Design Sleep mattress question

I’ve come across the website and was wondering if you have any input on these mattresses, especially their adjustable European slat foundation system. The Euro Simple model fits into our budget so any opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi msiles,

I think highly of the Berkeley Ergonomic mattresses and they are certainly good quality/value. Design Sleep is one of the small number of retailers that carry them across the country and I think highly of them as well. They have always been knowledgeable, open, informative, and helpful when I have talked with them on the phone. A forum search on Berkeley Ergonomics (you can just click this) will bring up many more posts about them along with feedback from other forum members (including on the adjustable foundation).

Their tension adjustable base (where you can adjust the tension or flex underneath the mattress in specific areas) would be an option that wold be based on preference and on whether it added some fine tuning to the mattress that worked better than a firm non flexible foundation. If the basic mattress needs a little more “give” underneath it in certain areas then it would be a great option. If a firm non flexing foundation provided the PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) that you needed then it wouldn’t be necessary.

Your personal testing (with both types of foundation so you could feel the difference) along with their help and guidance would help you decide which foundation/mattress combination was best for your specific needs and preferences.

In essence it’s an additional “active” layer to your sleeping system that can provide an option for fine tuning the pressure relief and support of the mattress if necessary.