which selectfoam for me??

I had a question for the board. After reading alot of these posts, I am convinced selectfoam is where i will be getting my next mattress. I have been getting conflicting thoughts from selectfoam and various people on which mattress to choose.

I am a heavier guy, about 6’3 240 and y wife is much smaller, 5’7 130. I have a herniated disc in lower back that i get PT for.

On paper, I like cirrus luxe, regalis-HD, aurora-hs, and grandis bed. Price is not really an issue for us and the guy at selectfoam obvioussly said grandis was the way to go. My PT says a firmer bed would be better.

As i understand it, grandis is medium-soft and the cirrus luxe is really soft.

Should I be looking at firmness at all or more how conforming a bed is? What about the grandis is 1200 better than the regalis or cirrus luxe?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I would suggest going to a local outlet and testing the various Temperpedic models to see how they compare for posture and support. There a are several articles on the site that go over how to test for this. Select foam makes their beds in a very similar construction and uses mainly the same density foams (although manufactured differently) that temperpedic uses for there models. i am a bigger guy as well (300lbs) and i just ordered the Regalis HD, because based on my testing that is what worked best for me. I will be posting my feedback once i recieve the bed to see how it compares to the Rhapsody. Once you figure out what bed suits you best you would have a better idea which Select Foam model would work for you.

Thanks for the advice…

i am a novice when it comes down to knowing anything about mattresses. I dont really even know if I would prefer soft vs firm but it seems like bigger guys like the firmer rhapsody compared to the cloud luxe and grand bed at least with the reviews I have read.

Peter from selectfoam thought the grandis would be good for our size and my back pain but I keep seeing peopel choosing the regalis, especially on this site.

I would recommend this article for figuring out which would provide the best fit Five steps to your perfect mattress - Support and Alignment - The Mattress Underground . It is what works best for you not the other members or reviews. I would go test the various temperpedic beds and which ever one works for you and your wifes specific needs would be the one to purchase regardless of what anyone else tells you. They are definitely good quality, its just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Hi reckhart,

I think that Everready073’s advice is excellent so there really isn’t much to add.

The most important part of your choice would be testing the equivalent Tempurpedic mattresses to see which one is the best “match” for your body type and sleeping positions. In addition to the link that Everready073 shared … the tutorial post also has some additional links to some guidelines that can help when you are testing mattresses.

With your body type … I would also tend to minimize the use of 4 lb memory foam in favor of higher density more durable memory foam which means I would be very cautious about the Tempurpedic Cloud series or the Cirrus Luxe which all use 4 lb memory foam in the top layer.


Hey guys,

So my wife and I finally got around to trying out the tempurpedic mattresses. My wife really hated the rhapsody, allura, and even the grand as they were too firm for her (I agreed) We actually both liked the cloud luxe and something they called the “cloud grand” which they said was not available at any other store and had a thin layer of 4lb dense foam on top of the grand (it was nice)

I noticed you guys mentioned that larger body types dont do as well as well on the low dense tops like the cloud luxe and I was wondring why that was? Is it due to the wearing out effect over time on low dense foam or is it that they end up "sinking in over time as it wears in?

Moreover, I was surprised at how much I liked the adjustable base, especially the zero gravity position for back sleeping as it takes strain off of my back. I haven never been a back sleeper and was wondering if it is reasonable to expect to be able to change to becoming a back sleeper or if old habits usually take over.

Thanks for any advice…

Hi reckhart,

Lower density foams will soften and break down more quickly than higher density foams so with heavier body types which put more mechanical stress on the materials (in the upper layers of a mattress in particular) this can lead to more rapid loss of comfort and support (which isn’t covered by warranty). There is more about the factors which can affect durability and the useful life of a mattress in post #4 here and the other posts it links to. Heavier people generally need more durable materials in their mattress.

It’s certainly possible to change habitual sleeping positions with conscious effort and intent over time and if the new position is comfortable for you but it may be a gradual process. An adjustable bed may help because it can “encourage” you to sleep on your back and you would be less comfortable and less likely to turn to your side if it was in a raised position.

New habits can take some time to develop but it’s certainly possible. My fiance has slowly been shifting from being a side sleeper to much more of a back sleeper because of TMJ which can be affected by side sleeping.