what is the the best place to get a mattress in albany, new york

I am looking for a new mattress and I live in the Albany, New York area. Are there any independent mattresses manufactures in this area. Also what would be the best retail outlet to purchase from or to stay away from. Thanks.

Hi piperpaul,

Unfortunately there are no factory direct manufacturers close to you that I know about. The closest ones are …

https://yankeemattressfactory.com/main.htm Greenfield, Northampton, Agawam, Springfield, MA. (87 miles) Local factory direct manufacturer. They make a wide range of innerspring and hybrid mattresses that use high quality materials (polyfoam, memory foam, and latex) and are good quality/value choices. NOTE ADDED: They are now also a member of this site.

http://www.sigmamattressfactory.com/Home.html Feeding Hills, MA. (84 miles) Local factory direct manufacturer. They make a range of mattresses including various innerspring and memory foam models and latex (which isn’t listed on their site).

http://www.flybynight.com/ Northampton, MA. (95 miles) Retail direct outlet for Berkeley Ergonomics which makes a range of mattresses including latex, latex/pocket coil hybrids, and microcoils and latex. High quality mattresses with options to customize each mattress either side to side or for comfort and support. Also carries Pure Latex Bliss, Gold bond, and Ecosleep.

http://www.raitensleep.net/ Monticello, NY. (103 miles) They seem to be a local factory direct manufacturer but they also carry Corsicana and Sealy and only say that they make custom sizes rather than their own mattresses and focus more on the “name brands” they carry. This is sometimes a warning sign that their own brands (if they make them) could also be overpriced to “come up” to the price of other brands they carry.

There isn’t much in the way of great retail outlets that I saw and most of them sell mostly major brands like Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Stearns & Foster, Tempurpedic, and Comfort Solutions (King Koil and other brands) which I would avoid. There are some which also sell Spring Air, Restonic, Therapedic, Englander, and a few other brands which may have individual models with better value than many larger brands however I would be very careful to make sure that they provide a layer by layer description of their mattresses as these brands often contain large amounts of polyfoam and have a wide range of prices. Without a layer by layer description or “spec sheet” it is impossible to tell whether a mattress you are considering is being sold at a fair price and has good value.

A few alternative possibilities that are closer to the Albany, NY area which may be worth considering, with the caution mentioned above, are listed in post #4 here.

While this is not as wide a selection as is available in many other areas of the country … you do have some good quality/value options available if you’re willing to drive a little bit and if all else fails there is always the option of an online purchase from a manufacturer who specializes in online or telephone guidance and purchases and ships across the country such as several of the manufacturing members here.

Hope this helps