Cozypure Hotel bundle

Has anyone purchased the hotel bundle from Cozypure? Wondering if you felt like it was a good value.

Hi edickenson,

I haven’t purchased the whole bundle but I am currently testing the lanoodles topper and pillows and will be writing a review on them as soon as I have the chance to formulate all my impressions and write the review. Initial impressions as far as comfort and quality are very good :slight_smile:

In terms of value … cozy pure is a member here which means that I believe they are among the best quality/value in the country but their value is “measured” a little differently from the norm IMO.

From a “commodity” point of view (raw materials cost etc) there are less expensive products out there but Cheryl’s personal commitment to exceptional quality in every component, green, and/or organic materials down to every thread (and I mean this literally), and her commitment to green manufacturing (they are off the grid with solar, geothermal, and wind energy production) and of course their great service is a large part of their value along with the substantial lifetime benefits of their Cuddle-Up club for those who plan to make future organic bedding purchases.

On this basis … and especially for those whose personal “value equation” includes the importance of buying green and/or organic products or dealing with a truly green manufacturer … I believe that Cozy Pure is easily among the best in quality/value terms in the organic/green group of manufacturers.

I can’t speak from personal experience for all the products in the hotel bundle because I haven’t tried all of them but based on the ones I have tried and my knowledge of the products that Cheryl produces and sells, I would say that the additional discount on this package vs the regular prices (along with the additional 5% discount which is a small bonus for being a member of The Mattress Underground on any mattress purchase) makes this better value yet. Every product in the group is very high quality.

You can see some feedback on one of their mattresses and some of the products in the hotel bundle in this thread

Of course each person will decide for themselves on what is most important to them in value terms but IMO … I would certainly recommend them for anyone who is looking for exceptionally high quality products in the green / organic market and who also appreciates the additional value of their ongoing cuddle-up club discount on organic bedding items as well.

In a nutshell, they are a manufacturer that is not the least expensive but has unique products with exceptional quality and is among the best … if not the best … at what they do, and do very well :slight_smile:


We did not get the hotel bundle but we did something similar. We bought the pure performance perfection 3 layer mattress in soft and still put the LaNoodle topper on it. 3 months later we are very comfortable and sleeping well. We tried the Hotel plush mattress and LaNoodle topper in their showroom, and that is why we tried the LaNoodle on the the pure performance perfection. The difference is not too great. But we did not need the sheets and pillow cases or duvet, etc. I will say that the quality of the organic sheets and pillow cases are exquisite. We did get the mattress cover. I think it is the nicest extra we got. In terms of value, we were interested in supporting a Virginia business, and Hans will answer any questions, even if you cannot test the sleep system in person. The CozyPure products are not inexpensive, and whether or not organic means anything to you or is worth paying a bit extra for is also an individual decision. For us, it was worth visiting the showroom and trying out all of the mattresses and testing the difference between Talalay and Dunlop in different levels of firmness. If you like a really plush system with excellent support, the hotel package sleep system will provide that. The other accessories are beautifully crafted, and in my opinion, having seen them, worth the price.

As Cheryl said, this company is different. There may be a way to ask Hans or Cheryl to buy some but not all of the stuff in the bundle and use the 20% Cuddle Up Club discount. Can’t hurt to ask. You will get 5% off the mattress price and perhaps the whole bundle.

After 3 months with our mattress, LaNoodle topper, LaNoodle pillows, mattress cover we could not be happier or sleeping any better. I am not affiliated with CozyPure in any way.

Here is the post with my initial impressions and pictures.

Thanks very much for your feedback - very helpful. So you did not perceive a huge difference between the “Plush” that comes with the hotel bundle and the “Perfection” (softer) that you chose? And the mattress protector fits easily over both the mattress AND LaNoodle topper together? Can you tell me the height of your mattress/topper/cover all together? I am trying to decide if I will need the foundation as well. I think I will, at least the five-inch low profile. Cheryl said I could not order the foundation separately later and still get the $100 credit that they offer if ordered at the same time with the mattress, so I want to make sure ahead of time.

Do you know any story behind why CozyPure uses only Dunlop latex in their products as opposed to offering Talalay?

CozyPure indeed had Talalay mattresses back in September (wrote about them briefly in the old post), but I don’t see them (2 or 3 models) on their page anymore. We looked at those, too. They are a bit firmer but can be rotated/flipped. Depends on what you need/feel/want. Ask Cheryl what happened. The Talalay covers were more substantial and luxurious than the Dunlop zip cover, which is also nicely crafted and plush. Cheryl is a smart business woman and tailors her inventory, supply and construction to demand.

Performance perfection (plush) mattress is 10.5 inches thick and we have the 9 inch platform, so 19.5 inches total height (and I just measured–yep, that is accurate). The LaNoodle topper adds 1.5-2 inches. Yes, all this fits in their Organic Cotton Matelasse Knit Mattress Protector (12.5 inches with mattress and LaNoodle), which is the nicest mattress pad I have ever seen or felt. It’s one of the reasons the latex mattress sleeps so cool.

And yes, to me, the Performance Perfection Plush (with the additional 1.5 inch soft layer) is slightly softer than the Hotel bundle mattress (without the 1.5 inch soft layer). It was no big deal to me at 170 lbs, but to my wife at 92 lbs it was noticable, and to her it felt closer to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe mattress in terms of softness, but not response, obviously. (Fast response on the Latex versus SLOW on memory foam.)

Wow edickenson, that is exactly what I wanted to know! I have been hunting around to see if anyone has commented on Cozypure’s Hotel bundle but haven’t found anything. TDI Hoo’s post was very helpful in deciding to purchase from Cozypure, the pics were great. Please follow up if you decide to make you purchase. Thanks!

Since you purchased the Cozypure foundation, can you tell me how if compares to the PJ Sleep Company Ivy Organics Organic Box foundation ( I realize comparing what you have in-person to something online is not ideal, but their prices are comparable once shipping is added, and I think 4 inches would work better for me, and the PJ model actually looks like it might be better quality - more slats, closer together, more than one lengthwise support, etc. “Mike S” on this forum recently purchased and commented about its quality.

Your wife is tiny. I am very small also - about 100 pounds - so still unsure about the softness I need. I have only one experience sleeping on latex, and I thought it was like sleeping on a concrete slab. But it was a boyfriend’s bed, and I know there was no topper, and I think he had it on a steel frame platform bed which obviously would make a considerable difference.

I honestly cannot compare the two foundations. I looked at the Ivy Organics just now from your link. It looks just fine. The CozyPure also comes in a 5 inch height which is close enough to 4 inches. The foundation from CozyPure is covered very nicely and is of excellent quality. I am not going to lift the 150 lb mattress tonight to take pictures of the foundation, but the fabric will hold up, and we have the two halves covered in fitted sheets anyway. It is solid and does not squeak. That’s all I really care about. Our wooden bad already had slats, but as with you, the height was important I see that you, too, live in Virginia. You just need to drive on down to Norfolk and visit the CozyPure store to test out the mattresses and combos in person. Yes, Hans will give you the 5% off the mattress and probably the 20% on anything else you buy. It is worth the time and the fuel cost to visit. They are open on Saturdays. I initially emailed, and it took about 4 working days to get an initial replay. They apparently do a lot of business from out of state and the west coast, in particular. But I called the store, and Hans called me back within 15 minutes. My wife had some questions after the visit but before the set shipped (they actually had to make the mattress for us), and Hans was quickly available. When you try it out in person you will know which softness/firmness and height to get. But if you cannot travel, Hans and Cheryl have been at this a long time and will give you advice.

Thanks for all the info.
we are headed down this weekend from Richmond to have a look see.