Adjustable Beds Comparisons

Hi Phoenix,
I don’t want to cause you too much research, but if you could supply a quick opinion regarding Tempur-pedic Advanced Ergo adjustable Advanced vs. L&P Pro-motion/s-cape I would really appreciate it. I have option to buy either at same price or could also buy s-cape for $300 more over each.

Jo Jlsgreenwich,

The Tempurpedic Advanced Ergo is basically the Reverie Deluxe with just a few minor differences.

It has 4 memory storage positions (plus flat) while the Reverie Deluxe (with the new remote) has zero G, snore, and 2 programmable buttons (plus flat)

The Advanced Ergo has 4 massage wave speeds … the reverie Deluxe has 3

Other than that they are the same as far as I know

The equivalent Leggett & Platt model is the S-Cape and the next model up is the Prodigy.

Some of the differences between these are here in terms of function.

The Pro-Motion is a lower model than either the Reverie Deluxe or the S-Cape and has a wired remote instead of wireless.

The head only goes to 60 degrees on the L&P adjustables (vs 70 with the Reverie)

The Pro-Motion supports 450 lbs, while the Reverie supports 550 lbs (this is not what the warranty documentation says but Reverie has “officially” confirmed that this is what they will honor … see post #3 here)

The Pro-Motion only has the basic functions without any presets or massage functions.

If the price is similar the Reverie would certainly be the better value (it has much more features).

Some price references I use for adjustable beds are …

Adjustable Beds - Mattress To Go - Power Base - Adjustable Experts A member of the site and carries Rize adjustable beds. or Has a wide selection of manufacturers and prices for reference (and you can make an offer) Good information and good prices on L&P (will price match within 90 days)
Leggett & Platt Holiday Sale – Atlantic Beds Some good prices on L&P Has a good selection of L&P and HSM (Hickory Springs) adjustables.
Mattress and Furniture in Navarre, Pensacola and Ft Walton Beach Florida | New Rooms Direct (Florida Mattress Centers) Carries L&P, Reverie.


Thank you once again for all of your helpful information.

Hello again,

Could you give your opinion on the adjustable bed models you have referenced on this thread ( reverie, scape, ergo) against the Serta motion perfect?

Other than the Serta having a furniture look, and being about $800.00 more! I don’t see much of a difference?

I’ll be putting a king split memory foam bed on the frame inside of a sleigh bed frame. Am I right in thinking I don’t need to pay up for the furniture look, since it will not be seen in the sleigh bed frame?

Hi SAitta,

All of them are closely comparable and perform the same basic functions. An adjustable bed purchase isn’t nearly as subjective as a mattress and I would make your choice based on the options and features that you want and the cost compared to others with the same or similar options and features (see the second post of the thread). The Serta Motion Perfect is basically an Ergomotion 400 with a few added features (such as the zipper that can be used to attach the Serta mattress and as you say a more “furniture” look).

You can also use the links to retailers earlier in this thread as a “value reference” for price comparisons.


do you have any information regarding the mattresses offered by richmond bedding?


Other than what is on their site no but they appear to sell both Therapedic and Golden which can both have some better value than some of the largest mainstream manufacturers but of course it always depends on their ability to tell you all the specifics of what is in the mattress including foam densities for memory foam and polyfoam and the type and blend of any latex because any mattress … regardless of the name of the manufacturer … is only as durable as the quality of the materials inside it.


Do you know of any adjustable bed bases the do not have foam or flame retardant that would still work for an organic latex mattress?