Frustrated finding the "right" mattress

We’ve had a $3000 Tempur-pedic mattress for 8 years…we’ve loved it. However, it’s now needing to be replaced as the areas where we sleep compress more than, say, the middle of the bed…leaving a “hill” in the center of the bed. Seems kind of expensive for the $ per year value.
So, we wanted to replace it but didn’t want to spend the Tempur-pedic brand name upcharge. So I looked at a few websites and found a couple of mattresses that seemed to have good reviews and were compared to two Tempur-pedic beds–the cloud luxe and the grand bed.


We went out to Mattress Firm and tried them both–and others, of course. We liked the Grand the best, but it’s crazy expensive. So we thought we’d buy the Dynasty–but I wanted to look into its construction–which led me to this site. Now I don’t feel it will hold up and don’t want to waste money buying it if I have to replace it in a year.

So, I looked at some of the others on this site, including Select Foam and Restava–however both seemed to have negative reviews for either service, or in the case of Restava, who knows what they’re doing and what their foam composition is.

Now I just feel confused by the choices! Any help would be appreciated. We live in San Antonio, TX.



Hi duchesslynne,

I would agree that by most people’s criteria (including mine) Tempurpedic isn’t particularly good value compared to many other mattresses that use the same quality or higher quality materials and components in much lower price ranges.

You can read more about Dynasty mattresses in posts #3 and #4 here and I would be very cautious about considering them. As an example … the mattress you linked includes 7.5" of what they say is 5 lb memory foam but if their shipping weights are even remotely accurate then this isn’t accurate because in a queen size 7.5" of 5 lb memory foam would weigh 104 lbs which would mean that the cover and the 7.5" of polyfoam in the mattress would only weigh a total of 6 lbs which of course isn’t possible.

As you probably know … Dreamfoam is one of the members here which means that I think very highly of them in terms of their quality, value, and service and they compete well with the best in the industry. They are also completely transparent and will provide you with accurate information about what is inside their mattresses.

They are also included in the list of the better online memory foam manufacturers and retailers that I’m aware of that are listed in post #12 here. Many of these also make or sell mattresses that use various Tempurpedic (or other major brand) memory foam mattresses as a reference point so you can test local mattresses to get a sense of how they feel and perform.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the San Antonio area are listed in post #2 here.

The mattress shopping tutorial here has all the basic information, steps and guidelines that you will need to make the best possible choice … and know how and why to avoid the worst ones. If you follow all the steps one at a time (including the optional online step if you are looking at online options) you will have the best possible chance of making a successful purchase.


Thanks Phoenix! We’ll definitely check out those local companies before we do anything else!