FloBeds vs SleepEz

After reading good things about FloBeds elsewhere on the web, I couldn’t find any mention of them in the forum or as being on the Membership list.

Because they allow one to “build” a bed layer by layer, they were on my short list of retailers which includes SleepEz.

I have read positive comments on the forum about SleepEz. It would be great if you could comment on FloBeds.

Hi Mike,

While there is no doubt that FloBeds is a very high quality mattress … they are also in a higher budger range and don’t have quite the same ability to customize a mattress as sleepez in terms of the layer thickness and types of latex available. They do however have a customizable zoning option with their vZone that is unusual and can be very effective.

They have a “fixed” 2" convoluted topper which is used on top of all their mattresses. This somewhat limits the options of customizing a mattress for a particular individual as every mattress has the same top 2" rather than a choice between ILD’s for the very top layer. Their Posture Select for example would be the “functional” equivalent of the sleepez 9000 (which has a soft 2" non convoluted top layer which would be similar … but slightly firmer … to 2" of convolute) and in queen (blended talalay) the flobeds would be about $600 more. Even the Sleepez 10000 with a 3" top layer which can be customized is $350 less (this is not including the additional 5% discount from SleepEz that your membership here would entitle you to).

EDIT: You can see more updated information about Flobeds in post #11 here

The very top layer can play an important role in customizing a mattress for different sleeping positions and weights.

Flobeds only offers Talalay latex (in natural and blended) rather than both Talalay and Dunlop. While for most people this is not a real issue … for some a choice of having Dunlop in the lower layers is a valuable option. The information on Dunlop on the Flobeds site regarding the durability of Dunlop is also somewhat misleading (there are many Dunlop mattresses which have been in daily use over 30 years).

Sleepez offers different covers (with wool for those who like the idea of sleeping of wool and a 4 way stretch cover for those who want to sleep closer to the latex and take more full advantage of its elasticity and shape conforming abilities). Flobeds offers a wool cover only. This can also make a difference in how a mattress “performs”.

FloBeds has the vZone option (at an extra $300) which which may be more zoning than is necessary and a possible source of complication and confusion but others may appreciate this option and they have indicated that it’s the option that has their highest customer satisfaction.

Refund Policy:
Flobeds refunds are 100 days. Customer pays shipping (unclear if original shipping is deducted)
SleepEz refunds are 90 days. Customer pays shipping (to return only)

Layer Exchanges:
Flobeds charges $75 for the first two half layer exchanges ($150 for a full layer and I believe shipping is included). Available for 5 years. Second two half layer exchanges are $150 each ($300 for full layer) in the first 5 years and then increases in subsequent years.
SleepEz charges $30 for the first full layer exchange (all shipping included). Subsequent layer exchanges are shipping cost only both ways. Exchanges available for 90 days with no limit.

Both are good quality and value and the major differences boil down to the ability to customize the types of latex, the choice of custom zoning for those where this may be important, the layering options, thickness, and firmness, and the cover options with SleepEz and their lower pricing for “retular” non zoned layers.

Hope this helps in your choices :slight_smile:


Yes Phoenix, it does help.
Thanks for you prompt reply & the valuable information you site offers.



Thank you for your thoughts on Flo Beds and Sleep EZ. We’re ready to buy our first latex mattress and I’ve been researching the topic for weeks now. At this point, we are leaning towards Sleep EZ, the 10000 model. Seems like a great mattress at a good price and Sean at Sleep EZ has been as great as everyone says.

I just found this site and find it extremely helpful. Thanks for the good work you do!



Thanks for your kind comments, I appreciate them. SleepEz, like the other manufacturers on this site (and many that aren’t … yet :)), offers great value … not least because the 10000 uses the highest quality material in the entire mattress and can be customized for each individual’s needs and preferences.

I’m glad that the site helped you.


Now this is what I need in my area - This sleepez is a great site!! Informative - full disclosure!!! Love the 10,000 line or even the 8500 line seems good. Do people go to the showroom or order blind? This is cross country for me so shipping would be enormous - any suggestions on this caliber company in my area? Seems like the dunlop mix with Talalay in support layers is the way to go vs all the Talalay


I would love any feedback that you can give after your purchase as I live in NY and would be ordering site unseen.


Eliseneedsleep. Go to savvyrest.com and type your NY zip code in the top right of the home page, click “find dealer”. Go visit a showroom. They offer only one bed that has 3, 3" layers of 100% natural dunlop and/or 100% natural talalay. Both sides of the mattress are customizable. It is the same mattress as SleepEZ 10,000 except that the mattress cover is different. Find the combination you like and then order from SleepEZ as they provide better value. There are endless combinations to try. It will be well worth the visit. - Mike

thanks mike!! :slight_smile:


What a great site you have. It’s been fun watching your expertise grow since I first started reading your posts on WTB. The breadth of topics you cover in-depth here is impressive. And thank you for the kind words about the quality of our mattress above. We are proud of sourcing out the very best components we can find.

I wanted to take the opportunity to correct the record as to a couple of points stated in this thread:

You state, regarding my company FloBleds: “they do not have the same… ability to customize a mattress…” I do not believe anyone can match our ability to customize and meet our customers sleep needs, hands down. Not only can we make any layer an ILD firmness from 19 to 44 for either sleeper, we can also make a 2" one-piece topper in any firmness if a customer thinks that is what they need (although very few have wanted trade out their convoluted Talalay latex topper which is an ideal pressure interface: it is both extremely comfortable and promotes blood circulation through the skin). We are very serious when we say “The Original Personally Crafted Mattress” and our service just begins when we ship a bed. If a customer has a pain or issue with how they are sleeping, we work hard to address that need. With the widest range of ILDs on hand we can quickly provide the exact firmness combination needed. We stock horsehair for folks who sleep hot. We have pocketed coils for those who need a combination of latex and springs. Our service doesn’t stop until a customer is getting the support their body needs. Not for just 100 days, but for the life of the mattress. We’re a family business, and our customers become family.

FloBeds further can customize the pressure in a specific targeted area like the hips or shoulders. You would be amazed to read how many customers find relief for the first time in years. The vZone has become our most popular mattress and has the lowest return rate under our 100 Day money back guarantee. It is not in any way “gimmicky”. We have used 2" Velcro to hold each zone in place which allows the sleeper to switch the firmness in any of the 6 zones (Shoulders, Lumbar and Hips are the zones that are most critical, as they are the most common problem areas… and they are responsible for spinal alignment). In addition, for 100 days we will send any zone firmness needed at no charge. This year we took the vZone to a new level, providing organic cotton zippered pockets for each zone to smooth the zones and make adjustment even easier.

Our cover is an organic cotton 4-way stretch knit quilted to organic wool. We even put compressed wool on the sides and bottom so we can meet the Federal Fire Standard without using chemicals or artificial barriers. Our cover alone sells for $600, as compared to others with only wool on top which typically sell for $200-$300.

When you say: “SleepEz is an actual factory and can make custom sizes if necessary … FloBeds is a mattress “constructor” and puts together components.” I am not sure what you mean. Our actual factory has two Edge Sweets foam saws: A $90,000 horizontal band saw that can cut a piece of foam 80" wide by 100" inches long. This is what every FloBeds Core is cut to our exacting specifications. We have a smaller vertical saw to cut the core to King, Queen or Standard Sizes. We make custom size mattresses every week. They say “imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery” We are indeed honored that SleepEz chose to imitate the design we created in the 1990s and continue to perfect today.

Lastly, I appreciate you pointing out that we often have had sales (although the one you mentioned was one of our smaller sales). I would be remiss if I did not let you know that this year we have embarked on a new “everyday low price” and will not have monthly sales. Our customers have always known about our price-match guarantee and were good at dialing it in. This will make it easier for everyone.

Thanks for allowing me to put in my two bits. Keep up the good work, your site is a great resource for the tired & sore sleepless who are looking for the rest they deserve.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for paying us a visit … and thanks too for the time you spent on our conversation it triggered today. It’s been a while (seems like a lifetime ago sometimes) since my WTB days :slight_smile:

Thanks too for correcting any misinformation on the forum as well. As you know it’s important to me to make sure that accuracy rules the day here and I am certainly not immune from making mistakes in my assessments or comments. Considering that you cut your own layers and the materials you are now offering in your new mattress line as well I’d say that clearly makes you a manufacturer and not just an “assembler”.

The comment about customizing was more about the ability to choose different types of latex (such as Dunlop) and to choose a different top layer thickness but you also made clear in our conversation that you could customize your mattresses outside of the standard layering that was on your site and you also have some options that aren’t generally available elsewhere (including your v-zone) so there is no doubt that you can customize a mattress in ways that are not available elsewhere and I’m happy you clarified this as well. I also noticed that you now have horsehair and rubberized coir options as well as other choices which are very unique and interesting as well. It seems that I’m not the only one whose “expertise is growing” although I don’t think the learning curve ever seems to end :slight_smile:

I have always been somewhat of a skeptic of the value of this many zones and while I certainly think zoning can be a valuable feature in a mattress, I am not a particular fan of this many. I think it would more accurately reflect my own opinions though to call the vZone excessive or “complex” rather than “gimmicky” and of course my own opinion is not any more factual than anyone else’s and is always subject to change. I am also not one to argue with the success of customers regardless of any “theory” and there is no doubt that the vZone can help with zoning in the more critical areas you mentioned where more challenging circumstances can make zoning very effective regardless of it’s importance in other areas. The one thing I do like about the vZone is that they can be re-arranged and as you mentioned today on our call you will change out any of the zones for a different ILD if that becomes necessary which is a great service. While I still think that choosing or arranging 6 zones could be somewhat complex and I still question the value of this many … the extra zones certainly don’t do any harm and the idea of customizable zoning in critical areas is a good option IMO. It’s great that you offer it and this specific type of zoning also makes you unique and “unique” is always part of “value”.

I think of all the things we talked about this is probably the best news of all. With everyday pricing and not having to wait for a sale … the overall “value” of your products is certainly better (even though you did previously match any sale prices for a period of time on any purchase) and this is great to see. As you also know I’m not a fan of 'sale" pricing …especially with manufacturers that don’t need them to have good value. If there was a single source of some of the “tone” of my postings about flobeds in both WTB and here, it was that from a more 'raw materials" point of view and without sale pricing you were not in the same “value range” as other manufacturers. With this change from sale pricing to everyday pricing that has changed and of course there has never been any doubt about the quality of your materials or the ongoing service you offer to your customers.

So I think more than anything, our conversation today and some of the changes you have made will result in a different tone when you are the topic of discussion. Who knows, with a few more conversations you may even convince me of the value of having 6 zones in a mattress … but diversity and different design theories and ideas are part of what makes the industry (at it’s best) so interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks again for taking the time to post and bring us up to date … and for the conversation we had today. It was good to connect and set the record straight.

NOTE ADDED: They have since become a member of the site and you can see some additional or “updated” thoughts about their vZone in post #4 here.


Hi Dave and Phoenix,

I couldn’t be more impressed with the information you both provided today, and the respectful way you both communicated it. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for creating the best mattress site on the web, by the way. It’s such a difficult topic because it’s so entirely subjective, but it’s great to have this amazing resource.

As far as FloBeds go, I was an owner for a year and I thought I’d share my experience.

First and very, very important, the customer service at FloBeds is about the best anywhere. These people seem to truly care about your experience with their bed, even long after you’ve purchased it. They will work with you layer by layer to help you create the best sleep experience possible.

Because of that, my husband and I were determined to make it work. We swapped out layers, rearranged, shuffled, replaced and shifted until long after the return window (which was a generous window, don’t get me wrong). My husband is an engineer and actually seemed to enjoy the process (it is a lot of work, by the way, so if you’re not excited about assembling and disassembling, you won’t find it nearly as enjoyable). Unfortunately, even after a year, we were unable to find a workable system for either of us. My husband has arthritis in his lower back, as well as multiple small bone spurs. We thought this bed might be the answer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I can’t blame the bed, per se, I’m sure for people who like the latex feel it is probably one of the best options out there. But for us, it only felt like various configurations of wet sand. By the end of the year my husband was missing work due to back pain, and I felt like I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in… well… a year. There’s a sense of “dead weight” that came with the bed, for me. It was a passive resistance rather than an active one. Moving and rolling over were difficult, and I found myself waking up several times a night as I worked to shift position to get comfortable. I also found the bed unbearably hot, and as a middle-aged woman this is a big issue.

In retrospect, I wish we had gone with our gut instinct and returned the bed within the return window. The company was SO helpful, though, we were just sure it could work. It’s an expensive mattress, and it did sting our bank account to have to go out and buy a different bed after that investment.

If you do purchase from them (and again, it is a really solid company and they will really work with you to help you get the right “fit”), you can judge fairly quickly whether or not the bed will work for you. If it’s just a bit “off,” I’m sure they can make it better. But if you get that sense fairly quickly that latex is not for you, don’t hold out hoping that there is a magical configuration that will fix it. It will never stop being latex no matter how you shift it around. The idea that it can be made to feel like “anything” really isn’t true, even if we wanted it to be.

For perspective on us and our preferences, we ended up purchasing a high-end Vi spring innerspring mattress. The first night was heaven. I’ll wait several months before giving a review on it and whether or not it was worth the prohibitive cost. I think we spring people may be a dying breed, but I’m afraid I’m a spring sleeper for life.

Hi Kay_Rock,

Thanks for the great insights and comments … I appreciate them :slight_smile:

As you mentioned here …

… there is no material or combination of materials that works well for everyone or that everyone prefers and sometimes there is no alternative to replacing a mattress no matter how well it may work in theory or for most other people. While you may be able to find the best balance of pressure relief and alignment … it still may not fit the “preferences” part of an ideal mattress for some people.

I’m also a fan of VI Springs and they are certainly among the best of their category (hand built innerspring / natural fiber mattresses) although of course like latex or any other materials they are also not everyone’s preference and may also not work well for some people. For those who can comfortably afford them though or who like the idea of having a hand built mattress that uses natural materials and are comfortable with much higher budget ranges they can certainly be a good choice. This is particularly true for people that how they feel “about” their mattress is just as important a part of their personal value equation as how they feel “on” their mattress. It’s like the difference between a piece of solid wood furniture where every joint is hand carved and built by a master craftsman vs a piece of solid wood furniture that is machine made. One may not be more durable than another or even more functional but it certainly “feels” better to own it knowing the craftsmanship that went into it. You could almost compare it to buying a work of art rather than “just” a mattress :slight_smile:

While it’s true that specialty foam or other mattresses are gaining market share … innersprings are by far still the most popular mattress purchase and I doubt that they will ever die out in the foreseeable future. They have a very different response curve than foam or other support cores and I think that spring mattresses will remain a preference for many people regardless of the materials that are used in the comfort layers above them. Some of the most knowledgeable people I know that could choose to sleep on anything they wanted still sleep on innerspring mattresses with various combinations of materials in the comfort layers (including natural fibers for those who prefer them) and I think they will always remain as a viable option regardless of any alternative support systems that may be available.


Thank you for the kind feedback!

yes, I agree, it is very much a personal preference, and I do admit that the concept of the craftsmanship was very appealing. We’re fairly “green” people who support independent manufacturers. Even though it was realistically a bit out of our comfortable price-range, there were elements that felt “worth it.” A lot of our decision had to do with warranties and long-term happiness of customers in reviews, as well. We have bought other expensive spring mattresses and have been disappointed with longevity. Vi-spring seems to have an uncommonly good warranty, and customers have stated that they actually stand by the warranty. Fingers crossed that it’s true! I’ll find a more appropriate thread for that later, though. I don’t want to distract from the relative values of the two mattresses on topic.

PS - thanks also for the report that spring mattresses are still in vogue. So many stores want to tell you they’re not. I’ve had some pretty awful experiences with retailers on that topic. I’m assuming some of it might be incentives for sales-people?

Hi Kay_Rock,

I think that the current marketing trend (some would say hype) towards gel memory foam has a lot to do with this as well as salespeople try to “position” memory foam mattresses as being better rather than just “different”. Specialty materials also tend to be more costly which of course can also increase commissions for salespeople who are commission based and lean towards “stepping up” their customers to more premium mattresses whether they are a suitable choice or not and memory foam dominates the specialty sleep category.


I’d like to know what brand you ended up with?

I think I just answered my own question… I didn’t realize VI is a brand, not a “type”

Since it has now been over 1 year since the last post in this string, I was wondering if you have any new updates on these two different manufactors/distributors. My wife and I are trying to decide between them. We recently purchased a Reverie sleep system and are still in the 100 night period, We are trying to decide what we want to do. We are looking for a more “plush”/“cushy” bed that is supportive and that we can feel like we sink into at the end of the day. Plus, my wife has lower back pain and regularly wakes up with her arms/shoulders asleep. Any and all insight would be great appreciated.

Hi jhmoss1,

I noticed that you registered with your email as your username which means that automated spambots will be able to harvest your email and add you to their spam lists. If you’d like I can remove the @ and the domain after it and change your username to just jhmoss1 (or any username you wish).

They both make the same component mattresses as they did when the topic was started so the only update would be that Flobeds has also since become a member of this site which means that I think highly of them and like SleepEZ and the other members here I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge and transparency.

You can also see some additional and “updated” thoughts about the Flobeds vZone in post #4 here.

Forum searches on Flobeds and on SleepEZ (you can just click both links) will bring up many more forum comments and feedback about both of them as well.

I don’t know which configuration you purchased but one of the advantages of the Reverie system and other component latex mattresses is that they can be fine tuned or customized after a purchase to make changes to the configuration of the mattress and the latex cylinders in your mattress can be arranged into different patterns that can provide firmer or softer support. The first suggestion I would have is to have a more detailed conversation with Reverie so that they can share their expertise that comes from their experiences with other customers that are in similar circumstances to yours about the types of changes that would have the best chance of resolving any “symptoms” you are experiencing on your mattress.

There is more detailed information about the most common symptoms that people may experience when they sleep on a mattress and the most likely (although not the only) reasons for them in post #2 here.

There is more about primary or “deep” support and secondary or “surface” support and their relationship to firmness and pressure relief and the “roles” of different layers in a mattress in post #2 here and in post #4 here that may also be helpful in clarifying the difference between “support” and “pressure relief” and “feel”.

These posts are the “tools” that can help with the analysis, detective work, or trial and error that may be necessary to help you learn your body’s language and “translate” what your body is trying to tell you so you can make the types of changes or additions to your mattress that have the best chance of reducing or eliminating any “symptoms” you are experiencing out of the options that are available to you.

The most common (although not the only) reason for lower back pain is a mattress that is too soft which of course is the opposite of “cushy” which normally “points to” a preference for either thicker or softer comfort layers which can sometimes make lower back issue worse if your mattress is already too soft. It’s also possible that you may need different configurations on each side of your mattress but I would be very cautious about making a mattress softer if there is a possibility that your mattress is already too soft.

Once you have resolved any lower back issues with a different configuration and if you still need it after adjusting the pattern of the cylinders then adding a topper that will have more of an effect on “feel” or pressure relief than it will on support/alignment can also be an effective way to resolve any “feel” (which is more of a subjective preference than a “need”) or pressure relief issues. Some of the options here would include a softer foam layer (latex, memory foam, polyfoam) or a down or down alternative topper, a wool topper, or a shredded latex topper. Upper body or shoulder symptoms can also be the result of a pillow that doesn’t keep your head and neck in good alignment over the course of the night and it’s very common that when you buy a new mattress you will also need a new pillow as well because the distance between your head and neck and the mattress surface may be different from what it was on your old mattress.