Western Michigan options, and Latex ILD Calculations

  1. Do you know of any good West Michigan (Grand Rapids) sources for all natural latex cores or mattresses without chemical fire retardation?

  2. Are zoned cores hype? Have been thinking to look for a zoned dunlop core with a more firm feel (36?), and a 2-3" talalay comfort layer of 22 or so.

  3. Latext ILD Calculations:

Have been learning a lot from your site, very much wish there was some kind of a calculator out there on the net, where as inputs you would enter:

Stomach Sleeper
etc, and it would pop out the perfect ILD in layers for a latex mattress :slight_smile:

Sans-calculator, what would you recommend for the above? Often sleep on my stomach, with an arm under the head and pillow. Looking for no chemical fire retardants of any kind, and preferably the ability to change comfort layers as needed later on.

Wouldn’t mind buying over the web, but would be nice to be able to find a source close enough to test the choice of layers for a few minutes before forking out the cash. Any ideas?

Hi MicahJS,

Some of the better choices in the Grand Rapids, MI area are in post #273 here.

I think that zoned cores can have real benefits in certain circumstances depending on the type of zoning. There is more about zoning in this article.

One of our members, Custom Sleep Design, actually does have an algorithm that they are continually refining based on customer experience that they use as a guideline (along with other information) for their custom zoned mattresses. The biggest challenge with just basic information is that people with the same height/weight/sleeping position “statistics” can still have very different needs and preferences. CSD for example uses more information than just the basics to make their algorithm work.

Post #2 here has links to some of the generic guidelines in various sections of the site and also goes into more detail about more accurate ways to find the best mattress for your needs and preferences than what I call “theory at a distance” based only on height/weight/sleeping position information.

There are so many variables involved that if you are testing locally then using “comfort specs” are not that important anyway and building to (or looking for) a specific design or set of recommendations that are not based on actual mattresses that may be available locally or on any personal testing you have done can do more harm than good. They will never be as accurate a your own personal testing with the help of someone who “knows their stuff” and who can actually see how you interact with a mattress and hear your feedback on various designs they carry in “real time”. Focusing on specs can also lead to a lot of frustration and confusion about a very complex subject and can take the focus away from what is really important with a local purchase which is PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences).