Deciding between two Diamond mattresses

Hi Phoenix and evetyone! So, I went off for a couple of weeks to try out mattresses and speak to salespeople, some helpful and some clueless. I have decided to buy (or try to buy, depending on the negotiations :evil: ) a Diamond mattress, and between two different mattresses: the Royal Grove, which is in their “Spinal Comfort” line, and the Ethos Hybrid Refresh. They are actually both hybrids I guess in that the Royal Grove also features comfort layers on top of pocket coils. These two mattresses only seems to difference in their comfort layers. Per the Diamond web site:

Royal Grove:

Talaly Latex
Visco Memory Foam
Layers of Luxurious High Density Eco-Flex Plant-Based Foam

Hybrid Refresh:

2” Natural Talalay Latex
Eco-Flex Plant Based Comfort Layers

So reading between the lines, do you think we are talking about the Royal Grove having less Latex on top (maybe 1"), and then perhaps 1" of Memory foam, and then both beds moving on to their Eco-Flex polyfoam? The other difference is that the Royal Grove Medium Plush is 14" high, while the Ethos is only 11" high in Medium Plush. Perhaps the Royal Grove simply has more polyfoam than the Ethos for some reason (maybe they think the extra Latex makes up for it?).

In any event I like both models, and based on comfort, price, seller I think either one would be fine. Opinions to the contrary are always welcome! Thanks!

Hi RoboLobo,

There are many things I like about what Diamond mattress is doing. Unfortunately though they are not very responsive to consumer questions about the builds of their mattresses and they have never returned my calls (or others that have mentioned the same thing on the forum) for more information about some of their mattresses. I often get in trouble if I try to “read between the lines” and I would personally want more direct information. :slight_smile: To really make an assessment between these two and see if either may have any “weak links” I would need to know the details of the layers. Hopefully they are more responsive to their retailers and you will be able to find this out through them.

So I would want to know the layer thickness of the materials and the density of any memory foam and polyfoam in the mattresses. The “comfort specs” like ILD are not important because you will be able to feel them in your personal testing so knowing the firmness softness specs isn’t important in local testing.

While I am convinced that they make better than average quality and value mattresses and I would certainly choose them over most mainstream manufacturers in a “blind purchase” because the odds would be in my favor … I would still want to know more details so I could make better comparisons between their own mattresses and other mattresses as well.

If you are comfortable with some of the gaps in the information about the mattresses and they both test out well for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) then I would choose between them based on your own perceptions and “trust your body” but my first priority would be to have your retailer find out more specific information.