narrowed it down to two beds by Brooklyn Bedding aka Dreamfoam Bedding on Amazon.

  1. Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress - King Size Ultra Plush


  1. Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Can you provide any feedback about the two?



Hi daphnep,

Both of these mattresses have lots of feedback on the forum (the Ultra Plush more than the gel foam model) and a search on Ultimate Dreams will bring up many posts about them.

Dreamfoam is a recommended member of this site which is by invitation only and means that I believe they are among the best quality/value available in the country.

They are very different mattresses because latex is a very different material than memory foam and the choice between them would depend on your preference between slow response gel memory foam materials and fast response latex. Both are great value if you are comfortable of the risk of an online purchase with no refunds and the Ultra Plush has the benefit of being able to choose your comfort layer (they are good at prviding guidance about the best choice). They also have latex models (either all latex or latex over polyfoam) where the comfort layer can be exchanged for a softer or firmer version at a low cost if you find you would prefer something either softer or firmer than the original choice you make.

There is also a list of some of the better options in the Los Angeles area in post #2 here which has some great quality/value choices in a wide range of different materials. In general it’s a good idea to test different materials locally to get a better sense of the types of mattresses and materials that you prefer before making an online purchase. It is also less risky to buy a mattress that you have tested for PPP in person (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) but even if you do decide to go with an online purchase the risk can be reduced if you have a better sense of what you need and prefer from local testing of mattresses that use similar materials.

This thread has a comparison of the relative risks and benefits of ordering online vs a local purchase that may be helpful in deciding on which would be best for you.


So I purchased the Dreamfoam Bedding: Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon. I emailed Chuck because I was worried that it wouldn’t be as soft as I wanted. He said the memory foam mattress was equivalent to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe and suggested I find one to test at a mattress store. The closest I found was not a Luxe, but I think the cloud supreme and it felt fine.

I just decided to go for it and ordered from Dreamfoam online figuring that a king bed for $899 and no tax or shipping costs was a great deal.

Chuck sent out the bed the same day I ordered it, Nov 27th. I received it on Nov. 30th. Not bad for 130lb shipment!

The bed arrived in a long thin box. I was amazed that a king sized mattress could fit it that roll.

I unwrapped it and out starts plumping up this giant king size mattress. It did not have an odor even though I expected at least a slight one. Chuck did include an amazing latex king size pillow for mentioning I found him here. I loveeee the pillow.

So I waited a few days to write anything here. I love my new bed. I do. It is soft and plush yet is supportive. The whole family suddenly congregates on my bed. I find myself day dreaming about being in bed while I am at work and jump right in as soon as get back. As I sit on my new bed typing this, I can’t wait to close my pc and just sink into the bed.

I don’t know how to describe this bed in “technical bedding” terms but it’s comfortable, soft and supportive…and a great deal to boot at $899 for a king.

Thanks Phoenix for this informative site.

Hi daphnep,

Congratulations on your new mattress (and it seems to your family as well) :slight_smile:

I think “comfortable, soft, and supportive” is about as “technical” as you need to get. It’s a lot easier to understand!

Thanks for your great feedback.