Brooklyn Bedding has changed materials

I was interested in the #BME due to their construction of their mattress using latex. But they recently changed to an all foam mattress with the comfort layers using a new foam called TitanFlex. Anyone have any specific information about this new foam? Similarities to latex? Cost cutting?

That’s very interesting. I’m glad you brought this up. I am curious as well. I’ll see if I can find some reviews of this mattress somewhere.

I’ve been looking at the Brooklyn Bedding #BestMattressEver a lot lately. This change just happened last night. Just looked at my browsing history and I was on their site at 1:21 PM yesterday and they were still selling the mattress with latex layers instead of the “TitanFlex” layers.

This is the page that has the information that Brooklyn Bedding have posted about the new “TitanFlex” layers.


Wow. So brand new. Doubtful I will find any reviews then. I am looking forward to hearing more about this.

While I am sure the new design is less expensive to manufacture than the old model I wouldn’t assume it’s all due to cost cutting. Latex isn’t for everyone so it could very well be a combination of lowering costs but also making the mattress have a feel customers are more used to as I imagine for most of their buyers this is their first latex mattress. At least unlike when Casper changed their mattress they are acknowledging it right on the main page of their site.

For their sake I hope with this sort of re-launch they become more communicative with customers again. When I bought my #BME over a year ago they were super responsive to my questions and concerns, even after I ended up returning it. Looking at their site now they almost never answer user questions anymore and have allowed random people to often answer with incorrect or useless information.

I keep reading mixed reviews with regard to their communication and easiness of returns. I read a lot on different forums about not responding and they are hard to get a hold of.
But I’ve also seen people say they haven’t had much problem at all.

This newer mattress may put their mattress back on my list of possibilities if if can stand up to my weight.

I asked about the weights for the new #BestMattressEver on via the chat.

Me: What is the lbs. for each of your 3 layers?

2" TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Comfort Layer- Soft
2" TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Transitional Layer – Medium
6" 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam

2" TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Comfort Layer – Medium
2" TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Transitional Layer - Firm
6" 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam

4" TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Comfort Layer - Firm
6" 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam

Me: Do you have a lbs. for the TitanFlex layers?

BB: I don’t at this time. It is a new product and my manager is currently in a meeting so I am unable to ask him. If you can send in a email to [email protected] I can have him answer you as soon as he gets out of the meeting

Hmmmm. That 1.8 density may put it out of the market for me.

It does make it less attractive to me too. It should be OK for me, but I was looking at the more latex and higher base density as a way to ensure that I would get the durability that I would like out of my purchase.

Because of my weight I don’t want anything less than 2.0 in the base. I would like to have it 2.5, but I haven’t found any that have that.

As the Brooklyn Bedding chat support agent suggested, I sent an email to [email protected] asking about the density of the new “TitanFlex” layers. I just got the reply below.

Me: Hello,
Can you tell me the pounds per cubic foot of the each of the layers in the new #BestMattressEver?

BB: Hello,
I talked with my manager and the layers have a 4lb density.

I just had the following chat with BB on their website as I was interesting in some information too.

Okay great. One other question I have. your mattress has undergone some changes since the last time I was looking at it. What are you foam densities in each layer for the FIRM version?

The titanflex foam is a 4lb density and the support foam has a 36 ILD density

Okay. What about the base layer?

The base layer is the support foam with the 36 ILD

She left out the pounds on the baselayer for some reason. Not sure if she purposely left it out or not. She did give it to me in the titanflex.

Probably just an oversite. She is the same agent that responded to both my chat session and email.

Hi butch3217,

You are correct. Brooklyn Bedding has just announced the change of the upper comfort layers of their Best Mattress Ever line from Talalay and Dunlop latex to a newer high-density, high-performance polyfoam they are calling TitanFlex. This is a 4 lb density material and high quality and durable. While costs are always a part of operating any business, as is coming up with new mattress configurations, this is not a cost cutting measure but part of the continuing evolution and refinement that a mattress company goes through. While I haven’t personally tested this foam, the TitanFlex is a polyfoam that is highly resilient and is supposed to contain quite a few of the comfort characteristics of latex. It has a similar pressure distribution to latex with a bit of a softer “end-feel” and higher compression and is very breathable. It will be interesting to learn of everyone’s reaction to the new configuration.

The configurations will be as follows:

2" 4 lb TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Comfort Layer- Soft 13 ILD
2" 4 lb TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Transitional Layer – Medium 18 ILD
6" 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam

2" 4 lb TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Comfort Layer – Medium 18 ILD
2" 4 lb TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Transitional Layer - Firm 28 ILD
6" 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam

4" 4 lb TitanFlex (Latex Alternative) Comfort Layer - Firm 28 ILD
6" 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam


Seems like an odd decision to downgrade the base foam to 1.8 lbs, now they’ve cut out the market for higher weight ranges. Perhaps they wanted to streamline everything where all the dreamfoam and bme matresses use the same core. I think changing to titanflex helps them differentiate from their dreamfoam latex product line.

In any case I was about to purchase the old #BME but they changed just as I had made my decision. Even still I decided to try their new bed, and if I don’t like it I’ll probably go to dreamfoam latex because I have one in my guest bed and I really like it.

The 1.8 base density looks like it will be a deal breaker for me because of my weight. If the base was 2.0 or preferably higher this might have been a good option.

killowatt59, you might look at the Dreamfoam ULTIMATE DREAMS EUROTOP. It has 2 lbs. HD poly foam base, and the comfort layer is exchangeable if the original firmness isn’t right for you. I believe that it cost a little more than the #BestMattressEver, but still in a reasonable range.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out.

Hi GJL3,

While the change to the different base foam is a slightly lower density, it is still a high-quality material. While I do provide a very slight caution for those in the mid 200 pounds or above range for 1.8 lb polyfoam cores in general, there are many larger BMI individuals who still purchase mattresses using 1.8 lb (and even 1.5 lb) polyfoam cores and like them. It’s just not what I always recommend. Their factory uses quite a few different polyfoam cores, so this wasn’t a case of designing a mattress around SKU minimization. Instead, the decision to go with the specific core was related to the overall design and comfort to be achieved in the new line using the high performance TitanFlex polyfoam and upping the ILD to 36 in the core is higher than the old BME design.

I’ll be very interested in learning of your opinion of the new BME once you receive it and have had a chance to sleep upon it for a while. I think you may be the first forum member to purchase one! Congratulations on your new mattress! :cheer:


Is this a deal breaker for anyone over 200lbs?