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Hey guys, stumbled across this while looking to purchase a mattress for the first time. After accepting the depth of this rabbit hole I feel nearly ready to pull the trigger on something. Just had a few questions or thoughts that I would love to get some feedback on.

In regards to PPP, I am not entirely sure how to actually assess the capacity of a mattress to keep my spine neutral or to fill the contours of my body. Sure, some are more comfortable than others, but the guides here seem to stress the importance of these factors specifically and I was wondering if there are any metrics to use to make determinations of this kind.

For reference I am 6’5, 200lbs, and looking at Queen-sized mattresses. I am in Toronto and interested in factory direct sellers in the area. There is an old list on the forum of such companies here (Factory Direct Mattresses in the Toronto, ON and GTA area.), but some have gone out of business and others have hung up on me over the phone either when I can’t understand their accent or when they think I’m trying to sell them something for some reason. So any current recommendations would be appreciated.

Currently I am considering the Dozy Forest Hill ( I seem to like innerspring support more than a full foam mattress, which was even the case when I went to Black Sheep in Toronto who had a great variety of high quality full latex selections for very high prices. The Dozy is a hybrid with 1 inch of Latex on top, 2 inches of a 3lb / cf “gel-infused rebound foam” (polyfoam derivative) and then 2 inches of a 2lb / cf “open-cell transition” poly directly above 1100 pocket coils. I find it quite comfortable but it is also quite expensive at $2099. I was wondering if an inch of Latex is a reasonable amount for a top comfort layer? Could I get more at a similar or lower price point from other manufacturers? Does a hybrid system like this make sense for someone with my specifications?

To summarize, I am interested in

  1. Recommendations for factory direct sellers in the Toronto/Ontario area with options below the $2500 CAD mark and innerspring with latex comfort options (not black sheep, not Dormio).

  2. Considerations to be made relative to my body specifications, their PPP needs, and the mattress I am currently considering, as described above.

  3. Any other information you think could be useful to me.

Really, any help is greatly appreciated as I am sure you guys can recall what it is like to purchase a nice mattress for the first time. Thanks,

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Hi LXDaps,
Welcome to TMU. I am not very familiar what is available to you in Canada. Perhaps trusted memeber MFC Canada can offer some help for about what is available in the Canadian marketplace.

At 6’5" 200lbs, I would think a hybrid or innerspring would be a good choice as you are bordering the point where an all foam mattress may struggle to offer you the appropriate support. Although there are some quality latex mattresses with a firm support layer that will fill the bill, it is best to go with what you have been comfortable with in the past.
As far as the 1" of latex foam, ontop of the gel infused memory foam (as I assume they mean slow rebound viscoelastic foam), it is most likely to keep you from sinking and getting hot.
Although the gel infusion is intended to keep the mattress from getting hot, the gel will only absorb the cooler temperature of the room for so long, until your body temperature begins to raise it back up to body temp. Thus, the inch of latex which is not as temperature retaining will offer a less warm surface, a little bit of float and bounce to the surface, and a bit more cushion, although with latex you dont normally get that plush feeling until you get up to 3" of a lower ILD in the low teens
Sorry, I could not be of any additional help. As mentioned MFC Canada offers made to order pre-configured mattresses and custom ones too.

Good luck and success on your mattress search.

At 6 ft 5in, get a Calif King! Im 6ft and I love it!


Great help, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Not a lot of people making innersprings with latex top. Full latex just a bit out of my price range even though I think it would not be hard for me to get used to it over springs. Even though I would like more latex on top, the Dozy one just went on Black Friday sale today so I think I’ll go half-jokingly call the owner a dick for trying to sell me at full price a few days before and then buy it from him anyway :joy: thanks again

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I’m in Toronto; the queen already takes 80% of the room and I wish that were an exaggeration. King would leave me no space to dress myself in the morning, let alone a California!

Hi LXDaps.

All things considered, the Dozy sounds like a well made and otherwise durable mattress. I hope, if you choose to buy it anyway, that it ends up being everything you want it to be!

Definitely do report back.


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