BedTech mattresses?

I’m deciding between these two mattresses at a local mattress store and kinda want a sanity check to make sure I’m not crazy for leaning towards the 12" one. The sales person is nice, but uses a lot of buzz-words and insists that they both sleep cool because the softer one has more “cooling gel”, but he wasn’t pushy when I disagreed.

The 10" one is more like I’m sleeping kinda on top of the mattress, and while sitting on it, it didn’t feel like it offered as much support, but it felt a little cooler.

When laying on the 12" one it felt softer, had more support, and I sunk into the mattress just a little bit, but it did feel warmer. I generally prefer to sleep as cool as I can, but the 12" one felt really nice, and it seemed to be acceptable with heat I guess, although warmer than I’d prefer ideally.

How do the mattresses look in terms of quality?

They quoted me $700 for the 10", and $900 for the 12" (in full size). Should I try to negotiate it down?

Hi vexinglytranslate,

Keep in mind any mattress you choose will be based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s) and any underlying health conditions), your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). You may want to take a look at the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know and see how they compare to the Mattress Durability Guidelines.

I took a look at these 2 mattresses, the construction & specifications are:

(10") Copper lux hybrid ~ $2000

2" copper infused memory foam
6" coils 13 gauge, 12 gauge perimeter
2" HD support foam

(12") Copper lux hybrid ~ $2500

3" copper infused memory foam
1" lux soft foam
6" coils 13 gauge, 12 gauge perimeter
2" HD support foam

Copper infused foam has gained in popularity in the last few years, but its antimicrobial and other properties are debatable. While it’s difficult to determine the suitability and support aspects in a few minutes, the Bedtech site shows prices considerably higher -$2000 for the 10", $2500 for the 12", so that seems a significant savings.

The lack of info on density of any of the foams raises some red flags; if you are a higher BMI sleeper this would be of even more concern. Just to compare, We suggest any foam in a potential mattress has no more than an inch or so of lower grade foams (for memory foam no lower than 4 lbs/cuft for normal range weights, and 5lbs/cuft for higher range weights) and if polyfoam is used, with at least 1.8 lbs/cuft density, just to ensure you have support.

Memory foam is notorious for sleeping ‘hot’ for many consumers, and I’m alarmed at the salesperson due to the ‘marketing speak’ you mention, as well as the ‘cooling gel foam’ while gel foam is cooler than memory foam four to composition, there’s no listing of gel foam in either of these…while copper infused gel foam is a thing, that’s not what’s described for these beds…so with the highly discounted ‘clearance’ pricing and what you describe, I am very skeptical!

So in short, these seem to be discounted foam mattresses of questionable foam density, but are at a low price point…if you are of a lower BMI and are okay with the mattress potentially wearing out in a few years, you might want to consider it…if you have any health conditions or are higher BMI, or are looking for a mattress with durability I would urge caution as you may not get as many nights of comfortable sleep as you expect!

~ Basilio