American-Made Memory Foam: MyLuxuryMattress vs Amerisleep vs SleepEZ

I am looking for budget but American made (good quality) memory foam. Here are the finalists:

  1. Myluxurymattress Invigor 11" (, foam is made by Future/Furture/Hickory Springs

  2. Amerisleep 10" Americana, foam is made by Foamex

  3. SleepEZ, foam is made by Carpenter (not sure if it’s isotonic?) I think it’s but I am not sure.

I am torn between the three and I don’t know what to pick. Which one is ranked the highest in terms of quality?

any response please?

Does any one have any thoughts/advice please?

I though this would be a good debate topic since American-Made memory foam at price cheaper than Tempur would interest a lot of people? Unless i am wrong?

Based on my research, I think these three are the best brands to go at around $1000. Please chime in.

Hi 1ch1ban,

To me brands are less important than the materials in the mattress and the knowledge, service, transparency, and guidance of the people I am buying it from.

There are many parts to value and in the end value is about which mattress is most valuable to you.

First though it’s important to make sure you have all the details of each mattress that you are considering. This includes the density of the base foam.

The next step is to make sure that the mattresses that you are considering are suitable for your needs and preferences. This usually involves some local testing on similar mattresses to get a sense of the general construction and layering you prefer and then more detailed phone conversations with each online merchant (if you are comfortable with any additional risks of an online purchase) to help you “match” the mattresses you have tested to the model that they sell that may be most suitable for you. Your phone calls will also give you a much better sense of who you are dealing with and their level of knowledge, transparency, and service. These phone calls are perhaps the most important part of an online mattress purchase.

Finally … there are many other parts to value besides just the materials in the mattress itself including the knowledge and service of the merchant and the options they offer both before and after a sale. You can read more about some of the more important needs and preferences that may be important in post #46 here.

All of these together will give you what you need to decide on which mattress best matches your own personal “value equation”. What is the best value to you may not be the same as what is the best value for someone else. Each person can have a different set of things that are more or less important to them that are part of a mattress purchase.

There is a list in post #12 here of some of the better online memory foam sources I’m aware of (although of course it’s nowhere near a complete list). These are my “value” reference points.

SleepEz is one of the members of this site which means that I believe they are among the best quality, value, and service in the country. They sell mostly latex mattresses but also have the option of using memory foam for the top layer of their latex component mattresses. They use 5.5 lb Sensus which is made by Foamex/FXI. The standard memory foam/polyfoam mattress they list is the only “traditional” memory foam option they offer so they don’t have as much selection in the typical memory foam category but if you feel this is suitable for your needs and preferences it would certainly make a good value choice.

My Luxury Mattress has also impressed me with their knowledge, service, transparency, and value when I have talked with them which is why they are also on the list. They offer more memory foam choices which may be important in helping you decide which memory foam mattress may best match your specific needs and preferences.

AmeriSleep is a sister company to AstraBeds and SimplyRest. Their memory foam mattresses are made by Anatomic Global which is owned by Foamex/FXI (the customer service rep didn’t know this when I last talked with them). I have had mixed experiences with them (as a group not just with Amerisleep) when I talked with them on the phone ranging from one good conversation to several where they were quite aggressive and high pressure and misinformed about their products. They are basically a marketing company and not what I would consider “mattress people”.

Once you have reached the point where you have eliminated the worst choices and are choosing between “good and good” (and in terms of the mattresses themselves there are no “bad” choices on your list) … then your final choices are more about which is “best for you”. This would take into account all the many parts of a mattress purchase (connected with the mattress and the merchant) to help you decide which one best fits your personal value equation. A big part of that for me would be the knowledge and service of the people I was talking to and my confidence that a mattress and merchant I was considering buying from (especially online) was suitable for my own unique needs and preferences based on their guidance and on my own experiences with local testing of similar mattresses.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Phoenix.

here is the detailed construction of the three. I did call all three and asked for their foam manufacturer.

  1. Myluxurymattress Invigor 11" (,
    foam is made by Future/Furture/Hickory Springs
    4" of 5lbs comfort layer, 12 IFD
    7" of Flex Poly support layer, HR 2.4lb density, 36 IFD

  2. Amerisleep 10" Americana (Memory Foam Mattresses | Amerisleep)
    foam is made by Foamex
    3" of 4.5lbs comfort layer, BioPur Memory foam (faster recovery than tempur, not sure if this is a good thing)
    7" of BioCore support layer

  3. SleepEZ (
    foam is made by Carpenter (not sure if it’s isotonic?) I think it’s but I am not sure.
    3" of 5.5lbs comfort layer
    6" of HR support layer (like 1.8 to 2.5lbs density)

How would you rank these three please?

Hi 1ch1ban,

Unfortunately … the specs they provided with one exception are not really detailed enough. It includes information you don’t really need (such as the foam manufacturer) and is missing some information you do need (such as foam density).

This has all the information you need which includes the foam density and layer thicknesses of all the layers. This would be a good reference point and would be good value.

This is missing the foam density information of their base foam. The memory foam is lower density and it has a thinner memory foam layer than the previous mattress. Faster or slower recovery in memory foam is an individual preference. Testing both types in person would tell you which type you preferred. In general lower density more breathable memory foams sleep a little cooler and aren’t as temperature sensitive (which some people prefer) but are also less durable than higher density foams. Without the foam density of the base layer you can’t really compare this to the previous mattress but it doesn’t seem to be in the same value range as far as its basic value.

This also has a higher density memory foam but the base layers are in a range which makes it difficult to compare and I don’t know where in the range it is. 1.8 would generally be the minimum density I would consider unless the mattress was very low budget and 2.5 lb would be high quality material (and possibly even true HR polyfoam). The polyfoam is probably Omalon or Renew which are Carpenter’s more common polyfoams (Isotonic is one of Carpenter’s memory foams not polyfoam). This also has better value (depending on the base form density but it has a lower cost and the memory foam layer has a higher density but is also a thinner layer than the My Luxury Mattress). Without the foam density of the polyfoam though it’s hard to make any real comparisons.

None of these comparisons though helps at all in terms of telling you which mattress would best match your needs and preferences because you don’t have a reference point of mattresses you have tested. Buying a memory foam mattress that didn’t work for you would have little value at all regardless of the value of the mattress itself.

You also have other choices in a similar range from the list I linked earlier.

So overall … these are all “better than average” value but two of them (My Luxury mattress and SleepEz are “probably” better than the third (Amerisleep). Which one may be most suitable for you however would also be a big part of the value of any of these and would play at least as big a role in which I would choose. I would rather pay more for a mattress that worked for me than less for a mattress that didn’t so the ability of the manufacturer or retailer to provide you with some guidance and help in making a choice is just as important as the “commodity value” of the mattress itself.

Have you tested any memory foam mattresses that have similar materials and layering in person? Without this then the refund policies of each may also play an important role in terms of “value”.


Thank you Phoenix. That is very analytical. I will call SleepEZ tomorrow for more information.

I considered Amerisleep because it has a $300 discount now. I have slept on several tempur. I know I don’t like simplicity because it is simply too thin and too soft. I am about 5’11 and 150 lbs and I can easily hit the bottom on Tempur simplicity. I need at the second cheapest Tempur which is Cloud Select ($2200 for King).

I have also tried Coaster Milano (not a lot of people talked about this brand). I almost went with that or Kittrich Ashley Roberts but I found out the last minute that their foams are made in China (glad I made that call because I was fooled by the made in America label which could just imported components assembled in America).

I was going to go with SleepEZ because it is recommended by you on other posts, and it’s also a member. But I am hesitating because SleepEZ is best known for its latex. My philosophy has always been buying the brand’s strongest model. It feels that other two brands are more “specialized” in memory foam.

I am a bit perplexed as to why you mentioned manufacturers do not matter. I understand the specs are important but several sales people at mattress stores sometimes say that the formula matters more than specs because some Chinese knock offs use alternative ingredients to fill up the foam to make it more dense. I also agree with this because Tempur cloud select is only a 3 lb density comfort layer (not sure what the base layer is). So Tempur at $2200 King has worse spec than the cheaper SleepEZ and MyLuxuryMattress.

Let me report back here tomorrow with updates on SleepEZ. So now we are down to SleepEZ vs MLM (MyLuxuryMattress)

Hi 1ch1ban,

You are getting some “partially correct” information which can be more misleading than anything else.

All manufacturers make some good quality and some low quality memory foam so who makes the foam is not indicative of quality. You can see the criteria I use for memory foam mattresses in post #10 here.

The polymer density of memory foam is the most important part of its relative quality and durability. You are also correct about memory foam “fillers” but Chinese foam comes in both good and bad quality just like American foams. Cheap Chinese foams are just that … cheap and low quality. There are also good quality Chinese foams however which can be good value. One of the criteria I use is whether a memory foam is CertiPur certified (which is especially important to know if the foam is Chinese) and there are at least 3 Chinese foam producers which are CertiPur certified just like many (but not all) of the American foam producers.

You can read more information in post #9 here about the different qualities of memory foam that are affected by different chemical formulations and manufacturing methods that are independent of density but the unfilled polymer density of memory foam is the single most important part of its durability.

The Tempur Cloud line actually uses a combination of 4 and 5.3 lb memory foams … not 3 lb. The base layer is 2.2 lb polyfoam. The 4 lb density is less durable than 5 lb memory foam but it also has qualities which some people prefer in terms of faster response, higher breathability, and a softer feel which is the tradeoff for the lower durability. So the specs are worse in terms of density and durability (which is why I would be careful about buying a Cloud if I was over 200 lbs or so) but they can still be a preference for many people because of the other qualities of the lower density foam. The durability of a material can also depend on many other factors including where in the mattress the layer is, on the thickness of the layers, and what is above and below it.

You are correct about this and SleepEz only carries the one “traditional” memory foam model which is a fairly basic or “standard” layering with 3" of 5 lb memory foam over a good quality base layer although they also offer a layer of memory foam in their latex mattresses for customers who want it. They will sell their memory foam mattress on request of course and there may be more that buy it in person at their bricks and mortar outlet but their focus is on latex in their online sales.

You also have several other options that are similar or perhaps even better value (depending on how you define value) available to you that specialize in memory foam mattresses and are in the list I posted previously.


So I have gotten some updates.

SleepEZ owner is not as knowledgeable about the memory foam line. He does not know if it is CertiPur Certified. The only thing he knows is that it is made by Sensus. But there is the old Sensus (good) and the new Sensus on (not so good). There is no way of telling.

He said he does not know the ILD number of the foam. He only knows the ILD numbers for latex (his main products). He did reveal that the top layer is 5 lbs density of 3 inch and the bottom support layer is 5 to 6 inch of 2.0 lbs. (he said two pounds. I asked if it was 2.1 2.2 or so, and he didn’t answer).

MyLuxuryMattress foam is made by Future but I have never heard of that company before. How is it compared with Sensus?

Given this, if it was for you, what would you pick, Phoenix?

Hi 1ch1ban,

ILD numbers are about the least important spec with memory foam and have nothing to do with quality. They also vary depending on circumstances (heat, humidity, speed of movement etc). Any density of foam can be manufactured to a range of ILD’s and this is a “comfort spec” not a “quality spec” (see the links I provided earlier). Even if you were provided with an ILD number of either the base foam or the memory foam … you probably wouldn’t have a point of reference which would make it meaningful anyway unless you had tested mattresses with specific ILD’s and knew how different layer combinations that had different ILD’s felt. even then you probably wouldn’t be able to match it exactly. If you don’t have a way of translating a comfort spec into something that is meaningful based on your own experience then it has little value.

So if this has 5.5 lb Sensus and 2 lb (or greater) base foam then the specs are good. In other words there is no obvious weak link in the mattress.

If you buy Sensus memory foam from a reputable merchant it will be “good Sensus”.

Future foam is an American foam producer that is on the CertiPur list*. They make a range of foams of different qualities/densities. Like all memory foams … the density will give you the means to compare one memory foam to another in terms of quality/durability but different types of memory foam can have very different properties and “feels” (see the link I provided earlier). The merchant themselves is always the best source to tell you how their foams compare with other memory foams in terms of response rate, breathability, temperature sensitivity, how firm it may feel etc.

ADMIN NOTE: *Removed 404 link|Archived Footprint: & replaced with latest CertiPUR list

It’s not for me … its for you and I never make choices for others. My role is to help people make better choices based on their own needs and preferences … not mine … and to help provide the tools to do so.

I can tell you though if it was me, I would have a very different list of final choices and wouldn’t be looking at the same choices as you are in the first place with the possible exception of one of them. My final choices would be choices between a different group of merchants and would include several you aren’t even looking at (that are in the list I mentioned previously) that specialize in memory foam mattresses with good quality/value and that meet all my criteria.


Which one of my finalists would be the one exception that you will include in your group?

Can I ask what your list comprises of? I understand it’s all personal preference but I personally prefer to go by the list of someone as knowledgeable as you. That alone is a significant portion of my decision making: the expert’s opinion matters a lot to me.

Hi 1ch1ban,

[quote]Which one of my finalists would be the one exception that you will include in your group?

Can I ask what your list comprises of? I understand it’s all personal preference but I personally prefer to go by the list of someone as knowledgeable as you. That alone is a significant portion of my decision making: the expert’s opinion matters a lot to me. [/quote]

I linked the list in the fourth post of this thread but to save you looking back it’s in post #12 here.

As you can see … SleepEz is mentioned for those that want to include a layer of Sensus in their latex mattress instead of latex and My Luxury Mattress is in the list as well.

The list is not so much based on personal preferences (my personal preferences lean to latex) but on the quality and value of the products that are sold and on the transparency, knowledge, and service of the merchant. The personal preference part would be more about which specific mattress someone chose.

Of course someone could define “value” with a different set of criteria than I do where the transparency, knowledge, and service of the merchant was less important or where there was less of a focus on the quality/value of the materials they used and price, or “the deal” or “cheap” alone was the main criteria. To this degree it is preference yes. In other words I “prefer” a quality, value, and service based approach to price and tend to avoid the merchants that are involved in either a “race to the bottom” at the expense of quality, transparency and service or merchants that are involved in selling products that are either not transparent or sell their products for significantly more than other similar quality products.


All of these are great American made mattress companies. I found another US company making memory foam mattresses during my search. Bragada Mattress I am considering them for my next mattress.

Hi JB0902,

A forum search on Bragada (you can just click this) will bring up more information and feedback about them. All their foams are made in the USA and are CertiPur certified which is good but they don’t list their foam densities on their site so I would make sure that you find out the specifics of their mattresses if you are considering them (see this article and the quality/density guidelines here). They also have a good article about this. (Admin note: is now a Retired Website) If you can confirm they use good quality/density foams in the mattress you are looking at then they would certainly be worth considering.

I would also be aware that their return policy requires their customers to pay for the cost of return shipping which will likely require common carrier and can be costly which may be an important part of your personal value equation.