Wool Duvet and Comforters

Anyone have any personal experience for a nice wool duvet/comforter? I am looking at possible the CozyPure Hand-Tied Wool Comforter. Seems like a decent price for a wool comforter. Thoughts? One better then another? I read that the alpaca wool can be heavier then some of the sheep wool comforters….



I understand Alpaca to be warmer than sheep wool at the same weight. I.e. Alpaca being lighter in weight given the same ‘warming capacity’ as sheep wool.

Hi CentralPA,

I don’t have any experience with their comforter but I do think highly of their products in general. Wikipedia has a good article here on Alpaca wool and TMASC who is one of the members here and are very knowledgeable about bedding also have some information about Alpaca on their site here as well. It’s generally finer and lighter and warmer than many types of sheep’s wool and similar to Merino wool (which is a breed that produces a softer finer wool).

One of the forum members here just purchased an Alpaca wool comforter but they probably haven’t received it yet.

There is some discussion about comforters in this thread and post #3 here also includes several manufacturers that make wool comforters as well that are very knowledgeable about their products (which includes Cozy Pure).

Mills1428 purchase their comforter here so you may wish to post on their thread (and hopefully they will see it) and ask for their feedback about it.


Thanks Phoenix,

I had come across a couple of the postings you linked too on my own. I figured with the new mattress now would be the time to upgrade some of our other bedding items as well. As I never really considered the use of wool in bedding before coming across it on this site and the research into mattress, I am now considering using it in a variety of different applications. I love it when it is in clothing that I have purchased and it only makes sense in using it in your bedding. It just tends to be a little more costly upfront but IMO its benefits outweigh the costs.


You wouldn’t happened to make your own wool comforters by chance like your DIY zoned bed? if so how much do you charge for them :smiley: I am sure they would be excellent quality!

Hahah, i wish but no. I’m not in the industry.

That said, tmasc is my favorite retailer, and where I got my bed from and a ton of other things. I’m a frequent repeat shopper (my action speaks to the quality of their products and service). The alpaca wool duvet in question (crescent moon) I’ve held, and felt, and nearly bought on a few occasions. I’m still kicking tires with respect to premium duvets and I may have problems with down, and if I do the alpaca wool. Crescent moons has a website too crescentmoonduvet.com or some such.

I can also attest to the info the tmasc.ca website has… I still refer to it often.

Me and the tmasc guys emailed back and forth about 20 times as I gathered info :wink:

I have a relatively inexpensive wool duvet right now, from bed bath and beyond. Made in China, but Oeko tex 100 and Australian or new Zeland wool (forget which).

How do you find the cheaper less expensive duvet works out? I am kicking around some different duvets. Cozy Pure was one of them simple for the price of the duvet/comforter. I also found this duvet from Scottland and with S/H and currency exchange compares in price to a $400 - $500 wool duvet cover for an all seasonal KING duvet. Just one little note though if you decide to order from overseas like this make sure your sizes are correct as sometimes the dimensions of their beds can be a little off from ours. Also after emailing South Down they said they would pay for half the shipping costs which I thought was pretty nice of them. Just would be one item that is pretty much nonreturnable.

Oh and speaking of sheep and DIY maybe we should just go to Ireland and sheer some of our own sheep and make our own wool… They do run wild over there… Phoenix would you please attach the picture of the sheep for me. Love some of these sheep pictures FYI got lots more from where these came from….

I have this one

It’s actually the second one we have. How do I find it… Good. It works, and no complaints with it, and I’m a repeat customer. Too cool sometimes, but not really the fault do the duvet… Longer story there, which is summarized as sometimes the room i usually sleep in gets super cold. Like less than 60F. When that happens, the bed is too cold :wink: and that particular duvet isn’t designed for that degree of coolness, and if it were it’d be too hot much of the time I’d guess. I normally (used to) sleep warm, so my whole bedding is designed to stay cool… And when the slabs of latex cool to 60F or less, it takes a lot of heat to warm it back up.

Pure high quality down duvets are supposed to have a greater temperature range than wool that it can be comfortable in, but I’ve had some problems with down (I can smell it, apparently abnormally well, and I hate the smell - experimenting with the help of tmasc on that with respect to pillows). So while I like the idea of down, it may not agree with me. So I’m sort of experimenting with that to see. If me and down don’t get along, the crescent moons alpaca looks amazing.

Of course, I may just get a space heater too, if I could find one with a temp control that I like :wink:

Anyhow, I like the lower cost wool - and it works well. Have a room that’s wildly too cold sometimes, and that particular isn’t designed for the level of temp swings or the particular cool that can happen. Also, I like premium products… So upgrading duvets is on my mind for that reason.

Hi CentralPA,

Done :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix that was quick!


It would not be hard to make your own comforter. You would need wool batts and 210+ thread count fabric. If your thread count is too low, the wool will migrate through the cloth. To avoid this, sometimes the wool is wrapped in cheesecloth to provide an extra barrier. You could also sew two flat sheets together, place the wool in, sew the last side up and then tuft it.

While you could machine tuft it or quilt it if you have either a walking foot attachment for your sewing machine or if you take it to a long arm quilter, the simplest way to tuft it is by hand. Here is a youtube video on how to hand tie a quilt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK20gl3Amvo

If you need a long arm quilter in the Twin Cities area, let me know and I can pass on a number of a lady worked with our wool batting for a while. One nice thing about a personal quilter is that you can not only choose whatever pattern is on your quilt, you could choose your color of thread and even design your own pattern. However, they are limited by their machine as to the amount of wool you could use. A 3 lb. thick batt would work just fine. A 5 lb. not so well, unless you sleep on it first and compress it.


Hi diynaturalbedding,

Thanks for the information. My neighbor does a good bit of sewing maybe i will ask her about it. She has made some small things for me in the past and does a wonderful job. I myself last time I used a sewing machine I think i sewed my sweatshirt to a pillow I was making.