Denver Mattress Snowmass softened-IN 4 DAYS

I think I am writing this to release frustration as much as anything. After a week or more reading on this site I made the decision to buy a Snowmass latex mattress from Denver Mattress to use on a king size platform bed. I went to different sleep shops and went into Denver Mattress at least 3 times, once with my pillow, before ordering.

The first night I was comfortable, but changed positions many times. The second and third nights were great. The fourth night I felt myself sinking in more deeply when on my side and felt out of alignment. I woke up with a backache in my lower back. I did not expect latex to soften up this much, but it sure has. I can press down in various spots and feel the softness where I sleep. I can also move to the center of the bed and feel it firm up.

Is there much unit to unit variation in latex mattresses? I am confused.

I looked at mattresses at Urban Mattress, but their latex was more than twice the price and their employees, though polite, didn’t know much about mattresses. Where do I go next? I am really reluctant to buy on line, but may have to consider it.

I will add that I am on the lean side: 6’1" and 182. I sleep mainly back and side but once in a while on my stomach. Any ideas?

Frustrated in Denver.


There are really only two possibilities here. One is that the mattress is actually softer than you remember it (and has been from the start) or it has actually softened. While every mattress has a break in period where foam will soften, covers will stretch, and materials will settle, … even cheap polyfoam (or any material) wouldn’t soften as much as you are describing in 4 days unless there is some defect.

Quite frankly I am confused as well. If it has actually softened over the course of 4 days to that degree I would definitely talk with Denver mattress because this certainly isn’t the norm for any material … much less latex.


I’m curious what are the components in the Snowmass. It appears they don’t sell that model any more…at least I couldn’t find it on their website. A search of older threads described a mattress that was 9" of Talalay with 1" of polyfoam on top. Is that it? Also, what is the cover?

Sleepy, You are right, it has been pulled from their website, as has the Aspen :unsure: How weird. These spec’s were listed in one of the forums:

For those looking for more specs on the Snowmass, I found out that the 2" comfort layer of Talalay Latex is 24 ILD. The 6" core layer of Talalay Latex is 32 ILD. The 1" foam in the top layer of quilting is 1.8 lb density, which is a higher quality foam."

Phoenix, it feels like the mattress softens during the night, sort of like memory foam. As I said in my post, if I move to the center of the bed it feels fine and like I remember it from the store. It definitely is softer where I sleep. I will talk to my salesperson, but I wanted to post here and come up with some ideas before going back. I have seen other posters here who found a bed too soft when they got it home, then went the other way and went too firm.

I will call Bryan tomorrow and tell him what is going on and also ask why it has disappeared from the website (out of stock probably, or else they don’t want to ship it). When I looked at the reviews at their website 7 people gave it 5 stars and one couple was extremely unhappy as theirs developed compressed areas after a few months… I figured 7 out of 8 loving it was a pretty good score. I has been great for my aching shoulders, but I need it to be much firmer in the hip area.

Thanks for the help and I will let you know what I find out. Lew


I was on their site only a couple of days ago and thinking how much I liked their new site format and they were both still there. Their removal seems to have been very recent.

Latex doesn’t soften during the night (although it can feel softer if we become more fully relaxed which is why testing mattress in a fully relaxed state can be so important) so I really don’t know if this is actually happening or if its your perceptions. Either way though it is affecting you which is what is most important. Post #2 here may be helpful to help you evaluate what may be happening or at least make sure that it is the mattress and not something else (such as the foundation).

I don’t put a lot of faith in online reviews (even though they appear to let people say what they want and don’t edit them) because you never know all the circumstances, body types, or details behind them. Sometimes people talk about “compressed areas” when they really mean that the mattress is just too soft for them and they are sinking in too far and they made a comfort choice that wasn’t suitable. Other times many people talk about how soft or firm a mattress is and then someone buys it based on these reviews and finds out that their perceptions or interaction with the mattress is very different. They can be helpful when they talk about the service of a retailer or in some cases when they identify clear patterns but I would never put too much faith in other people’s “comfort reviews” because each of us can be very different from any “norm”.

Latex layers can also have manufacturing defects on occasion though (and I have talked with manufacturers where whole truckloads needed to be replaced because the latex was defective and in some cases quite obviously) so this is always a real possibility as well.

I know that neither the Snowmass or the Aspen are particularly firm in the support layers (32 ILD) so this could also be a factor as well. The specs of both for reference are in post #17 here.

I would eliminate the possibilities in the post I linked and talk to them about what may be happening though. No matter what the cause … your experience is a mystery that needs to be solved.