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Knowledge & Experience:
GhostBed sums up more than 35 years of mattress design experience of its owner and CEO Marc Werner. He is committed to using only quality and durable materials in its three GhostBed lines USA made by skilled American craftsman that are “committed to never take shortcuts”. The beds have been carefully designed and tested and are subject to very strict quality control which according to Marc have led to an unusual low return rate. All GhostBed’s lines are designed for eCommerce BIB sales and give the 101-night sleep trial that is now common in the mattress industry. Marc Werner is coming from a family that has a 5-generation track record of innovation and invention. One of their most well-known patents is the aluminum & fiberglass Werner Ladder that is still a world leader in the ladder industry.

GhostBed Mattresses:
((11") The GhostBed Mattress ~ Latex & Foam combo
Upon request, this line can be customized before purchase to suit consumer needs and preferences

  • 1.5" Dunlop Latex
  • 2" of 4 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] Gel Memory foam
  • 7.5" of 2 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] HD Polyfoam support base

url= GhostBed Luxe Mattress [/url]~ Poly, Memory Foam Combos

  • 1 1/2" Quilted Cooling Cover using a unique Japanese technology (Polypropylene/Viscose/poly blend)
  • 2" of 4 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] Phase change coated Gel memory foam
  • 2" of 3.5 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] Ghost Bounce Foam
  • 7.5" of 2 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] HD Polyfoam support base

(13") GhostBed Flex Mattress ~ Reinforced Pocket coil, Memory & Poly Foam

  • 1" Quilted cooling cover Polypropylene/Viscose/poly blend
  • 2" of 4 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] Gel Memory Foam
  • 1" of 1.8 lbs/ft[sup]3[/sup] pressure relieving transition foam
  • 8.5" Pocket coil innerspring unit with reinforced edge support
  • 1" HD foam stabilization layer
  • Firmness: Slightly softer than GhostBed

Service: GhostBed representatives are extremely skilled in assisting their customers to find the model that best suits customer needs and preferences. Over the years GhostBed had much public recognition for creating a positive experience for everyone who interacts with their business and for demonstrating great support to their customers.

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Thank you for your warm welcome! I look forward to any questions you may have :slight_smile:

  • The GhostBed Team

Hi Everyone, first post here. Very impressed with the quality of info here, compared to what is otherwise a desperately confusing wasteland out there. I’ve been doing some research over the last few weeks and wading through the confusion. I was very close to buying an Endy until I came across this site - which has led me to strongly consider a Ghostbed for the better quality material. However, I came across the BBB profile for them, which was a little troubling, and I wanted to raise it here to see if anyone could provide some context. The link to the profile is below. Some reports of what seems to be fiber-glass (the fire retardant solution) coming out of the mattress causing skin irritation and getting over the bedroom. Also a series of issues with

The only reason I bring it up, is because this site, and the comments here led me to believe that among the modestly the priced foam mattresses, Ghostbed was more higher quality. However, I wondered about this whole fiberglass thing. Is that common in foam mattresses? How often does it come out. I was wondering how the site, in general selects Trusted Members, and how complaints like this are to be understood.

Now perhaps leaning towards MFC Latex (I’m in Canada) or memory foam mattress…or an Ikea Latex mattress. Really I’m struggling to make decisions here - I’m a classic millennial overwhelmed by the options and marketing out there. I’m about 5’8, 150lbs man. Want something good quality, but don’t need anything particularly fancy or high end. I’m not really a fussy person, generally. I’m a


Thank you so much for taking the time to research GhostBed! We greatly appreciate it!

Often when a company processes thousands of orders a month (especially for an item that is very personal to most of us -our sleep!) there are bound to be a few orders out of the many with issues. As you can see, we take all such matters extremely seriously, as we are vigilant in replying to all BBB inquiries. We have successfully closed all BBB cases. We pride ourselves in treating all of our customers as equally and fairly as possible. For instance, we do offer a full 101 night sleep trial. However, if a customer does reach out after 101 nights, we no longer will accept a return, since we must keep the guidelines in tact and fair for all customers. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

A fiberglass scrim is extremely common in the mattress manufacturing business. We are required by law to be FR compliant. The 16 CFR Part 1633 law requires mattresses to have fire barrier fabric. The fabric scrim allows manufacturers to be compliant of the law without the use of harmful chemicals.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We wish you the best of luck!

Thank you for your response! I totally appreciate that issues happen when manufacturing at scale - that’s entirely understandable so long as the warranty supports the consumer in these cases. Can you provide a little information about how your warranty works for Canadians who purchase through amazon? I know they cover the sleep trial here, but I assume warranty still goes through you?

Is the fibreglass scrim covered under warranty? I guess I’m just a little wary hearing that in some cases, however rare, that the scrim can degrade to the point of releasing fibreglass into the room and the mattress being un-returnable because it’s out of the sleep trial period…

Greetings :slight_smile:

I realize I had forgotten to answer your question about trusted membership here at TMU! Each of the Trusted Members undergo a rigorous process of selection among which quality, value and customer service are highly ranked criteria. Complaints are looked at carefully as well, and are treated on a case by case basis requiring more involved back-end work and research documenting each claim. Hopefully that clarifies that aspect :slight_smile:

Our warranty will always apply regardless of where our customer is located. You are correct - Amazon services the sleep trial, and we service the warranty. Here is a quick breakdown of how our warranty process works: our warranty covers visible and lasting impressions greater than 1". The customer will lay the mattress flat on the floor and will place a broomstick along the mattress (where the impression is) and a ruler going perpendicular to the broom stick. Without applying any pressure to the top of the ruler, simply take several photos of the measurement. You will email us these photos, and as long as the warranty criteria is met, the claim will be processed! Please do note that freight will be at the responsibility of the customer. In our nearly 20 years of mattress manufacturing, we’ve had only a very, very small amount of warranty claims :wink:

The scrim is not covered under our warranty - feel free to take a look at our warranty page at GhostBed Warranties: Mattress, Frames, Bedding & Pillows | GhostBed®. The scrim shouldn’t become an issue when the mattress is in your home. Always be sure to invest in a high quality mattress protector (we love our GhostProtector!) in order to keep your mattress cover clean and protected!

Please let us know should you have follow-up questions or concerns! Also check out our 15,000++ verified reviews from our customers at GhostBed Mattress Ratings & Reviews 2023 | GhostBed®. Have a lovely day!

My apologies - I posted my response too soon! I just received a phone call from our production supervisor who helped explain the fiberglass situation. The scrim never degrades; however, it is a coarse material that sometimes can almost act as sandpaper to the underside of the mattress cover. This friction causes tiny cotton fibers from the mattress cover to be released, which is what the previous customer had complained about. It is not fiberglass, and it is not harmful, but it is very messy! This happens extremely rarely, almost never. We’ve had only 3 instances in the last 3 years. Rest assured the ‘shards’ are not fiberglass.

Again, we are always here for help :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this company seems to be a little shady. So last weekend I ordered a regular Ghostbed, which included a free mattress cover, which I didn’t really care about because I already have a different cover I intend on using. I was aware that it couldn’t be returned and that it would add risk to the purchase (any mattress that included a money risk of any amount in the trial was excluded from my list) so I clicked the little X by it to remove it from the cart. After I checked out, the email they sent had it included.

Hmm…Well, it was listed as just plain free, without any mention of say, a price followed by a discount of that price. I went to look at the price of the cover and…wow, $312. FWIW, had I already passed on Sleep Number because their shipping costs would have left me with about $280 at risk. So I look for a way to cancel and…can’t cancel because it ships very fast. But it doesn’t ship on weekends, and nobody to get ahold of on weekends.

So I figure, the mattress will probably be fine, but just in case, I’ll call first thing Monday to see if I can get it canceled without a restock fee since it wouldn’t move anywhere yet. I was talking to my buddy about this yesterday, he mentioned I could have gotten it cheaper at a certain place I already have a membership to (this isn’t slickdeals, so I’ll leave that up to the reader if they want to find out.) Ok I figure, probably not a problem because my credit card might reimburse for that (the verbiage is a tad murky.) It’s a pain in the neck and I’ve only done it once in the 20 years that I’ve had credit cards. But, I already wanted to see if cancellation without restock is possible anyways due to the aforementioned mattress cover, and hopefully without a restock fee, so tomorrow it is.

This morning, I got up early and called them at 5:17AM my time, which is about 8:17 their time. Got a message saying they weren’t available to take my call and for me to leave a message, so I figured I’d call back in about 30 minutes.

25 minutes and 4 seconds later, (yes, I’m noting the specific time, you’ll see why I’m getting specific later) I called back, and explained my situation. Rep said my order was already on the fedex truck and the restock fee was to cover them taking it back off. I mentioned the weekend, asked how long ago they opened, rep backtracked and said that it wasn’t on the shelf and that they already took it off the shelf, and the restock fee was to put it back on the shelf.

Then she starts sounding kind of lawyerish and said that because I mentioned returning the bed over a price difference that they might void my trial period! Fortunately, I run an app called boldbeast that blanket records literally every call I make and receive, and I played that call back and I didn’t say anything about returning it because of that. Wanted to post this earlier but had to wait until I could get a lunch break.

Oh! and, just before I finished typing that last paragraph, I got a callback for the initial call I made this morning that went to voicemail, and the voice sounded like the same person. I asked if she was the same person I spoke to earlier and I mentioned the reason I called this morning, and she spoke as if it must have been somebody else, but strangely went on to talk about the later backtracked reason why the restocking fee still applied…maybe nothing for that later bit, as it sounds a bit like the way I forget calls I made earlier in the day…but still…

While at work, I read about the purple vs ghostbed lawsuit…I’m regretting spending all of that time on due diligence for mattresses and not enough due diligence about the company selling it. Anybody who searches for mattresses on the internet knows that even the worst mattress companies get glowing reviews, and for a reason. Hopefully this turns out well and the mattress resolves my back issues, but I’m going to be calling my bank today to see what my options are as they have a pretty generous policy when it comes to dealing with situations like this, and just like the rep told me, I’ve got all of our conversation on record, emails, texts, and all (well, not texts, but she made it a point to note that, so why not me as well?) The irony in this is that I probably wouldn’t have even posted here if she hadn’t decided to tell me all of that, would have just called my bank instead to see if I qualified for price protection.

Anyways, so I’m not saying people shouldn’t buy from them, but exercise caution. I’ll post the recordings on youtube later when I get time to edit them; you can make your own decisions based on that.

Greetings and thank you so much for bringing your situation to our attention. We are deeply sorry you have had a negative situation thus far; we are confident once you receive your mattress you will be sleeping wonderfully and be very satisfied with your purchase :slight_smile:

Our GhostProtector costs $100 in the queen size, and $120 for a king. It is the only protector I’ve ever found that is 100% waterproof, silent and doesn’t trap heat into the mattress. I’m unsure how you saw a price of $312 – we will be sure to bring this to the attention of our IT department.

We are very proud of our ability to ship products to our customers as fast as possible! This is why we often have verified reviews to our website where customers are in shock they sometimes have their mattress at their door 24 hours after placing their order. In order to arrive to you so quickly, they must be processed immediately on our end. Within 15 minutes of clicking “Place Order” our warehouses are at work pulling and packing product. FedEx operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It has been a longtime policy of ours that canceled orders will incur a restocking fee, as there is a cost on our end to stop an order that has already been processed. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding.

I will personally speak to our Director of Customer Service to ensure additional training is done to bring our customer service agents more up to speed in understanding how this process works.

I hope I was able to clarify these issues for you. We can’t wait for you to experience GhostBed! Welcome to the family!

Thank you for responding! I’m actually not sure where I saw that $312 now that I’m looking back, there’s a good chance I’m mistaken on that, so I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

Just yesterday I went back to look at the website to see how I might have ordered the mattress protector anyways, and it looks like when you click the little X on the pillow that is now included instead, (which by the way, unlike the mattress protector, the pillow is something I’m interested in, and indeed I ordered one from Amazon yesterday) and click “ok” on the message that appears, it simply doesn’t remove it at all. I thought I saw the mattress protector get removed outright when I placed my order, especially when I removed the default promo code to use the underground promo code. This happened in both Firefox (which I use a lot of addons for) and Chrome (which only has lastpass installed.) Might want to have your IT team look at that as there is a good reason why some of us might want to just opt out of that.

The mattress indeed got here fast, I slept on it yesterday. So far, the feel is as expected for a foam mattress, but I’m not sure if it is doing anything for my back pain yet – so far it’s slightly worse, but it’s my understanding that I need to give it a few weeks at least, which is exactly what I intend on doing. The box was a bit beat up, so I did a recording of an unboxing just in case (the fedex guy rang the doorbell and I just saw the truck driving off by the time I got to the door, so no chance for me to inspect before accepting.) So far, the bed is in good shape, and the literature suggested posting an unboxing video, so I made it into a full unboxing video as much as I could (I only have my phone for a camera, and my hands are shaky due to a neurological issue, so it won’t be a good one.) No apparent damage to the mattress, so all good on that end!

However! I did notice that this was manufactured and shipped from 4455 W Camelback Rd in Phoenix, which is about 14 miles from where I live. I am a bit curious as to how the rep was certain that my mattress was already removed from the shelf when I think it is unlikely that the place was even open at the time I called, or that the people responsible for opening it had eaten their wheaties yet :slight_smile: Either way, I agreed to that policy when I ordered, so I’m going to accept it, but I just think it is a bit underhanded on the part of the person I spoke to.

Anyways, the trial is ongoing…

Hi jjd,

Welcome to the mattress forum:).

Thanks for posting, and thank you to @ghostbed for your quick reply. As we have a lot of experience from people buying online, etc, it is nice to note such high-quality customer service and unbelievable shipping times.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents on a few parts of your posts.

I am not sure how much of TMU you have read, but as you discuss your bad back in both posts, how much research you have done, and then reference that it feels as expected like a foam mattress would, I am curious how you chose this model for your bad back?

For future purchases and for other consumers reading this, we always tell people the first place to start is the mattress shopping tutorial, which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choice.

Because each person is different in terms of their physiology, weight distribution, and body shape as well as the positions they sleep in, their individual preferences, and the specifics of any back issues they may experience, there is no such thing as a mattress that is “better for backs” in general because a mattress that is good for one person’s back (or back issues) may be completely unsuitable for someone else to sleep on … even if their body type, sleeping positions, or back issues appear to be fairly similar. There is only a mattress that keeps you in good alignment which would be best for YOUR back.

In general … what you would be looking for is a mattress with firm enough deep support and then comfort layers that are “just enough” in terms of thickness and softness to “fill in” and support the more recessed parts of your sleeping profile and relieve pressure in your most pressure prone sleeping position (usually side sleeping for those who sleep in this position) so that there is less risk to alignment in your other sleeping positions.

Two of the more important links in the tutorial that I would especially make sure you’ve read are post #2 here which has more about the different ways to buy a suitable mattress that is the best “match” in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) that can help you assess and minimize the risks of making a choice that doesn’t turn out as well as you hoped for that are involved in each of them and post #13 here which has more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase which can help you make more meaningful comparisons between mattresses in terms of suitability, durability, and value.

Many online companies have FedEx trucks left at their warehouse and they are prepping, labeling and sometimes loading mattresses on weekends, happens all the time… it’s very common with a company like Ghostbed and many others.

So yes they processed your order…it is not about “on the shelf” or “off the shelf” that a particular customer service representative said on the phone. The CRM system for sure removed the product from inventory, all normal operating procedures, and as you said you read about the fees before purchasing.

In my experience in the mattress industry, where TMU and many others have seen and documented “shady” and “underhanded” business practices, imo this experience clearly does not fit into that category.

Thanks again for the post, it is always good to see excellent customer service from our Trusted Members


I should clarify my statement a bit. I’ve only ever tried a foam mattress in mattress stores, and overall, I like the way they feel. When I say it feels like a typical foam mattress, that’s what I’d prefer, as if it felt like something else, then I really wouldn’t know what I would be getting myself into in terms of how it feels. I’ve had mattresses that feel super comfortable cause me a ton of pain in the morning. Also, I shouldn’t say back pain so much as upper T-spine and C-spine, and when I say slightly worse, that’s actually how I’ve woken up every morning on every mattress for the last month. Some make me feel much worse than last night, some less so. The really bad mattresses (like the one I just replaced) also make my shoulder muscles feel like they’re burning in the morning. My hope is that with a combination of this, and the right pillow, I no longer run into that problem.

For future purchases and for other consumers reading this, we always tell people the first place to start is the mattress shopping tutorial, which includes all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the best possible choice.

Because each person is different in terms of their physiology, weight distribution, and body shape as well as the positions they sleep in, their individual preferences, and the specifics of any back issues they may experience, there is no such thing as a mattress that is “better for backs” in general because a mattress that is good for one person’s back (or back issues) may be completely unsuitable for someone else to sleep on … even if their body type, sleeping positions, or back issues appear to be fairly similar. There is only a mattress that keeps you in good alignment which would be best for YOUR back.

In general … what you would be looking for is a mattress with firm enough deep support and then comfort layers that are “just enough” in terms of thickness and softness to “fill in” and support the more recessed parts of your sleeping profile and relieve pressure in your most pressure prone sleeping position (usually side sleeping for those who sleep in this position) so that there is less risk to alignment in your other sleeping positions.[/quote]

That’s where things get tough for me; I really have no idea what position I’m more prone to sleeping in. The best I can say is that I’m less prone to sleeping on my stomach, and I think my preferred way to fall asleep is somewhere between my side and my back, with my back rested on some pillows, though I don’t do this that often. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes I’m on my stomach, sometimes I’m on my side, sometimes I’m on my back.

Anyways, I noticed that I tend to have the least amount of pain from relatively firm mattresses, even though I prefer to fall asleep on soft ones. This is why I ultimately chose the ghostbed. I was going to do sleep number as they talked up a storm about how the newer 360 variants adjust to you throughout the night, which sounds ideal. But, I just don’t have that kind of money right now, and people keep telling me to stay away from them, so here I am.

Oh and as far as personal preferences go – I way prefer the feel of foam mattresses to spring mattresses, just so long as they don’t sink in too much. Again, ghostbed is the winner here. A runner up was Casper, but consumer reports, who gives pretty good apples-to-apples numbers, gave it a much softer number.

But anyways, thanks for the tips :slight_smile: As for all things ergonomics, I’ve always found it’s quite normal for me to feel less comfortable at first when I make a change for the better in the long term. I don’t expect the Ghostbed to be any different.

Perhaps. I think I was just the most off-put by the way the rep spoke to me. Kind of like a “I don’t really care” type attitude from the start. I could understand if it was early morning, but the same person called me back later in the day for what I presume was to follow a potential sales lead and still spoke in basically the same manner. I got a pit in my stomach once she started telling me “how it is”, even though I didn’t say a word about returning the mattress. I really didn’t want to say much more or call back after that, because when people do that, I’m immediately left with a feeling of “what else might I say that they’re going to hold against me?”

Hey jjd,

Thank you for sending this follow up post. Much appreciated.

I totally understand what you mean by foam mattresses versus innerspring, and liking the feel. I understand where you are coming from.

It’s hard to tell on the sleeping on back/stomach/side… it’s not always straightforward as some people think. That’s interesting about liking sot at first, but feeling like “firm” is better support as the night goes on. And not to mention the point you made in an earlier post, the pillow can be critical in any sleep situation.

I get what you mean by the customer service exchange, I have been on the phone with people, and sometimes I get my back up, when I think someone is being defensive, or skating around the facts a bit…thank you for clarifying, it makes sense as you explain it. I don’t mean to put it all on you, I am sure it was not handled perfectly by any means.

Thanks again and please don’t hesitate to post if you have other questions.


I have spent some time on this website, i came across a very good deal on Costco and so i purchased “Ghostbed 11” Split King Memory Foam Mattress with Adjustable Base ". Me and my wife are side sleeper with BMI between 24 - 32. I have few concerns and wondering if this mattress can help:

i) Does the mattress stay cool like a temperpedic?

ii) DOes it have good lower back support?

iii) I got the adjustable base , will that help me or is it better just getting the mattress.

That’s awesome that you were able to get a great deal on the split king set!

In answer to your questions…

i) Our mattresses sleep much cooler than most. The traditional TP brand of mattresses are notorious for actually sleeping warm. When we created our company 20 years ago, we set out to improve on their design by integrating cooling into all of our products! The GhostBed classic will definitely sleep cool. We use aerated latex as our top material, followed by cooling gel memory foam. This allows air to circulate throughout the night, so you can sleep cool and comfortable.

ii) Our mattress offers unparalleled lower back support. Because we utilize very high quality foams in our mattresses, you will be contoured and cradled from head to toe, which in turn eliminates pressure points. Pressure points are caused by an un-supportive mattress and are the reason we awake with aches and pains in the morning. By cradling your entire body, your spine will remain properly aligned throughout the night! It’s possible you will experience an adjustment period for a few days as your spine is realigning and your body is adjusting to the new, more supportive feel of the GhostBed :slight_smile:

iii) The adjustable base is amazing! Especially if you are concerned with lower back pains, being able to elevate your feet reduces pressure on your low back. The zero gravity setting will achieve this as well. We have several articles in our Education Center on our site addressing this, here is one you can read: 6 Health Benefits of Sleeping with Your Legs Elevated | GhostBed®
As you can see there are many benefits to an adjustable base

We really hope you love it and we thank you for your order!

Hi @Ghostbed

We are looking to replace our all latex mattress with a hybrid. I’ve been having lower back pain in the morning. Initially I thought we’d like a latex hybrid but we liked the best so far a Denver mattress that has memory foam+coil hybrid, though I’m concerned from reviews about users experiencing impressions sooner than expected.

The Ghostbed Flex Hybrid $1785 is on our short list.

I do like the cooling aspect of this for my husband. I was leaning towards latex initially for the cooler reasoning Vs memory foam.

Can you share the densities of this bed in each layer?

My husband also has a concern with coils being rolled and shipped in a box. Can you speak to this at all?

-Cooling Cover
-1" of Cooling Fiber
-1" of Gel Memory Foam
-1" Gel Memory Foam
-1" gel-infused Memory Foam -absorbs and dissipates body heat as fresh air passes through the foam.
-1" Ghost Flex Soft Transition Foam
-soft transition foam
-8.5" Individually Wrapped & Reinforced Support Coils — Additionally, the coils near the edge of GhostBed Flex are specially reinforced for better support — so you can sit on the edge of your bed without sliding off.
-1" High Density Support Foam

We are honored to be on your short list!

The FLEX is such a great bed! I will say, of our 3 models it is definitely the most popular. When we have people in our showroom lay on all 3, the Flex is universally loved! Our owner and his wife just switched to the Split King Flex (after sleeping on the classic GhostBed for 3+ years) and they are both absolutely loving it :slight_smile:

The coils are individually wrapped, meaning they don’t have a boarder around them, and are therefore able to get compressed and rolled up for shipping, just like an all-foam mattress. The same machine can compress all 3 of our mattress models.

Being a South Florida based company, we take cooling very seriously around here! And the Flex is super cool - once you touch the quilted cover, you instantly feel how “cooling” it really is.

Here are our densities:

-1" of Cooling Fiber: N/A
-1" of Gel Memory Foam (in the cover): 4 lb.
-1" Gel Memory Foam: 4 lb.
-1" Ghost Flex Soft Transition Foam: 1.8 lb.
-8.5" Individually Wrapped & Reinforced Support Coils — Additionally, the coils near the edge of GhostBed Flex are specially reinforced for better support — so you can sit on the edge of your bed without sliding off: Coil-count is 868 (in king size)
-1" High Density Support Foam: 2 lb.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us, and please feel free to follow-up with more questions! Have a lovely day!