Your Experiences Regarding Foam By Mail (The Foam Factory)

I was on the Web site, Foam By Mail, and could not believe their low prices. I gave them a call today and they are sending me samples of their 3" Talalay topper in the soft and medium. I did ask the rep about “Where in Europe?” are the toppers made and he did not seem to know. Just curious to find out what other people think of this company and their experiences with the toppers. Thanks for all your time!

Hi rmerrick,

You can see siome of my thoughts about Foam By Mail (FBM) in post #2 here and in post #2 here.

Needless to say I don’t recommend them

As you can see … what you receive will almost certainly not be Talalay latex at all.


They have one of the best site layouts (if you go to their newest one, i still dont understand why they have so many).

Its a shame they stink. I wish there was a super reputable company selling foam in that layout. American foam!

sneeze, I’d consider multiple web sites by a smaller company a warning sign personally. To me it would mean they’re very interested in marketing, and small companies usually have limited resources. If they’re expending a lot of those resources on web sites and marketing, what aren’t they spending those resources on?

Thinking like that is a very general rule, but it’s one that I’ve been able to rely on usually in the past.

It’s not like you have to keep going back to the web site forever, you use it long enough to learn what the company is doing and maybe buy a mattress from. Then that’s it.

Hi levander,

Some of the sources for different materials, foams, and components listed in post #4 here may be helpful.