Used Verlo Mattress


I was considering buying a new Verlo twin mattress, but someone in my town has a used Verlo twin, and is selling it on Craigslist. Following is what they have told me about it:

-Its a custom made Verlo and is 8 years old, we did buy it new, and its been rotated seasonaly since it was bought.
-Verlo is a good mattress co. and make quality matresses, like i posted, im willing to sell the mattress and the box spring for $150 cash
-My particular is the Comfort Crafted Royalty Verlo, its cereal # is CTL8-528-9.
-I dont know the material its made of, i appologize, but it may be easy to find on the verlo older mattresses on their website.
-This mattress, is firm and has done well at realigning my spine, and despite its age is still a very comfortable bed to lay on.
-Additional info: The mattress is a Crimson shade with images of lotus flowers. Tho sheets will cover its appearance when used. it has a grey trim as well as small arrows that help remember when and how to rotate the mattress to maximise durability and comfortably. Also on the Mattress tag it states that the mattress has a 12 year warrenty, we have owned it for 8 years.

  • the Boxspring Mattress is white and is made to be firm and supportive as well.

p.s. i was also considering selling the collapsible bed frame for with the mattress as well for only $30.

Does anyone know the quality of this particular mattress? I found a Verlo mattress list for 2008, but could not tell which one this is. Here is the link to that list:

I have not looked at the mattress yet. Thanks for any help you may provide.

Hi espiritone,

While there is no way to make any meaningful comments about the quality of your mattress without knowing what materials are inside it (even if you knew the model) I can make a few comments that may be helpful.

If the law tag is still on the mattress then this may give you a generic idea of the materials in the mattress based on weight.

A warranty has very little to do with the useable life or quality of a mattress because foam softening and the loss of comfort and support that goes with it is the main reason people need to replace a mattress and this is not covered by a warranty. You can read more about warranties in post #174 here.

The durability of a mattress is also relative to the person sleeping on it and the different effect of foam softening and the degrading of materials on different people can mean that a mattress may still be inside the range of one person’s needs and preferences and be well outside the range for someone else. You can read more about durability and how it is relative to each person in post #4 here and the post it links to.

I certainly understand the attraction of a very low price but this mattress could very well be close to the end of its useful life and if that is the case then you could end up paying for it in other ways including your quality of sleep and its effect on your waking life as well. At the very least I would make sure you test it very carefully for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences), inspect it very carefully and be very cautious of all the risks of buying a used mattress, and even then be aware that it may be close to the end of its useful life.