Update from North Carolina

Put me in coach

                                                                       [b]   Summary[/b]

My search for a new mattress started 3 years ago with a trip to Toby’s in Hendersonville NC. All I knew was I wanted a “Memory Foam” mattress and that Tempurpedic was overpriced. “No problem,” said the saleslady I have this equally good “Park Place” mattress at half the cost.

What a deal. I bought it and in less than 3 years I was looking for a replacement. The mattress was awful and ended up being the most expensive one I have ever purchased because of it’s short life span. Once again I was looking for a new mattress and that is when I found Phoenix on themattressunderground.com. I learned what every buyer should know before stumbling through the sales pitches. In fact as I now went from store to store I was amazed at a very common response to my questions, “I don’t know.” In the Hendersonville/Asheville area the competition for “worst store” was strong. I found two stores in Asheville that were less than 2 blocks from one another, that were my two favorites.

The first was “Sleep World”. There, a very nice saleslady, Katherine, showed us high quality mattresses and was able to answer all of our questions. “Sleep World” gets high marks.

We bought our mattress at “Colton Mattress,” a shop that manufactures their own mattresses on premise. The owner, Mike, was very helpful and had his staff bring various combinations of sleep systems and materials into the showroom for us to try. So what did we buy?

I liked a 5lb. memory foam bed that truly competed with the “Tempurpedic.” But, sharing the decision with my wife, we settled on a 32 ild, 6 inch Talalay latex, with one inch Bamboo quilt covering on each side. We stacked it on a 2 inch independent piece of HD foam. We are very pleased. Thanks to Phoenix and Mike at “Colton Mattress,” we got what we wanted. It feels good to buy locally produced goods made from American supplies.

Best of luck to all of you searching for the right mattress. Oh, and worst store? In my opinion, “Mattress Man.”

So now I am looking for the best pillow. Any thoughts?

Hi kbmw94,

It sounds like you had quite an adventure … and I imagine that some of the sales people will remember you as “that guy with all the crazy questions” :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new mattress. It’s sure nice to see when someone ends up with what they want and knows that they made good choices.

As far as a pillow … reply #13 here (which I just posted in another thread) should be enough to get me off the hook for any pillow recommendations. Sometimes suggesting pillows feels a little like when my DH asks me “do you think this makes me look fat?” (in my eyes she looks great in almost anything) and you know you’re headed into no mans land no matter what you answer :slight_smile:

I’ve been sleeping on feathers for a while but its time for a change I think. DH really likes the zoned plush high loft latex pillow we just ordered but I’ve only had a chance to try it for a few hours so far. Its different from feathers because it sort of “helps” movement but is stable when you’re still and its soft but more solid feeling than feathers. I occasionally like memory foam but not mostly because I like more freedom of movement when I change positions and because I’m not comfortable sleeping with my face so close to it when I’ve had a few “issues” with a few memory foams. I think I’ll probably keep the feathers as backup and go with the latex as well although I’m thinking to try wool or silk with a linen cover to keep it cool (I like my pillows on the cool side).

If one of our members Budgy sees this … he has some great insight on bedding and accessories and it would be great if he’d chime in on the pillow question and his own preferences and thoughts.