We got a SleepEZ

Hi Everyone!

To say I’m ‘new’ here isn’t exactly the truth. I have read and read and read on this site for MONTHS! After lots of research we decided to go with a SleepEZ latex mattress. I’m not good at figuring out this site and this is my first post, so bear with me. I normally wouldn’t post but thought it might be helpful for someone to read about our experience, when considering a new mattress.

Where to start? I’m 41 years old and 5’5", weigh 280 pounds. My husband is 35 years old, 6’ and weighs 160 pounds. If I don’t have enough support from a mattress, my lower back acts up, That’s no fun. But WORSE… I get the horrible pressure points if a mattress is too firm. My shoulders and hips ache so badly, I toss and turn all night. Some days my body literally hurts all day. I’m a back and side sleeper. So is my husband. In fairness, my husband can sleep on just about anything - he doesn’t care or have issues! However, he likes firm… but too firm and he comments in the morning if maybe a bed was a bit too hard.

We had a sealy posturpedic reserve lynrock cushion firm euro pillowtop. We tried a feather bed on top. We tried a 4 inch memory foam topper on top. We tried both together, on top. Not only were the toppers a pain in the backside because they constantly moved… neither of us liked sinking into the memory foam and feeling ‘stuck and we always got sooooo HOT with the memory foam’. The feather bed alone didn’t offer enough softness. Our mattress had great support, just no comfort!

So… we went on the quest for the perfect mattress. We had never even heard of latex mattresses. I’m happy to say though, we are now the proud owners of a Sleep EZ King Size mattress. I’m going to detail the important parts of our experience.

I hope if you’re reading this post, you have already researched all about latex. If you haven’t… I promise everything you need to know is on this site and I also looked at reviews and data from sleeplikethedead.com and researched latex itself all over the world wide web…

After research about latex and understanding the difference between Talalay and Dunlop and ILD numbers and how latex is different from memory foam etc… we decided we wanted a latex mattress. We also decided 100% natural latex was important to us…not synthetic foam. This decision did not come quickly or easily. It literally took weeks of reading and researching to really understand latex. Some days I found it so overwhelming I decided to just stick with our old mattress. Until I’d hurt the entire next day after sleeping on it, so the research resumed. Even after coming to the decision that we wanted to go the latex route, there are no latex showrooms in our area. We requested a free sample from Saavyrest. They gave us an idea what latex felt like but really no clue what it would be like to lay on them.

I also have a latex sensitivity. I get a rash if I use a latex band aid. I slept with the samples in my pillowcase for a couple weeks to make sure there were no issues. There were not and even after all the handling of the raw latex after we got our bed, no issues!

Through our research we decided that we needed at least a 12 inch mattress (due to my weight). That would be four, 3 inch layers. Based on that information, we narrowed our two options down to Foamsweetfoam and SleepEZ. We were torn between Foamsweetfoam and SleepEZ. Obviously no one wants to spend more than necessary, but it wasn’t the price. We were willing to pay more if it meant the perfect mattress, as this was going to be a considerable investment regardless.

Foamsweetfoam offered a five layer mattress for a total of 15 inches. We were originally thinking due to my weight, 15 inches would be better than 12. I can’t speak from experience whether 15 actually makes a difference versus 12… but we did end up with 12 inches. Part of the reason we hesitated with Foamsweetfoam (and I should add here that Scott at fsf is awesome and very helpful), but while they do allow you to return the mattress after 90 days if you’re not satisfied, there’s an 18% return fee. Considering the amount we were spending, that would be a substantial fee to NOT have a mattress. But we were hesitant with only getting a 12 inch mattress from SleepEZ. In addition, FSF has an extra - extra firm layer and SleepEZ only went to extra firm. More later on how we ultimately made the SleepEZ decision and why.

Now initially we narrowed it down to these two companies based on reviews, length of time in service, lack of complaints etc. etc but also because we knew we didn’t want to go less than 12 inches in a mattress. As you read on, you’ll see that the configuration we went with… possibly could have opened up other vendors but by the time we got to the configuration, we were already decided on SleepEZ for their return policy and prices (more on that later)…

Ok… back to… we never laid on a latex mattress. We decided before investing this much, we had to at least try a mattress. About 2 1/2 hours from where we live there’s a mattress store in Lancaster, PA called Gardner’s. I cannot speak highly enough about the store and the staff. They carry saavy rest beds. We already decided we weren’t going with Saavy Rest… A) because they don’t disclose their ILD numbers. Their rationale for not disclosing absolutely makes some sense; however we still couldn’t understand why not disclose anyway? B ) They’re priced much higher than SleepEZ and C) they only do 3 layers in a mattress. Which as it will turn out later… would have been okay… but the price and lack of ILD info already ruled them out for us.

We just went to the store knowing we weren’t going to be trying a latex mattress from SleepEZ and Saavy could be different than sleepez but we just wanted a general idea. It is a true statement that memory foam is like sinking into a cloud and latex is like sleeping on air. (Sleeping on top of a cloud, but not sinking in). We were satisfied that we did like latex and there were no blatant issues and felt confident we could order online. The staff at Gardner’s let us try so many different configurations. And gave us space and time to lay on each configuration for long periods of time, to really get a sense of the feel and support. Ultimately with the Saavy Rest we decided on the bottom layer firm dunlop. Middle layer medium dunlop. Top layer medium Talalay. It was admittedly difficult to not gravitate toward the soft Talalay as the top layer. But after spending a good amount of time on the soft, I decided at my weight… it was too soft and I sunk through too much and it was almost wasting a layer. Though very soft and comfy. Medium talalay provided softness, enough. (Also more on this later because I felt a tad disappointed I couldn’t get a softer feel and SleepEZ really helped with this issue). We tried all dunlop. All talalay. All medium. All firm. Medium and firm. Dunlop and talalay. This is why I say… Gardner’s mattress store… patient, awesome people! I tried some configurations more than once because I couldn’t remember which I liked better. We were there for a long while!

Fast forward… now we’re back home. We decided overall we liked latex. The Saavy Rest configuration we decided on in the store for only 3 layers (9 inches) would have been $4000! JUST FOR THE MATTRESS and foundation! I’ll tell you everything we got for a thousand less…later. We decided because the Saavy Rest bed did feel fine at 9 inches and only 3 layers, we probably were okay going with just 12 inches (4 layers) at Sleepez versus 15 inches (5 layers) at foamsweetfoam. If I didn’t sink through 9 inches, then 12 should offer plenty of support.

Now we had to decide the configuration. Saavy rest didn’t have extra firm. SleepEZ did. I also read on other posts that some people found SleepEZ to be firmer through their layers, in comparison to other brands. I was starting to wonder if maybe it would be too firm. At the same time, I worried due to my weight… if it wouldn’t hold up enough and we’d be better with 5 layers from FSF. This is the totally UNSCIENTIFIC method I used to decide:

First I contacted Scott at FSF. Provided all our info and he confirmed the layers he would go with would be bottom XXFirm, then XFirm, then Firm, then medium (all dunlop) then the top layer of medium talalay. Then I spoke with Sean at SleepEZ. Sean is also awesome and helpful and answered so many questions and took multiple calls. As well as Jeremy and Heidi at SleepEZ. They were extremely patient with me! I gave Sean all our info. He recommended bottom layer XFirm, then Firm, then medium (all Dunlop), top layer medium talalay. So both places knowing our weights and sleep preferences recommended almost the identical configuration… difference being one extra layer at FSF in XXFirm.

So… I took the ILD numbers for 4 layers at sleepEZ, added them all up and divided by 4 for an ‘average’. I took the ILD numbers from FSF for the first 4 layers (leaving out the bottom XXFirm 5th layer), added them up and divided by 4. Like I said… UNSCIENTIFIC… however… even with noting ILD numbers can vary by +/- 1 or 2… the SleepEZ overall ILD was higher than the FSF ILD…for a lower price. Even if I added in the 5th layer of XXFirm at FSF… the overall ILD would only increase by 23.5. (XXFirm ILD is 46 at FSF but remember I was averaging all numbers together). I decided we could get the same support from 4 layers of SleepEZ, maybe even more support than 4 layers of FSF and if I wanted a 5th layer (15 inches)… I could look into a topper. So… SleepEZ it was. And again their prices were considerably lower than FSF. As well as their full refund policy… there’s only a small set fee for a full return. Not an 18% fee. And they offer the same flexibility in exchanging layers.

So now we’ve decided on SleepEZ and the configuration. But what kept nagging at me was the thought that this might not be soft enough for me. Knowing the difference in the feel of soft talalay vs medium talalay. Knowing the pressure point issues. Knowing SleepEZ seems to have a little more firmness across the levels. To spend this amount of money and still wake up aching and sore would have been such a disappointment. That also coupled with the concern we’re going to invest this much and even if we get it right, what if it won’t hold up under my weight?

I called Sean again at SleepEz to discuss. He assured me that Xfirm Dunlop, Firm Dunlop and Medium Dunlop would absolutely be supportive enough and hold up to my weight. He also assured me that Medium Talalay would also hold up to my weight… but had a suggestion! Now for this part you hopefully are already clear on the difference between a mattress cover (the case that zips around and holds the layers together to form a traditional looking mattress) and a mattress protector (the mattress pad that goes over the mattress to protect if from spills etc - we went with a wool protector that’s also supposed to help with temperature regulation). I told Sean about my concerns that it won’t be ‘soft’ enough in the comfort level for me,. I felt decided on the support… but was worried about the comfort. I knew my weight was too high to go with soft talalay, but was worried about spending this much and not having enough softness with medium talalay.

He suggested we go with a 3 layer mattress from them (9 inches), with a 3 inch topper of medium talalay. Here was the reasoning: He said the 3 inch topper is in it’s own case (not just a raw layer), but it wouldn’t be zipped into the mattress case with the other 3 layers. It would be free floating on top. He said when you zip it into a case with all the other layers, it compresses down with all the other layers a bit and you do lose some softness. When we tried the Saavy beds, all layers were zipped into one mattress case.

I was hesitant because we hated having the memory foam topper. It was heavy but still moved during the night and constantly had to be adjusted. He said this topper will be so heavy, it shouldn’t move at all. I was still hesitant. Then he told me that if we decided we liked the configuration but really just wanted the topper zipped into the mattress, we could send our 3 layer cover back and they do alterations for free. They normally only take a day and they send the cover back and then I could zip all layers into the mattress together, as if I had ordered a 12 inch mattress / 4 layer right from the beginning. But he didn’t think we’d run into that issue as he felt quite sure, keeping the topper free floating would provide a little more softness and yet the topper would be so heavy, it wouldn’t move on us. So I agreed to try it. As a side note… we ended up getting all solid layers in the mattress -explained below- and while sending the cover back for alterations sounded like a great option at the time, I’m relieved we don’t have to do that. Moving all solid layers out of the cover and back in again…(since they’re no longer compressed like they were when they were first shipped), I think would have been possible, but certainly not a fun task!

Then I asked about the mattress pad/protector. Sean said putting a mattress protector over the topper would reduce softness a bit, but the protector could be used over the topper and the mattress OR over just the mattress. I wasn’t keen on the idea of not having the topper protected, even though it is in a case. I also wasn’t keen on not having the wool against our sheets for temperature regulation. So being the protector would fit over both the topper and the mattress, resolved that issue and worst case, if it took away too much softness, I could just put it over the mattress and only put the sheet over our topper and then over the mattress.

Another benefit of the topper (not suggested by Sean)… just in my own mind, is we can much more easily slide a topper and turn it, in an attempt to avoid body impressions. It’s not needed for latex (turning or flipping), but at times, people do get some body impressions in the latex. If the impression is deep enough, it’s then covered under warranty. I have no idea if it will help, but when I wash sheets, I’m going to turn the topper. At least it can’t hurt.

After having received the mattress and put everything together and the topper… it doesn’t move while sleeping! It is HEAVY! Nothing like our memory foam topper. It’s so firmly in place, it might as well be zipped in the mattress cover. So no worries there. Sean did state that even if I didn’t put a mattress protector over the topper, at least the topper is cheaper to replace and I’m protecting the mattress itself from wear etc. The price for another layer in the mattress or the same layer as a topper, was exactly the same.

Next decision was whether to go with solid pieces of latex or split pieces. I had read (though RARELY), some people (again the RAREST of occasions) claimed to be able to feel the split in the middle. I didn’t want to risk that, even knowing the odds of that happening were next to nil, but because my husband and I agreed on the same configuration for both sides, we decided to go with solid layers. Great decision because we do at times snuggle up and sleep on each other’s side of the bed and also because we do sleep in the middle of the bed at times. However, I will admit… after getting the bed… we’re extremely lucky we don’t have to do any layer exchanges because sending a solid layer back would be a royal pain! If we had to send a layer back to exchange, I think I would have wished we did split layers!

Now we sound ready to order, right? Not me! I decided to sleep on it and continue researching for reviews and real life owners. In further research I came across another site. I hope it’s okay to mention the name… but in case it isn’t, I’ll just elude… it’s an old guy… who has a site and reviews mattresses. I admittedly got A LOT of my information from this site (themattressunderground) and on this other site, they mentioned that this site was perhaps a PAID site and given incentive to review for certain mattresses. This made me nervous. I had no way to verify one way or the other. This site said that wasn’t true. Other sites said it was true. I also couldn’t find any long term reviews of SleepEZ… mostly just people (who like me in this review), recently made a purchase.

The old guy’s site had a quiz you can take and then he reviews your answers and suggests a mattress for you. There’s a particular mattress he recommends on the site and by all accounts, is a great mattress! Even Consumer Reports rated the mattress extremely high. It’s a combination of coils and natural latex. I started to think we should look into that mattress first, before deciding on the all latex. But that company doesn’t do returns. So it would be crazy to not try latex first, that we could return. Then if we hated latex and were stuck, go with this other mattress. I still took the quiz and got my results. They’re supposed to be personalized but it honestly read like a standard form letter, where they just plugged in some of my information from the quiz. And of course the suggestion was the one mattress he recommends on the site. No other options, just that one. This is entirely just my opinion…I absolutely could be wrong, but I feel like that old guy works for that particular mattress company. Or even if unpaid, has some kind of bias. So I went ahead and ordered the mattress from SleepEZ.

The next question was between 100% natural and 100% organic. I again spoke to Sean. 100% natural versus 100% organic has no difference in the materials used to make the latex or the process. The organic though are trees for example that are never treated with pesticides etc. There is a lot of testing that goes in to certifying everything along the way was completely grown and harvested organically. It does not at all change the ILD numbers or quality or type or feel of the latex or the cotton or the wool used in the layers or cover/case or pad/protector. It’s just a matter of if you want to be 100% green and with 100% green there’s an extra cost (because of all the testing and measures that need to be taken to keep it 100% organic). We decided 100% natural was fine for us.

The very last question was the difference between 100% natural talalay and blended talalay. Again Sean advised there is absolutely no difference in the feel between either. They’re both high quality, same ILD numbers across firmness levels. 100% natural talalay is ‘greener’ and has met the 15 year benchmark for durability and should meet the 30 year durability benchmark, however it hasn’t been in existence long enough to know for sure that it will hit the 30 year benchmark, while the blended talalay has been tried and true for over 30 years and meets all benchmarks. We decided to go with tried and true and ordered the topper in blended talalay. Particularly due to my weight, we wanted to go with what we could feel assured would be durable over time.

We also ordered a king size foundation from SleepEZ. They were running a summer sale. So in the end we ordered the following:

3 layer 9 inch eastern king size mattress (10000 series) with 100% cotton cover
Bottom layer XFirm Dunlop, Firm Dunlop, Medium Dunlop. No split layers, all solid.
1 - 3 inch king size topper with 100% cotton cover in medium blended talalay.
1 - King size foundation - the foundation is split
1 - King size 100% natural cotton and wool mattress protector/pad

With our order they sent us a free King size sheet set in white (great to have a spare) and also 2 King sized pillows made with shredded latex. The pillows are AWESOME!

Free shipping. Tax exempt out of state. Total was $2,984.25

Because the layers we ordered were not split, they shipped to us directly from their supplier. SleepEZ shipped all the rest. SleepEZ sent us their tracking numbers and the tracking numbers from the supplier. Everything arrived right when they were supposed to arrive.

We watched the short video on assembling the layers in the cover and it had some good tips. Like shaking the latex to move it because it’s sincerely heavy to try to pull to move into place. We also watched the video to assemble the foundations. Assembly took about 30 minutes total. No issues at all. We’ve been sleeping on it for the last 4 nights. Not long… but I assure you if there were any issue, I’d already know. We got the perfect configuration. I did put the mattress protector/pad over both the topper and then down over the mattress, it’s plenty soft enough and softer than when we tried the medium talalay top layer zipped into the mattress cover with the other layers when we tested at the mattress store. No issues with pressure points. No issues with support. I don’t think another layer would make any kind of difference. Worst case if we find for some reason we want another layer, we can order another layer from sleepEZ and get a cover to zip around that layer and the topper. We would have already had heat issues with memory foam. No such issues with the latex. The only thing I think could happen at this point is possibly body impressions. I promise if that should happen in the future or there are any issues in the future with this mattress, I will log in here and update. This site was very helpful to me and I feel like I owe it back to post this lenthyyyyyy review! Maybe it will help someone else who is in the process of trying to know all the ins and outs of latex mattress buying.

I should note I also looked into a bariatric latex mattress that’s marketed to overweight people. SleepEZ ILDs beat that company. So did their prices and warranty and exchange policies. If we hadn’t gotten the configuration correct, we can change the order of our layers (put the firmer on top etc); last resort would be exchanging layers. Luckily we DID get the configuration right and don’t have to do any of those things. If we did, I might be saying what a pain it is to try to deal with shipping back a solid layer. I’m glad to not know if it actually is a pain, but suspect split layers are the way to go… even if you’re configuring both sides of the bed the same way, just because dealing with a smaller size to pack and exchange has to be easier than the monster solid pieces, But we not only got solid pieces, we got king sized.

Sleeping on our new mattress has been life changing but only in the way that our old mattress left me hurting all day! This mattress does not. And I actually sleep for hours, without tossing and turning and have been surprised each day when I do wake up and look at the clock, that I slept that many hours straight. Beyond that, it’s an awesome mattress and we feel very pleased with our decision and feel like it was a worthwhile and will be a lasting investment. It’s also nice to not have any noise from coils or springs. My husband loves the new mattress and feels it’s firm enough for him (he prefers firmer support too but also enjoys the comfort of the topper). SleepEZ as a company is fantastic and I don’t have any worries that if we were to encounter any issue, they would definitely be accommodating and help us resolve.

I should add that there was absolutely zero odor or gassing and our layers came directly from the supplier. They were made and wrapped and shipped. No odors at all, which was a concern we had. Our memory foam smelled awful for months

Also… our mattress doesn’t feel ‘firm’. It IS firm and very supportive because of the support layers, but the feel is very soft because of the topper. It’s almost like you can’t tell you’re being supported by firm layers. Except if there wasn’t enough support, my lower back would be in pain! Going with medium talalay allowed the softer feel, but certainly not super soft. If you want to sleep on ‘soft pillows’, you’d probably need the soft talalay, but due to my weight… that wasn’t a viable option. Still though, it’s a soft enough feel and I’m not sure we’d really want softer, than what we ended up getting.

Hope this helps someone out there in cyberland! :slight_smile: I tried to attach a picture… I have no idea if it’ll work lol

Hi jwdw,

Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed and informative feedback and comments about your research and the choice you ended up making … I appreciate it!

You certainly made a great quality/value choice and most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

There are comments and feedback from members here about SleepEZ that go back over 4 years and there are other comments and feedback on the web about them that go back years before that as well … but I don’t tend to pay much attention to mattress reviews anyway. Comments about the knowledge and service of a retailer or manufacturer can certainly be helpful but they really don’t provide any meaningful information about the quality or durability of a mattress or whether any specific mattress would be suitable for any particular person (see post #13 here and the posts it links to). A forum search on SleepEZ (you can just click the link) will bring up all the forum posts that mention them (there are currently over 3400).

You can see my comments about the Old Bed Guy and his website (and some of the very strange comments he makes) in this topic.

You can also see my comments about the Consumer Reports mattress ratings and recommendations in post #2 here and in this topic. While they may be a good source of information about more “objective” purchases … as you can see I would consider them to be an unreliable source of information or guidance about purchasing a mattress. My thoughts are also shared by most of the more knowledgeable people in the industry (see post #5 here for an example).

I think this can be a great idea for those that don’t want to use softer layers but need some extra softness in their mattress. There is more about the effect of having a separate topper vs having the same layer inside the mattress cover in posts #3 and #4 here and in this topic.

Thanks again for taking all the time you did to write such detailed comments and feedback.


No thanks necessary! If not for this site, I don’t know we could have ever made a decision! We wouldn’t have even tested mattresses the right way, if not for the tutorials listed here! I felt the least I could do was take a few minutes to share our experience.

I know you can’t purchase a mattress based on other’s reviews but I do still look to see overall satisfaction with brands etc. I did find lots of sleepez owners and reviews that dated back years, what I was looking for particularly were updated reviews that said… I’m overweight, have a sleepez, it’s been X amount of years and the mattress has been durable and held up.

I think everything you read on the Internet has to be taken with a grain of salt (good and bad), because without personal experience or personally knowing the person making the statements, you can never really know their agenda.

Through this site I felt it was fair to say SleepEZ is a solid company. I confirmed that through other sites. My review isn’t to sway someone to sleepez. Like I said, going with a 9 inch mattress and 3 inch topper likely opened up the possibility of more vendors to us, that I didn’t realize when we started because we were initially decided it had to be at least a 12 inch mattress. I’m sure there are other great places to order from, but I can attest our experience with Sleepez was nothing short of awesome. You could call on a Sunday and they immediately answer the phone! They didn’t try to upsell, were honest in all information provided and just laid out facts, leaving it to us to make the decisions on what worked best for us personally. They delivered exactly what was expected and did not leave out quality or cut any corners. They add personal touches to make the entire process easier (like writing on the outside of each box, the contents inside). Sounds like a small thing, but when you’re dealing with multiple, heavy boxes when assembling, it helped!.

It was nerve wracking spending this amount of money and ordering over the Internet, a mattress we never laid on. It felt crazy that we were making a decision based on research and limited real life, first hand experience. But our decisions ended up being spot on for us. Again, the only thing I think we might have made a mistake was ordering solid pieces, but that only would have been a mistake if we had to do exchanges etc. We don’t have to exchange, so in the end our decision was a good one. -phew! :slight_smile: it wouldn’t be impossible to exchange or return solid layers, just not as easy as split layers and we lean towards ease and convenience.

Everything is quality and certainly seems durable and lasting. I’ll be sure to update as the years go by and confirm or post any issues, even though I don’t anticipate any. IF there should be, I don’t imagine we would have avoided those issues with a different type of mattress or different company. I do feel confident going with Sleepez has provided a wonderful company who we would be able to go back to and resolve issues.

I know mattresses are personal preference but personally can’t imagine why everyone doesn’t go with natural latex! lol if you’re on the fence, trust me… you will not be sorry if you hop down and land on the latex side! And if you order from sleepez, you’ll be a happier camper. I also think foamsweetfoam would provide as good of a product and experience. Saavy rest also seemed like great beds, just not right for us and in our opinion, needlessly more expensive. There are other places to look into that might also be a great fit for someone, but they’ll have to research them, because our research ended here! And we’re happily recovering from the exhaustive search, on our new and perfect latex mattress!

Just wanted to post a quick update. Mattress is fabulous! Not a single issue or complaint. We ended up only rotating the topper once, (not with every sheet washing) and I don’t even think we needed to do it the one time. Not even the slightest body impressions. We’re very happy with our purchase! I’ll update through the months if there are any issues. Though I can’t imagine what they would be after sleeping on it for a couple months already.

Hi jwdw,

Thanks for taking the time to share another update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Now that you are through the break in and adjustment period you can certainly expect to be sleeping well for many years to come.

It’s great to hear that your choice turned out so well for you!.


Hello everyone ,
We are also on the cusp of buying our mattress from SleepEZ but what has been holding me (husband couldn’t care less) back is whether the latex sleeps hot, and the smell.
SleepEZ was wonderful in sending us very generous samples of all firmness (soft, medium, firm and extra firm). They did smell of, well latex, which isn’t offensive, but I have a very sensitive sense of smell and it didn’t go away till after a few weeks. One thing is a piece of latex in your hand, and another entirely different is a king sized piece of latex (albeit encased in a cover and under a mattress protector and sheets).
I guess our questions are:

  1. Was there a noticeable latex smell after the mattress was assembled?
  2. Does it sleep hot?? We live in Miami. It’s hot here all the time and I am a hot sleeper naturally. Considering the wool cover (I know it’s supposed to regulate temperature, but let’s face it, I would never dare wear a wool sweater in Miami) the waterproof protector, and the sheets, I’m concerned it’ll just be too hot.
    As an FYI, we are currently sleeping on a veeeeery old coil mattress.
    Thank you in advanced to anyone that’s able to give us a bit of feedback on this!

Hi Fantito19768414,

Hopefully jwdw will see your post and share their comments but I can make some general comments about your questions that may be helpful.

There is more about the smell of latex in post #2 here.

Some people can be sensitive to certain smells that doesn’t affect others or that some people don’t even notice at all but the initial smell of latex (that you smelled with your samples) will generally dissipate to levels that most people don’t notice over the course of the first few weeks.

While it’s not possible to quantify the sleeping temperature of a mattress for any particular person with any real accuracy because there are so many variables involved including the type of mattress protector and the sheets and bedding that you use (which in many cases can have just as significant an effect on sleeping temperature as the type of foam in a mattress) and on where you are in the “oven to iceberg” range and because there is no standardized testing for temperature regulation with different combinations of materials … there is more about the many variables that can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress or sleeping system in post #2 here that can help you choose the types of materials and components that are most likely to keep you in a comfortable temperature range.

Latex in general is the most breathable and temperature neutral of all the different foam materials and memory foam is generally the warmest although there are many versions of every type of foam (latex foam, memory foam, polyfoam) that can vary in their breathability and temperature regulating properties.

In very general terms … the materials, layers, and components of a sleeping system that are closer to your skin will have a bigger effect on airflow, moisture transport, and temperature regulation than materials, layers, and components that are further away from your skin and softer mattresses will tend to be more “insulating” and for some people can sleep warmer than firmer mattresses.

Wool is one of the best temperature regulating materials (in both directions) that is used in the industry and is used in thinner layers in the desert and in thicker layers in the Arctic because of its effectiveness in regulating temperature. If you have a latex mattress with a wool quilted cover and/or you are using a breathable mattress protector and/or you are using sheets that are made from natural fibers (such as cotton or silk or flax linen) or semi synthetic fibers (such as bamboo or other types of viscose/rayon fabrics) and you are using bedding that is appropriate for the temperature of your bedroom then it would be very unlikely that you would have any temperature regulation issues.


Hi Fantito - we got a SleepEZ latex mattress recently and I also have a VERY strong sense of smell. I also had the latex samples.

The latex does have a smell - some layers smelled like rubber, others smelled more sweet. I aired them out a few days to a week before assembling. I could only smell them up close after opening, never just in the room. Now they are in the cover and I can’t smell it unless I unzip the cover. I got pillows from them too and I can kind of smell them when I am laying on the pillow but its just a faint rubber smell.

So take it from someone that is so sensitive to smells - this bed does not smell bad!

I got the cotton stretch cover and not wool - I have smelled wool in beds and covers before and its a very off putting smell to me and I didnt want that. The 4 way stretch cover with latex layers does not smell and does not sleep hot.

I’m sorry it took me so long to see this post! The email notification went into my junk mail folder. I am very sensitive to smell. I notice smells others don’t notice. Perfumes give me headaches. Offensive odors make me gag and dry heave :stuck_out_tongue: I was very worried about the odor, but we had no issues with odor at all. Everything zipped right up from unpacking and the first night. There’s never been a problem.
As far as sleeping hot, it has never been an issue. Now I get hot on my own. I would get hot standing in the middle of a room. The bed doesn’t keep me from getting hot, but it’s never caused me to get hot. I had the same concerns over the wool protector and I’ve never had a wool anything! I don’t understand why wool doesn’t get hot, but it truly doesn’t. I’ve never slept on the mattress without the protector, so I don’t know if it’s all in the wool keeping it cool, but there are no issues. Even through the hottest and most humid weeks of summer. We used to have a memory foam topper and that cooked me. It wasn’t me getting hot on my own, the memory foam literally roasted me! It felt suffocating. That has never happened with this set up! It was a HUGE investment financially but still not a day goes by that I don’t wake up and think… this was one of the best investments we’ve ever made! It’s still like brand new. No wear at all. The wool cover is supposed to be laid out in the sun to disinfect, but I’ve been able to wash it and put it in the dryer without any issues. It doesn’t shrink etc. (Although I don’t believe the dryer is recommended). There are no impressions in the latex. We don’t even bother turning it anymore! I’ve since lost a fair amount of weight so the only thing I occasionally wonder is… what would the soft talalay as a topper be like? We went firmer because of my weight at the time… I didn’t want to sink through the layer. But I never wonder long enough to actually care, because our mattress if fabulous! Sometimes we still just hang out all day in bed! It’s more comfortable than our sectional! In fact… I looked into whether you could get latex couches! lol Not much luck so far! I think this bed might honestly last the rest of our lives! It’s quality and makes the amount we spent, seem much more reasonable! Also the first time I was going to wash the wool protector I realized I didn’t have the care instructions. Sleep EZ got right back to me and read the instructions to me over the phone. Their customer service was and is still, excellent. I know people who spent much more money on a sleep number mattress. They loved it in the beginning but it’s already showing wear. I don’t know how any one goes with anything other than latex! We’re still completely satisfied and I still laugh over all the worries I had and how much research I did and how hesitant I was. This was one time… we could have just leaped without looking… the landing is superb! :slight_smile: Hope that helps!

Hi jwdw,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to the other members that have asked about your experience and for sharing another update … I appreciate it once again :slight_smile: