update to stores in DC/Baltimore area?


I saw your previous lists for the Baltimore/DC area. Since the list is older, I was wondering if there were any updates? We live between the 2 cities. I know that I want my core of the bed to be a pocketed coil, besides that I’m still researching. We have a Europa pocketed coil bed that I loved, but is 11 years old and the company went out of business, I believe. I’m hoping to go shopping this weekend, as my back desperately needs a new bed, any new suggestions of stores to try would be wonderful. Thanks!

Hi Crofton,

I update all the forum lists as I become aware of any new information that would be relevant to the area and the Washington, DC list here and the Baltimore, MD list here were both updated on June 1st, 2015 and are both up to date as far as the options I’m aware of.



I did my pre-liminary research trip to some mattress stores and thought you may want to update some info on stores you had listed…

All American Mattress in Crofton no longer carries the eclipse mattresses, but does have a brand called body tech that may be of some interest. I didn’t ask for the specifics as it was too firm for my spouse, However, the owner has a good connection with the manufacturer and may be able to get the specs.

Magis Mattress has quiete a selection of non-main stream mattresses, as previously noted. He does have 1 latex hybrid mattress, as well as some other foam mattresses and foam hybrids.

Mattress Man is now loacted in Lanham, Md- they carry Eclipse and the sales person was going to try to get the specs on pocketed coil mattress with foam on top. Wonderful price, but I’m guessing the foam on top may be less of a grade than I desire. However, a salesperson willing to get specs.

The bedding barn- from what I can tell from the website is no longer in Md

Now the Mattress Store in Annanpolis… This is a family owned store and boy do they know their mattresses! They have a nice selection of all latex mattresses, from a brand called elevate, as well as latex hybrids from Restonic and some more traditional mattresses from Restonic. The sales person was very knowledgeable about their products and willing to answer any questions I have. I just fell in love with the latex hybrid, seems very well made 100 % latex and has a 25 year warranty. I believe the store owner when he said that he would take care of any issues, if any should a rise, although he has never had any.

Anyway, I thought you may have wanted some updates for your list. Thanks for the very informative website. I always research every product and having this website, made my research process easier.

Hi Crofton,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and experiences … I appreciate it.

I also appreciate your list updates as well.

I’ve changed the description for All American Mattress to remove Eclipse and include Restonic and Symbol (which are listed on their website so hopefully they still carry them). I also added Body Tech to the description as well along with a caution to make sure that any potential customer checks their foam density specs because it’s unlikely that they would meet the foam quality/density guidelines I would normally suggest (see posts #17 and #18 here).

They were already listed in Lanham in both of the lists I linked but one of the listings had a broken link so I corrected it as well.

It appears that they’ve closed their stores in the area so I’ve removed them from the Baltimore list.

I would keep in mind that mattress warranties only cover manufacturing defects in a mattress and they don’t cover foam softening and the loss of comfort and support that goes with it (which is considered to be “normal” and not a defect) and the loss of comfort and/or support is generally the main reason that you would need to buy a new mattress. Warranties have little to nothing to do with the durability or useful life of a mattress or how long it will be until you need to purchase a new one and longer warranties are more about marketing than anything else (see post #174 here).

I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding … and thanks again for the updates.


Just one last note…The all american store, from what I saw did not have any restonic and symbol in their store to try out. However, perhaps they can order it.