G-Flex 100% Gel infused memory foam

For those of you looking at i-comfort or a different version of chunk gel infused foam check out the G-Flex. I have attached the product sheet

Hi Ryan,

That’s great news!

I see too that it’s already on your website http://www.beloitmattress.com/mattress.html and not only is the gel memory foam a better application of gel than the iComfort but the transition and support layers that you are using are also exceptionally high quality polyfoam … and it doesn’t hurt that the price is better than the iComfort as well.

Better quality materials and lower price … I’d say that equals great value :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know that its available.


What exactly is this gel?
Isn’t it toxic?

Hi wrrondonp,

I’m not sure how much technical information you want but this is a good general description of the family of elastomeric gel materials (or thermoplastic polyurethane) that are used in “gel foam” mattresses. In the case of gel memory foam … this material has been mixed in with the memory foam in various different ratios and in different ways when it is poured to create “gel memory foam”. It can also be added to other foams.

It is denser, more elastic, and stronger than memory foam with a high tensile strength so it can increase the polymer density of memory foam and in some cases make it stronger if the two materials are mixed together in certain ways. There are many more links available that I could provide if you want to do more “scientific” research into the family of gel materials but it would probably take a degree in material science to understand it all. :slight_smile:

By itself as a “soft solid” layer it is a very strong material with good thermal conductive properties although it tends to be firmer and less breathable than memory foam.

The simple answer is no. The ingredients used to make gel are less toxic than the materials used to make conventional polyurethane foam or memory foam and they are also more stable and have less offgassing. There are also many varieties that are used as food grade materials or even biocompatible materials. Outside of “natural” materials … they are probably the least toxic of materials that are used in mattresses and are certainly less “toxic” than the chemicals that are used to make conventional polyurethane or memory foam.

You can see some of the Material Safety Data Sheets for various thermoplastic products made by Bayer here (and there are many manufacturers of these types of materials).


Web site is very vague. where are the retailers carrying this in dallas-ft worth metro?

Hi richarddb,

Beloit Mattress is one of our members and they are a factory direct manufacturer in Beloit, WI and Rockford, IL.

There would be many mattress outlets in Dallas/Ft Worth that carry some type of gel memory foam (probably the majority of outlets) but I don’t know the specific type or source of the gel foams they may use. Post #2 here has some of the better factory direct manufacturers in Dallas but you would need to check their website or call them to find out the specific details of any gel foams they used. There are many mattress manufacturers from small to large that are using some type of gel memory foam in their mattress since the success of the Serta iComfort which uses a gel material (gel particles) that is added to the memory foam so they would be widely available although it is an “emerging” category and some types of “gel foams” are better than others.

Post #26 here talks about some of the different types.


Dear Admin,

can you please guide me for the technical name of elastomeric gel materials (or thermoplastic polyurethane) that are used in “gel foam” mattresses. Which company makes this material.
i shall be thankful for your help, if possible you can mail me the info at [email protected].

Hi salman,

There would be many technical or chemical names for the different types of gel that are used in gel foams or in soft solid gel materials but since I’m not a foam chemist I don’t know what they are. Most of them would be some type of gel elastomer. I also don’t know where each of the foam pourers buy their gel.


I want to purchase a memory foam topper from these people-- anyone know how I can do so? Looking for queen has to be atleast 4lb density…

I know they merged with sleep innovations which makes me wonder if the quality is still up to par…and if they renamed it to the 2.5 in gel swirl topper pictured here the third option: http://www.sleepinnovations.com/products/toppers/


Sleep Innovations/Innocor doesn’t sell directly to consumers so you would need to buy the G-Flex from a retailer that sells it. I would have no reason to believe that the quality of the G-Flex has been lowered.

I don’t know if the gel memory foam in the picture is G-Flex (it doesn’t look like it but the picture may not be accurate) but if it’s 4 lb density then it would be in a similar quality/durability range although if it’s a different product it may also have a different percentage of liquid gel and different properties from G-Flex. There is a similar product at Home Depot here that “weighs out” to about 4 lb density but the same brand of memory foam (including G-Flex) can be made in different densities so that doesn’t necessarily mean that other memory foam toppers that use the same picture would be the same density.

I think that Ultimate Sleep Memorgel is supposed to be G-Flex (see here) but they also describe their so called “Talalay” latex incorrectly (it’s continuous pour blended Dunlop not Talalay) so I’m not fully confident that they would describe their other products correctly either.

FXI (Foamex) makes Memgel and HSM Solutions (Hickory Springs) makes Preserve VG that are both swirl gel memory foams that come in 4 lb densities also.