Want advice on hybrid mattress

I had a couple of posts over a the main forum and Sensei said to talk to you guys and to Luma.

Here are the two posts. How would you recommend we move forward?


Sensei’s answer to the first one:


And here’s Sensei’s second reply.

I’m going to buy from either you or Luma. So, let’s talk about getting me what I need and going from there.


Call me to discuss options 888-773-7326

I feel like a potato, but am new to the site and was trying to post a question. I don’t see a post button only an action button in each thread. Any help appreciated. Sorry for posting in this thread!

This should help- https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/how-to-use-our-forum-to-research-or-seek-assistance

Hi experts, I would appreciate advice on my search for a mattress that will provide a good balance between back/hip support and pressure point pain. I am 66, 150 pounds, 5’10", and a side sleeper. I am currently using a Sealy A3 cushion firm inner spring mattress, purchased in 2016. It was okay until this past year when I started having pressure pain at hips and shoulders. To soften it I bought a 2 inch 20 ILD latex topper from Sleep on Latex. It was too soft and I replaced it with their 1 inch 20 ILD. It also was too soft, and I didn’t like the feeling of sinking in to the topper. I now have 1 inch of Foam by Mail’s HD36-HQ poly foam, which relieves pressure points but doesn’t provide enough lower back/hip support. I am thinking that it is time to start from scratch and consider a new mattress. It seems that perhaps a hybrid is the way to go. I don’t like sleeping directly on top of memory foam because of the heat and sinking feeling, and soft latex and I haven’t gotten along thus far due to sinking. I would appreciate any tips on mattresses that have worked for other members who have similar issues. Thanks in advance.

Sounds to me like a pocket coil hybrid with a 3" medium Talalay would be a good choice. Good back support from the springs and pressure relief from the latex. Normally I would recommend soft Talalay but with your input from the Sleep On Latex experience I think medium would be the better choice.

Ken, many thanks for your helpful advice. Does Arizona have a hybrid mattress like you describe?

Eliot - Just trying to be helpful… that would be their Ultimate Hybrid.

  • Bill

Thanks Bill.

Yes, in fact we have 2 - Our Ultimate Hybrid - Ultimate Hybrid- Pocket Coil/Latex and our Eco Sleep - Eco Sleep Hybrid Latex / Pocket Coil Mattress, Latex Mattresses-Talalay and Dunlop, All Products, Both are extremely popular.

Thanks Ken. Glad to hear this.

My pleasure, glad to help.


Thanks for talking on the phone; it was extremely helpful. Once I get that based ordered I’ll be in touch to get that bed from you.

For your reference, this is the thread where I posted the links to Sensei’s recommendations:

Got it, let me know what you find out about the adjustable base.