EMFs from coiled mattresses, metal bedframes

I am sensitive to EMFs (Electromagnetic Force) as are most humans. I would love to get an adjustable bed, but am doing a lot of research before I go that route. If EMFs are a potential danger when sleeping on a coiled mattress or metal bed frame, as this engineer states in this youtube, then I guess I need to get a non-metal bed (i.e. natural latex, preferred) and a wooden frame to put it on.

Anyone have any other thoughts on this topic?

Hi cloud9now,

I’m certainly not a health professional or an expert in electromagnetic fields but EMF fields from mattress innersprings are a very controversial subject and there are certainly some people that believe they are harmful although I’m not one of them. I have seen and read the article you linked and many others that include many of these types of comments about innersprings being a “health” issue because of electromagnetic fields … but I have never seen any specific evidence that is compelling to me and most of these types of articles use some very non specific anecdotal stories or what I would consider to be some questionable correlations that don’t provide any clear evidence that would directly relate to innersprings or metal frames. I would personally be more cautious with “active” electromagnetic fields (such as living close to high tension wires, holding a cell phone too close to your head, or sleeping near active electrical fields or wiring as examples) … but I personally wouldn’t have any issues with sleeping on an innerspring in terms of health or safety (although I recognize that there are certainly others that have a different opinion).

A forum search on electromagnetic (you can just click the link) will bring up more comments and feedback about EMF’s as well.


Hi cloud9now,

I’ve looked into this in the past, and I have not found any proof of this.
Here is some solid evidence on the subject of EMF and coil spring mattresses.

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MFC; thanks for sharing that link! I also watched the second video on that guys channel showing even inside a strong EMF field the coils do not amplify in anyway EMF fields:

Now I may not recommend buying a bonnell spring system as shown in that video for other reasons but EMF wouldn’t be among the concerns.

Hi MFC Memory Foam Comfort,

I’ll add my thanks to Daniel’s for linking the video as well :slight_smile:

I think that I’ll use this topic as a reference topic for other forum members that ask the same question about EMF’s.


That makes sense if there are no electrical transmissions nearby to be attracted to the metal acting as an antenna. I wonder what the test would show if a wifi router or electrical clock were in the room. I have an electrical outlet right at the head of my mattress (no headboard). I have read that I can simply turn off the circuit breaker to the room if I want to eliminate all electrical currents to the sleeping area. However, my next door neighbor who shares the bedroom wall with me has the same outlet on the opposite side of the wall which can give off EMFs. I think I will invest in a Gauss Meter as there is a site that gives a lot of good information regarding which units do what and they rent meters for a week if one does not want to invest in one.

Thanks for your input.