Where to buy in my area.

Hi. First post here. Man, the Internet is one helluva resource!

Anyway! I’m looking for an “… alternative or local independent mattress manufacturers who sell factory direct or through through smaller sleep shops with knowledgeable staff …”

I’m in Los Angeles. 90034. Tried doing a search on this site for both the zip and for Los Angeles but got no results for either. Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

Hi Anjru,

You may have been using the site search window at the top of the page (which doesn’t search the forum) instead of the “search forum” tab at the top of the forum (which searches the forum but not the rest of the site).

Post #2 here should help :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix. Just what the doctor ordered. Since you’re an admin I have a suggestion. The post which mentions that …instead of big brands find a small mom and pop shop… says to post in the forum if you don’t know where one is. Maybe instead of saying post in the forum you could rewrite it to say search the forum (with instructions how), and if you get no results then write a not in the forum asking for help. Might save you and others like me a step or two in the future. :silly: thanks again.

Hi Anjiru,

The tutorial post already suggested searching the forum in step 3 but I added a comment in brackets that says “(using the “search forum” tab not the “search main site” window)”.

Now step 3 reads …

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

I went to a local manufacturer today that I found through the link. The mattress I liked the most is 12", 4 of memory foam and the rest of high density - 4# per, according the salesman. $899. About another couple hundred if I want a bamboo topper. And a lot more if I want a Dunlop core. I’d looked at a Tempurpedic cloud luxe breeze at sit n sleep for 8 times the price, which while better, didn’t seem that much better.

What do you think?

Hi Anjru,

If you can post the specifics of all the layers (type of material in each layer, layer thicknesses, foam density or each layer, and type of cover and quilting (if any) listed from top to bottom) along with the size and whether this is a “mattress only” price and whether the foam is either manufactured in North America or is CertiPur certified I’d be happy to share my thoughts or help you identify any potential weak links in the mattress.


I decided that before going back to them and asking for info about the layers I’d shop around a bit more. There seems to be a bit of conflicting info out there. For instance, some say that flip able mattresses are better because you’re getting ‘twice’ the mattress. Yet there quite a few one sided mattresses with twenty-twenty five year warranties. Or, with latex beds, the layers shouldn’t be glued because the glue keeps the layers from breathing and degrades the material. But there are plenty of high end latex mattresses that aren’t in zippered covers, and that are glued.

Beds etc, near me in l.a., one of your recommended stores has an aire loom tarragon for about 2400, mattress and box springs. Marked down from about four grand because, they say, aire loom is discontinuing this model. So there are only two left, both floor models, I think, at two of their stores. Do you think the story is valid? I like the way the bed felt but am concerned about the memory foam top, soy based or not.

I’m tempted to get it but feel that the sterns and foster I’ve had for 15 years still actually feels okay. I could get away with doing nothing. Or I could just get a mattress topper though then I’d have to get deep picket sheets.

Hi Anjru,

Unfortunately conflicting information that is often incomplete is the “norm” in the industry.

You can read more about the pros and cons of one sided vs two sided mattresses in post #3 here.

You can read more about the pros and cons of glued vs unglued layers in post #2 here.

Warranties in general have little bearing on the useful life of a mattress and are mostly about marketing. You can read more about warranties in post #174 here and more about the factors that are involved in the relative durability and useful life of a mattress in post #4 here.

The story may be valid but I wouldn’t consider any mattress (discounted or not) where you aren’t able to find out the specifics of all the layers and components inside it because this is the only way to make meaningful comparisons between mattresses and identify any potential weak links in the mattress. Some discounted mattress may still be worse value than the regular price of other mattresses. You can also read a little more about “so called” soy based foams in post #2 here.

A topper can be an effective option for a mattress that is too firm and just needs some extra softness and pressure relief as long as there are no soft spots or sagging in the mattress. It’s not an effective way to “repair” a mattress that has softened or degraded over time (see post #4 here). At 15 years old I would be surprised if your mattress hadn’t softened under the heavier parts of your body (although Stearns & Foster mattresses were generally made more durable 15 years ago than they are today).