Updating foundation for latex mattress


I’m hoping someone who’s knowledgeable could steer me in the right direction.

I have a queen Saatva HD foundation, which has two, evenly spaced center rails and slats spaced approximately 4” apart. I’d like to modify this foundation to accept a 10” latex mattress while still stack my cards to reduce the potential for mold/mildew. If it matters my home has central AC and this would be a guest mattress (this is a trial run for replacing my king next year).

My 3 options would be:

  1. Cut a 3/4” ply/osb bunkie and use a coir mat. Hope ventilation is adequate.

  2. Add 1x2’s, either abutting existing slats or evenly between them. That’d give me ventilation gaps of either 2-1/2” or 1-1/4” depending on arrangement. Are say, oak 1x2’s rigid enough as supplemental slats given the two center rails?

  3. Add 1x3’s, abutting existing slats leaving approximately 9 ventilation gaps of 1-1/2”.

All options should provide a solid enough foundation, however I honestly cannot quantify how much ventilation is actually needed. If labor isn’t a factor, which option would give me the best mix of support and ventilation?


The 1 x 2’s would be the best option but latex doesn’t really need to breathe from the bottom since it is already porous and will breathe from top or sides. I have mine on an adjustable base which is plywood with motors and yet it breathes just fine even with our severe Phoenix heat.

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