US Box Spring 5" low profile foundation or recommended alternative?


I was wondering if anyone has purchased the 5" metal latex mattress foundation from US Box Spring, and if you are satisfied with it? (I guess it either works or it doesn’t??) I’m also looking for an alternative wooden model that might be a little less expensive. I saw the post on foundations that Phoenix has authored; seems like there are a lot of sources for 8" foundations, and a general observation of mine is that they seem expensive, but maybe that is just the way it is.

Thanks, PC

Hi PC,

Just to provide some further information … many of the lower cost 8" KD foundations (I’m assuming these are the ones you mean) have gaps that are 4" or more which may not be as suitable for a latex core. I would always make sure that you check specifically to make sure the size of the gap between the slats is suitable for the type of mattress you have.

The Nature’s Sleep foundations listed have about a 3 3/8" gap which is just over the suggested 3" and would probably be “just OK” but stretching it a bit.

The gaps are much less with the US Box Spring foundations (which has 19 slats in total and narrower gaps).

The heavier duty wooden slatted foundations listed also have narrower gaps and stronger construction but are more expensive than the KD versions.