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What’s the deal with types c of wool…pros and cons. And what does merino, Australian, joma, new Zealand mean in reference to wool. How do I choose between a merino filled comforter and a pure virgin fill. What is pure virgin wool?


There is more information about the pros and cons of a wool topper in post #8 here.

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Merino is a breed of sheep that is known for the fineness of its wool (although there are also different grades of Merino wool and to some degree it has also come to mean any “fine wool”). There is some good information about different breeds here and there is also a good Wikipedia article about wool here.

Joma is a brand name that is made from crossbreed sheep (that are courser than Merino and would be more suitable for load bearing applications) that has been crimped to provide greater resiliency (see here)

Virgin wool is wool that has been spun for the first time and usually has longer fibers than wool that has been recycled.

Australian and New Zealand wool is just wool that comes from these countries. New Zealand wool is also a logo used by the campaign for wool.

With comforters wool that comes from a finer breed will have more loft and be lighter and more insulating than wool that comes from a courser breed.