Factory Direct Mattresses in the Toronto, ON and GTA area.

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There are quite a few mattress manufacturers in the Greater Toronto area (more than any other city I know of) … some of whom I am more familiar with than others. There is also a wide variety of different choices here. It may be worth trying some softer latex (you have a lower body weight and it could be that the latex you tried was too firm for your needs or preferences). Sometimes too a combination of memory foam and latex in the comfort layers can be a particularly good choice as many people feel it gives them the best of both worlds. Of course, there are also some memory foam and other options on the list as well. This is quite a long list (Toronto has a lot of manufacturers) so I would tend to focus on doing some research on their websites and on the phone first to get a sense of which would be the best places for you to visit.

Trusted Members of this website:

CBH Wood Furniture Manufacturer with a showroom in Toronto. CBH offers a very good quality/value bed system with a fippable (dual-comfort) mattress and a sleeping system which is innovative, unique, and robust that is worth checking.

Dormio Beds Retailer in Toronto, Mississauga/Oakville, and Woodbridge. They carry a wide range of high-quality latex mattresses that in many cases use thick layers of wool as well. Many can also be customized both before and after the purchase through re-arranging or exchanging layers or with a side to side split layering (for couples with different needs and preferences).

GhostBed USA manufacturer with 3 Premium Mattresses in their lineup Two combo foam mattresses (latex, memory foam, poly) and one hybrid option. They and recently partnership and started selling through Costco Canada.

Nest Bedding US manufacturer (online only for Canadians) have a large selection of good quality/value bed options for different budget ranges ships to Canada.

These manufacturers are Trusted Members of our site which means that they compete well with the best in the industry, are open, transparent, and knowledgeable about all their mattresses.

Factory direct Manufacturers:

http://www.bbbedding.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Rexdale. He has about 25 mattresses on the floor and can custom build most mattresses. Uses Carpenter memory foam normally 4 lbs but can order higher density on request.

http://www.factorymattress.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Pickering, ON. They carry a range of mattresses including innersprings, latex, memory foam, and polyfoam that use high-quality materials. Some of them are manufactured by themselves but they also carry some additional manufacturers such as Dreamstar and Easy Rest that would also be worth considering. A mom and pop manufacturer who is doing things right.

A1 Quality Furniture (they have no website). Factory direct manufacturer in Bolton. Used to be Flexopedic Mattress owned by two brothers, using quality materials. One of the brothers has retired and one is still involved with the new business which has the same phone number and they are still making similar mattresses using latex, memory foam, coils, and custom sizes.

http://www.foamite.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. Makes a range of latex, memory foam, and hybrid mattresses.

Quality Foam and Mattress. Factory direct manufacturer in Scarborough. I know nothing about them and there is no real information on their website.

http://www.springmade.ca/ Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. Has been making mattresses for 15 years and uses quality materials. He will also custom manufacture. Has access to any foam or density a customer may wish. See this thread for more feedback about them.

Stratabedding. Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. I know little about them and their web site is now down, so they may be out of business.

http://fantasticsleepshop.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Brampton. Talked with Frank the owner and he can custom build any type of mattress but focuses on more economical models in the store due to the economy in the area. Good people.

http://www.idealmattress.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto and Mississauga. Talked with Kristina who with her brother is the owner and she clearly is knowledgeable about mattress materials and manufacturing and uses good quality materials. They also carry Kingsdown but I would tend to focus on the mattresses they manufacture unless you have a compelling reason to choose a Kingsdown. Uses a zip cover so customers can see what is in their mattress. There are some good quality options here and we had a good conversation although there has been some occasional feedback on the forum that they were “downplaying” or steering some customers away from some of their lower budget mattresses that may also be good quality/value.

Globe Foam. Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. A husband and wife team who can build any type of mattress a customer wishes. Another good conversation.

http://www.qualitymattressfactory.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. They make traditional innerspring/polyfoam mattresses using a range of foam quality but mostly higher density 1.8 lb and higher. will disclose the foam densities for anyone who asks.

http://www.dreamtimemattress.com/ Manufacturer in North York. They are mostly wholesale but have a showroom at the factory and will sell direct to consumers as well. They make a full range of mattresses including innersprings, memory foam, and latex and will disclose and help educate their customers about the quality of all the materials in their mattresses.

Pioneer Bedding Factory direct manufacturer in North York. I know little about them but I did talk with a salesperson there who confirmed they make their own mattresses and also carry major brands (which I would always avoid and is sometimes a warning sign if they sell more of these than their own brand).

http://www.newdawnmattress.com/ Factory direct manufacturer in Toronto. They make a full range of mattresses including innersprings, memory foam, and latex. while they may have some good quality/value available, I would make sure you confirm the layering inside them because I received some mixed information when I talked with them.


http://tonfurniture.com Retail Direct outlet in Toronto. Works closely with Dreamstar (a wholesale manufacturer in Toronto) and knows his stuff. Is focused on quality and value and can also arrange to have a mattress custom built. Normally sells online only but will make an appointment to visit his warehouse with 2 hours notice. Sells latex, memory foam, and traditional poly and innersprings. There are some good comments about them in post #6 here.

http://www.somasleep.ca/ Retail outlet in Toronto. Knowledgeable and they carry a wide range of mattresses made by many independent manufacturers including Natura, Greensleep, Springwall, SleepTek, Savvy Rest, Magniflex, Tempurpedic, and Hypnos which are all high quality but make sure you make some careful “value” comparisons as many of these tend towards premium prices.

Wholesale manufacturers:

These don’t sell factory direct but through retail stores but are smaller manufacturers and are made in Toronto and will often have better quality/value than other larger alternatives (depending on the retailer). A call to each of these (or a retail locator on their site) will give you a list of the retailers near you that carry them. Local manufacturers like these will typically be much more open about providing the specs of the materials they use to their retailers.

http://www.dreameasy.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Toronto connected with Foamco. I had a long conversation with Arun there and they are doing things right and focused on quality and value and not giving into the pressures to use lower quality foams.

http://www.dreamstarbedding.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Toronto. They make a complete range of mattresses including latex, innersprings, memory foam, and hybrids that are good quality and can have good value.

Endless Comfort. Wholesale manufacturer in Woodbridge, ON. Makes a range of mostly innerspring and memory foam/innerspring hybrids and makes some of the house brands that are seen around Toronto.

http://galaxybedding.ca/ Wholesale manufacturer in Etobicoke, ON that, makes a range of innerspring, memory foam, and latex hybrids and may have some better quality/value as well.

http://www.marshallmattress.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Toronto, ON. they are the manufacturer that “marshall coils” (pocket coils) were named after and they make a range of high-quality mattresses.

http://sleepinnmattress.com/ Wholesale manufacturer in Etobicoke, ON. they make a full range of mattresses including latex, innersprings, and memory foam.

There are also quite a few other manufacturers most of which don’t have websites and who I haven’t talked to so I’m not including them because the GTA is notorious for opportunistic manufacturers who are here one day and gone the next and use questionable materials and sources. There certainly is a wide variety of good choices here.


This is quite the list. Fortunately for me my current mattress is in decent shape so I will have time to go through this list the best I can.


I would probably do most of the work on the phone first along the lines of post #31 here except of course altering the questions to suit what you are most interested in. I would then choose to visit the ones that were close enough to make the drive worthwhile and who also had some promising prospects on their floor for you to test.



So far I’ve visited 3 locations to get a better idea of the product after doing some research on their sites or on the phone.

I’ve been to Ideal Mattress Ltd. Tried their 7-zone top-of-the-line mattress. Was nice but on the pricey side. Not sure if there is a benefit to the 7 zones given that people have different heights and sleeping positions. Mattress was 100% all-natural latex with 2 sections. Salesman there definitely had a lot of experience in the business. Also tried their memory foam mattress. Pretty good but I’m thinking of staying from that type of mattress as it is a petrochemical. Interestingly, the memory foam is listed on their site at almost 40% off from what they have in the store.

Foamite has a fairly large collection of mattresses and highly customizable. Only carry their brands. Their latex version has latex on top and bottom with a soy-based core, so I would say it’s a lower quality mattress. Mattresses there have various options for covers including bamboo and organic cotton. I was asked if I had been to their website. For some reason I said no, so she magically added $1,000 to the price of all the prices I asked about. Seriously?

Factory Mattress was a bit of a drive for me but I went after making a phone call. They had an 100% latex mattress, 6" latex foam, that’s all as far as that mattress goes. Tried it and it was very comfortable. Like that the mattress is a simple high quality latex only and low profile. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable and also spent time explaining things. Main issue was the almost $500 increase price from what I was told on the phone and when I walked in the door. Cover is either polyester or a cotton/polyester blend. None of those organic or other type of covers for the mattress. Not sure if that makes a big difference or not.

I’m also trying to figure out if it is worth it to get one of those mattress covers. They cost quite a bit so I’d say there is a huge markup on that. Some have silver in them and I have read in places that embedded silver in materials may pose health risks.

In a very short time I have a much better idea of what goes into a mattress. I’m just having trouble squaring off the various prices that I’m told or see and get in the store. Not sure how to work out a deal.

Hi EDM …

Was the Ideal Crescendo latex the one you tried at Ideal? If so, then this would seem to be a reasonable value at their listed price of $1047 (mattress only queen). I would want to know though what type of latex they were using in the comfort layers (blended or natural and Dunlop (probably) or Talalay) and I’d probably want to know what type of foam was encasing the pocket coils (a durability concern).

I agree with you that 7 zones is probably overkill and not necessary because of the variables in height and weight and proportion but if the zoning is smaller and if your actual experience was good in various different positions … then it would probably be OK. Was this the price you thought was a little pricey or did they (like some of the others) quote you a higher price?

Foamite mattresses are two sided and the foam inside the “sandwich” is high quality HR foam so this would be in the same quality area as the pocket coil or perhaps slightly better depending on the type of latex in each. Having it 2 sided of course increases its value.

On their pricing page they have “good, better, and best” options listed for their natural latex mattress but they don’t say what the difference is between them. The pricing ranges from $1455 to 2479 in a queen. It would be necessary to know what each model contained to make a value comparison but at first blush the prices seem high for 6" of latex even though the materials all seem to be high quality. I believe they are using Talalay latex. Did they explain the difference between the good, better, and best and was the price for the one you were quoted $1000 more than the pricing page or just the difference between models. If this higher price was actually for the same model then this certainly isn’t good news at all.

At Factory mattress … this also seems very strange that the price “changed” from a phone call to a visit. I would certainly want to hear what they said if you brought the discrepancy to their attention. My conversation with them “pointed to” an ethical outlet and “good people” so I hope this was some kind of mistake rather than a “normal practice”. What price did they quote you for the 6" of latex? Their mattress core is Dunlop and this would be a good choice to add a 2 or 3" latex topper to if it was necessary for a comfort layer to “duplicate” a very popular layering choice for a latex mattress.

I would personally prefer a mattress cover/ticking that uses natural fibers as they tend to be more breathable and better quality but this is a personal choice of course. Bamboo is a rayon fiber which is a “semi synthetic” or “artificial” fiber (neither natural or synthetic) but feels very nice and is usually in a blend with cotton or a synthetic. While it certainly feels nice … it is not nearly as “green” as most places would have you believe and is more about greenwashing than it really is environmentally friendly. It’s antimicrobial claims are also suspect once it is has been processed into rayon. Organic cotton is also a very good choice. The stretchiness of the cover will make a difference as well as the more stretchy it is (such as a knit cover), the better it will conform to the foam underneath it.

The silver nano particles are IMO not a health risk of any type. Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that has been used for many years (since long before antiboitics) and I have also used it for decades (as have many people I know) and used it with my children as well. In a mattress cover it is used for antibacterial reasons and I believe at least in theory it is a good idea. The risk of silver you may be referring to is Argyria (I’m guessing) which happens when people actually consume extremely high amounts over a very long time or are exposed topically to high concentrations and results in a bluish grey skin coloring. In the form and amounts used in colloidal silver or in a mattress ticking there would be no danger of this.

You certainly seem to be stumbling into some pricing confusion (or worse) and I’d love to know if these were honest mistakes or were some form of poor business practices.



At Ideal I don’t think it was the mattress that you pointed out. The one I tried was the all latex model listed at almost $2,500 and no pocket coils. It had a latex core with 2" latex on top. I did find it to be quite comfortable. The density was less than 5 lbs. If I recall, it had an organic cover.

My apologies. I made a mistake on Foamite. The quote was not as high as I thought looking at the different prices they have for each model and I definitely do not want to mislead people on their sales practices. I was quoted $3,500 for the Sensall queen which is $500 higher than the website. I did like how it felt with the memory foam. The natural latex was quoted at $2,500 which is in line with their best model pricing. Even though I tried the low end medium on their firmness scale it still felt firm to me compared to the other latex mattresses I tried. They have lots of options and only sell their products which I like but it can be confusing, but it leaves room to really make what you like. Is there any benefit to having a double-sided mattress? I would imagine I would just try to get the one surface I liked the most.

I was quoted $827 for a 6" latex core. In the store it was $1,300. I did bring out the discrepancy but was told that was the difference between natural and blended when I pushed a bit more. On the phone I did confirm that it was for the all natural latex. It could be a mistake and I spoke to someone different on the phone than in the store. Their latex core I was told is actually Pirelli. Looked online and Pirelli has an interesting collection of mattresses. I did ask about putting another layer on the latex. To me the answers I got were upfront. I was told it wasn’t necessary to make a thicker layer and it would add to the cost and that the 6" latex core was an excellent product on its own, but i could add more if i wanted to. Also in relation to other aspects I was told he doesn’t like to use glue or adhesion as it does not bind well with latex. He did give more insights on the material and manufacturing process. A different approach to making a mattres as far as using a single core, although I will point out it is a breathable core with holes. I do like that they do not greenwash anything, just focus on comfort.

For myself I am also trying to see what I really like in the long-term. The latex mattresses I have tried are comfortable. I like the memory foam pillow i have and in trying memory foam mattresses in the store, it instantly feels different because of the sinking sensation, but that’s not necessarily the right reason.


The mattress from Ideal mattress Ltd doesn’t have the layers listed online (assuming its a 6" core plus a 2" top layer). They also don’t say what type of latex they are using (although the core seems to be Dunlop). Overall though … the price seems to be a little high but how high would also depend on the other components of the mattress and the size you are looking at (which I think from the rest of your post is queen?).

The Foamite mattresses are nice and use good quality materials (in their latex, memory foam, and polyfoam) but their prices have always seemed high to me as well. When I talked with them some time ago (months) they also told me that their latex was very limited in ILD choices (if memory serves me they were all the same) and that the firmness of the mattresses were adjusted by changing the middle layers. Don’t know if that’s still true. Nice but quite pricey IMO. Did you ask them why their website pricing was lower than what they quoted to you. This seems odd. If nothing else though they would provide a good sense of different types of materials and combinations.

The benefit of having a two sided mattress is that you can flip it and each side can “rest” for a time and there is less wear on each side. It can certainly make a big difference with less durable materials in the comfort layers or the quilting and result in more even wear and material compression. Even with latex it can add life to an already very durable material.

When I talked with Factory Mattress in Pickering they told me that the mattresses they had on their floor were Dunlop but that they could order Talalay if a customer requested it. I personally like having at least two layers (a comfort layer and a support layer) in a mattress because it gives more design flexibility (such as softer on top and firmer underneath). Dunlop latex though is often a good choice in a single core mattress because it has a higher compression modulus (gets firmer faster with deeper compression) and so can be softer on top and firmer with deeper compression than Talalay. Talalay though has a wider choice of firmness/softness levels and comes in softer versions than Dunlop which for most people is a firmer feeling latex.

I would certainly confirm the price differential and I also believe that 100% natural Dunlop is a better choice than a blend of natural and synthetic Dunlop latex although both can be good value materials compared to other types of foam. Almost all latex (Talalay and Dunlop) has what is called pincores which are leftover from the pins that are used to cure the foam (they are heated with steam so that the latex can cure). In addition to the pincores … latex is also a more open celled material than other foams although Talalay has a more breathable celll structure than Dunlop.

I think that a mattress choice is very individual because each person’s needs and perceptions are so different that while good suggestions and knowing materials and what to expect from them in the long term is important … final decisions should always be based on what each person thinks is best for them, their pressure points, their back, and their overall comfort preferences.

In terms of foam layering … if I was to choose memory foam … I would choose a thinner layer of memory foam (no more than 2") mixed in with latex in the comfort layers. I particularly like this memory foam layering type and while I personally chose latex for many reasons that were important for me … I can certainly understand the attraction of good quality memory foam or memory foam “hybrid” layering.

I’m also very interested in your Toronto mattress shopping feedback as my research into the different outlets and manufacturers there is ongoing and any feedback is certainly valuable.


It’s been a while but I do have an update.

A couple of Saturdays ago I went to Soma Sleep. They carry a large variety of natural focused mattresses like Natura, Green Sleep and their own label as well as Magniflex. Big selection in the store to try out. They also have a large selection of cross section samples to look at to see the differences between the mattresses. I liked the Green Sleep on my back. Their mattresses have 3 layers that can be changed based on need. They even have Green Sleep mattresses on different surfaces so you can see the different effects between box spring and slats for example. I liked their own label mattress the most which was a 6" dunlop base and 2"softer latex top. The price of 2,790+ tax seemed too high and I wasn’t sure how to bargain down to what I felt was a more reasonable price.

I randomly decided to go to Sleepworks after. I did speak to the owner briefly before. They focus on the lower end market but could make a mattress for me. He definitely had his opinions, as do most people on how a mattress should be made, particularly putting a 2" hard foam base below a 6" latex core. In the end I did buy a mattress from Sleepworks with a 2" foam base, 6" talalay core, 2" latex top and organic cotton cover (non-zipper). It took 2 days to make the mattress and the price was better than the other prices. I had a much better idea of wanted and really didn’t want to spend much more time sorting all this out. The delivery men were professional courteous and took their shoes off as well. Even though I got a talalay instead of dunlop, I have been very happy with the mattress and have been waking up felling pressure relief. Also with the base making the mattress higher than I wanted, it actually makes it easier to get out of bed. I have only used the mattress for 2 nights as I have gone on vacation but am looking forward to getting back to sleep on it more.

Thank you Phoenix for your help.


First of all, congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Your choice of layering is quite popular (softer latex over firmer latex) and it seems to me that while Sleepworks tends to focus on lower priced mattresses … the one you had built for you is certainly not lower quality as it uses high quality materials that are the equivalent of some of the higher priced mattresses you were testing (in everything but price). The 2" polyfoam base is also not unusual at all as it makes the mattress easier to handle and provides a stable and protective base and can add to the height of the mattress without taking away from the qualities of the latex (because it is on the bottom).

Talalay is a high quality version of latex and often even more expensive than Dunlop (in terms of the cost of materials). It is particularly popular for its pressure relieving qualities because it can be made in softer versions than Dunlop. I personally prefer Talalay not because it is “better” but because it can be made softer and for me provides better pressure relief and has a “feel” that I prefer.

I appreciate your feedback and because of it I hope to talk with Sleepworks now to find out more about them as it certainly seems that they are making high quality mattresses with very good value and would be well worth visiting for those who are in Toronto.

Thanks again for letting us know the outcome of your search.



I have sent you a PM.


I just bought a pillowtop double mattress and bed from Quality Mattress in Mississauga. The owner was kind and gave me a good deal. I love my bed! I can’t wait to go to sleep!

Do your homework, guys. It’ll pay off:

“I’m not gonna make that much money off this but… You’ve done your homework, so…”

When you know the product, you not only earn the seller’s respect, you earn his friendship. You are knowledgeable and passionate about the same thing.

Thank you Mattress Underground for all the information you provided me with. I’ve told friends about the website and advised them to avoid big name brands from big name stores.

Happy hunting,

  • Cam M

Hi Cam M,

Congratulations on your new mattress !

I appreciate your kind words and also sharing your experience with Quality Rest as well.

It’s great to see one more knowledgeable consumer who finds a quality local manufacturer and takes one more “bite” out of the local market share. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your infomation. I am a manufacture in China.We specialized in memory foam mattress with good quality and pretty competitive price. From your information, let me know more ideas about the mattress market in Canada. Thank you so much. If you need more detail information about our comapny.pls feel free to send me mail: [email protected].

Hi sunnyliang82,

I thought I would reply to this post (and I have deleted your other post and your PM) because I think you may be misunderstanding the goal of this site. It is not designed to help foreign manufacturers who may be thinking of doing business in either Canada or the US but to help consumers find manufacturers who are already here.

While I welcome any more “educational” information you may supply to various threads on the forum that are specific to the questions being asked by members concerning various types of materials or your experiences as a manufacturer or even any design theories you may have, the forum is to help consumers to find the best manufacturers that are already here. I’m just not sure if this site is appropriate for what you are looking for or the type of information you think I can help with.

I certainly appreciate your interest in the site though and any information that you may choose to share that is directly connected to the topic of a thread is always welcomed.



Thought I would provide an update on my mattress since I’ve had it for about 2 months now.

So far I am enjoying it very much and I wake up feeling much more relaxed due to the pressure relief. One thing I found was that my Magniflex memory foam pillow wasn’t working as well. Previously, it was a very comfortable pillow, however the countour was digging into my neck more causing some discomfort. Most likely this is due to my new mattress being softer than my previous mattress with my body sinking a more. Since I liked how talalay latex felt in my mattress, I ordered a couple of Rejuvenite high profile pillows through eBay with the traditional pillow design . I have to say the combination of the two is working very well for me. Now for me the biggest problem is getting to bed in time so that I can actually get enough sleep.


Thanks a lot for your ongoing feedback. It’s always great when people follow up after a while so other members can get a sense of how things are working after someone has been sleeping on their mattress for a while.

Pillows are a really unique and sometimes ongoing project … and part of this is that our pillow preferences can change from time to time and even with different moods or circumstances. There are lots of people who have several pillows and change them as their preferences change. Like you mentioned … a change in mattress can often need a change in pillows as well for the reasons you mentioned.

Pillows seem to be the topic of several threads in the last few days. I also like the rejuvenite pillows and for those who like latex pillows they are a great choice.

I can also relate to the “contour” being too high in your memory foam pillow. One of the pillows we have is the trillow (mentioned in the pillow thread) and I use it in the thickest version with the bigger bump being under my neck while my DH uses it in the thinner version with the lower bump under her head. It’s kind of nice to have the options.

I can also relate to the problem of getting to bed “on time” … which I rarely do these days!

Thanks again for your feedback.


thanks for sharing the information, I will do extendsive research for your recommanded manufactory listing

I wanted to get your feedback about a latex mattress that I tried at nineclouds.ca store in Mississauga in the GTA area.
Here’s the link to that mattress that I tried and really enjoyed. :
I think it’s made by Spring air. I have a very sensitive neck pain and after trying a mattress for at least 15 mins in the showrrom, I can gauge if it has a chance to fit me by not experiencing neck pain after the trial.

This one was good, but I still want feedback because I’ve had many bad experiences in the past with mattresses which didn’t work out once I brought it home.
Thanks for the help.

Hi tekila,

The description of the mattress is a little unclear but if I’m reading it right from bottom to top it has

4.5" of polyfoam
3.5" of firm latex
1" of super soft polyfoam
1" of quiltflex (soft polyfoam in the quilting)
Antimicrobial blend foam (unknown thickness)

This to me is a lot of polyfoam over the latex which would probably be the weak link of the mattress and be subject to more rapid softening.

I would want to know the density of all the polyfoam (except perhaps the quiltflex), the type of latex they are using, and the details and thickness of the “antimicrobial blend foam”.

Just as an aside as well … your neck pain may also be related to the pillow you are using (or the pillow you are using when you test a mattress).

The price for a polyfoam hybrid is also fairly high IMO.


Thanks Phoenix, I also saw you mention somewhere that you were going to produce a list of online mattress manufacturers who ship to Canada. Do you mind to post it here again ? Thanks