Best Value Memory Foam

After doing some research and reading on here it is clear that there is no one mattress that will meet everyone’s needs.

However, what I am looking for is the best value mattress available today.

I read on here that I should look for some high quality foam local retailers but I do not not how to find these. I am located in Reno, Nv.

I know I should be looking for something around 5 lbs/ft.

My criteria is this:

  • 5-10 year lifespan
  • Breathable (I sleep hot)
  • Medium firmness
  • Minimal breakdown
    -$1000 dollar budget (I would consider spending more if it is a better value)

I look forward to your suggestions

Thank in advance

Hi Burgalicious,

The better possibilities I’m aware of in the Reno, NV area are listed in post #3 here. I would call them first to give them a sense of your criteria to make sure they carry something suitable on their floor for you to test.

With good quality memory foam (using 4 and 5 lb foams depending on the layering, your height/weight, and the suitability of your choice in terms of your needs and preferences) you should have no problem with your durability criteria.

The firmness level will vary from person to person (different peopl;e have a different sens of firmness … especially with memory foam) so personal testing will be the most accurate way to know how firm a mattress feels for you.

Memory foam is the least breathable of all the foams but there are many factors involved in the sleeping temperature of a mattress and for the most part, faster response memory foams are also more breathable. Some of the “pieces” of the puzzle of how warm a memory foam mattress may sleep for you are in post #6 here.

Some of the better online memory foam manufacturers or retailers that can either be a good source of better quality/value mattresses or can act as a “value” reference point for local choices are included in post #12 here.


After doing much more research and visiting a few mattress stores I finally made a purchase.

The mattress stores were very uninformative and provided me little information other than actually getting to try the mattress to see what I liked then researching what exactly they were.

My favorites ended up being the being the TEMPUR-Cloud™ Luxe Mattress and the Sealy iCloud.

For these reason I narrowed my search to two options. The The CoolComfort 10"

I liked this one since it is entirely rebuild-able should I not like or it break down.

and the Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

I ended up choosing this one since my experiences at the stores were positive with the gel memory foam. I am a little concerned with the longevity of this mattress though. I also liked their latex mattress, but I am still not sure how they compare. I contacted the seller for additional information and hope to speak with him tomorrow.

I hope I made the right choice! Hopefully Phoenix could provide me with a little relief for my purchase while I await its arrival.

This site has been incredibly beneficial during all my research, but I always second guess myself…

Hi Burgalicious,

Unfortunately … this is usually the “norm” with the major brands and the mass market outlets and stores that most people end up purchasing from. They know very little about mattresses and what is in them and their main goal is to get you to walk through their door (telling you to just come in and try them and then pick the one that feels the most “comfortable” for you whatever that may mean to them). This way of course once you wald through their front door they can start to use their marketing techniques and “encourage” you to buy a mattress whic in many cases is for all the wrong reasons. They “sell” rather than “educate”.

The “right” choice is the one that best fits your “value equation” but it certainly seems to me that you eliminated the worst choices (like the ones you started out testing) and narrowed down your options to a choice between “good and good”, both of which are among the best in the country in terms of quality, value, and service. When all your choices are good ones … the final choice can be the most difficult of all and it’s really a matter of personal preferences and the tradeoffs that are involved between the different options that each manufacturer provides. Either way, you are choosing between excellent manufacturers and as long as you are comfortable with your choice and reasonably confident that it will meet your needs and preferences (based on conversations with them) then either choice would be a good one.

So congratulations on your new mattresses :slight_smile: … and I hope you let us know how it worked out when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.


So I just received my mattress and moved it upstairs. This was somewhat of a challenge but it went ok.

My first impression are that it looks really good and feels even better.

I currently have it sitting on my old box springs but plan to change that as soon as I get my new bed set. I need to look into the mattress base thread a little more but Phoenix do you have any quick recommendations for a base?

So a few questions.

How long do I need to let it expand for?

It had somewhat of an odor when I first opened but it seems to have gassed out fairly quickly. Would it be a problem if I slept on it tonight?

While I haven’t had a chance to lay on it for any length of time, I am very impressed. It is much more plush than I expected it to be. I will report back after I have had a chance to sleep on it with a more detailed review.

Hi Burgalicious,

Any of the less expensive foundations in the foundation thread here will be fine. The wire grid foundations are good if you want a frame / foundation combination with some storage space under the bed and the KD foundations will also work well. Most of the KD wooden foundations have gaps of a little over 4" (which should be fine with the polyfoam base in your mattress) and the nature’s sleep has gaps just over 3" (which is more evenly supportive) and the metal framed KD has the most slats and would be the strongest of all the KD types.

It should probably expand most of the way in an hour or two (mostly much faster than that) and may expand a bit more over the next 24 - 48 hours.

That’s normal when it’s been in plastic during shipping and it will normally dissipate quite quickly (as it seems to have done). It will be fine to sleep on as long as the odor is mostly gone and doesn’t bother you.

I’m looking forward to your “report” after you’ve slept on it for a bit :slight_smile: