100% Cotton Mattress Protectors & Their Protective Abilities

I’ve read the extensive post about mattress protectors here ( Requesting mattress help in south florida - #89 by phoenix ), and had a question about the 100% cotton mattress protectors suggested. I was particularly looking at Pebble Pique Organic Cotton Stretch Knit Mattress Protector -Best Seller! - CozyPure Organic Mattresses & Organic Bedding or maybe their organic-cotton-jersey-knit-waterproof-mattress-protector - sorry won’t let me link the 2nd one. (Actually not quite sure the difference between the two.)

From what I’ve read here on the forums, 100% cotton protectors won’t be able to absorb as much moisture as a full wool or hyrbid wool/cotton before the protector becomes soaked.

My question - while these cotton protectors are by no means waterproof, are they protective enough to absorb a rare night of sweat, preventing it from soaking to the mattress?

Keeping the “feel” of the mattress as close to the original as possible is important to me, as I have a latex mattress. I am just curious of the ability of cotton as a sweat / oil absorber. Not worried about spills or accidents.

Thoughts? Love this place by the way. I was able to navigate the mattress buying process so much easier here than anywhere else.

Edit: A side thought about temperature regulation. I read wool is great at this. How does cotton fare? I am slightly worried about the protector linked above causing me to sleep hotter than I normally would. Anyone have any experience with 100% cotton protectors?

Edit 2: Was reading more on the forums and found a post from 2013 Cozypure Hotel bundle - #6 by TDI_Hoo which seems to praise the temperature regulation of that particular one. 11 years is a long time, but nonetheless, that is reassuring.

Hi apdosp01,
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Thank you for reaching out and for your detailed question regarding mattress protectors. It’s fantastic to hear that you found our forum helpful in navigating the mattress buying process!

When considering 100% cotton mattress protectors like the Pebble Pique Organic Cotton Stretch Knit Mattress Protector from CozyPure Organic Mattresses & Organic Bedding, it’s important to understand their capabilities compared to wool or hybrid options. While cotton may not absorb as much moisture as wool or hybrid materials before becoming saturated, it still provides a level of protection against occasional sweating, which can help prevent moisture from reaching your latex mattress.

Maintaining the original feel of your latex mattress is a priority for you, and cotton is known for its ability to absorb sweat and oil while preserving the mattress’s texture and comfort. While cotton protectors may not be waterproof, they are usually effective at absorbing sweat from a rare night of perspiration, thus safeguarding your mattress without compromising its feel.

Regarding temperature regulation, while wool excels in this aspect due to its natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties, cotton also offers decent breathability and can help maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. The CozyPure mattress protector you mentioned has received praise for its temperature regulation capabilities in past discussions on our forum, which should provide some reassurance regarding its performance in this regard.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific preferences and priorities. If moisture absorption and temperature regulation are paramount concerns for you, you may want to consider wool or hybrid options. However, if maintaining the original feel of your mattress while ensuring protection against sweat is your main focus, a 100% cotton protector like the one you’re considering would likely meet your needs.

Additionally, here is some more information regarding cotton verses wool as a natural fiber and bedding material.

When comparing the moisture absorption capabilities of cotton and wool, wool generally has a higher capacity to absorb moisture compared to cotton. Wool fibers have a unique structure that allows them to absorb moisture vapor from the air and can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture without feeling damp. This property makes wool an excellent choice for moisture-wicking and temperature regulation.

Cotton, on the other hand, is also absorbent but tends to absorb less moisture compared to wool. Cotton fibers can hold about 24-27 times their weight in water, making them suitable for absorbing sweat and spills, but they may not be as effective as wool in moisture management.

Overall, both cotton and wool are capable of absorbing moisture, but wool typically has a higher absorption capacity and better moisture-wicking properties compared to cotton.

I hope this helps clarify things for you, and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need additional assistance. We’re here to help!


Well, here we are more than 11 years (will be 12 years next September) with the Cozy Pure mattress set and cotton mattress protector. The whole set and mattress protector have held up well. The organic cotton protector looks new. Of course, why wouldn’t it hold up? We are still cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We purchased a second home at the beach and bought a similar Cozy Pure mattress set (2 layers instead of 3) with another cotton mattress cover a year ago. Cheryl and Hans still give great customer service. So, be assured that the quality is there with longevity and comfort and temp regulation.


That is awesome to hear! Their products are great quality and they are a joy to work with as a company. Not much in this industry last 11 years and still looks like new. It’s all about quality construction and materials.

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We have owned a cozy pure mattress protector since 2015. Last month we purchased a @DLX Premier Hybrid mattress and will continue to use the @CozyPure protector for the next 10 years.
It’s comfortable. Cozy of course, and durable. It’s an investment.


Do you have the Pebble Pique one or the Jersey Knit one?

Pebble Pique. It’s on sale right now!


Can you feel the texture of it under your sheets at all, and if so does it bother you?


No. We don’t feel any texture below linen sheets. A thin sheet may give different results.


Okay good to know, thanks! :slight_smile:

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