H E L P ! (St.Dormier & Aloe Alexis)

OK…So, after researching mattresses for over 1 1/2 years (Thank You Mattress Underground!)…I am about to pull the trigger on an Aloe Alexis from Brooklyn Bedding.All of my previous mattresses have been coil spring with nothing more than a cotton fitted sheet for protection. I really want to better protect my new mattress without adding heat, so I have decided on a St.Dormier wool protector. Their website states that the standard 16" pocket fits mattresses up to 12" thick & the optional 24" pocket will fit up to 20" thick.Since the Aloe Alexis is a 14" mattress, I am concerned that the recommended protector’s 24" pocket size will leave alot of bunched up material on the side skirts…Also, do people normally add a cotton fitted sheet over this type of protector as well?
Additionally, this mattress will be located on a frame that is against a wall on one side & has a headboard & footboard that are much taller than the mattress.When it comes tome to rotate the mattress I am afraid that the bottom will drag a little across a few of the boards each time I try to meneuver it off the frame to turn it around. Would it make sense to lay a wool blanket or something else over the slats to protect the bottom of the mattress? Or would this impede ventilation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


2" of tuck is normally fine especially with an elastic edge all around the protector but I thought I would find out right from the horses mouth so I called St Genieve and asked them what they thought. She said that the 16" would likely be fine especially with a fitted sheet over it and the bit of stretch that the protector has and she didn’t see any problem with it staying in place. She said that the 24" would also be fine and that you could just tuck any excess material in between the mattress and the base. when I asked her what she would choose with a 14" mattress she said probably the 16".

Most people would use a fitted sheet over a protector yes but the fabric would be their preference so not all people would choose cotton (although good quality cotton sheets can certainly be a good choice).

The wool blanket wouldn’t impede ventilation but whether to add it or not would be a “best judgement” call based on the condition and finish of the wood. If there were sharp edges or missing knots in the slats or a chance of the wood splintering then it may be a good idea to prevent the mattress from catching and it certainly wouldn’t do any harm.


Thank you Phoenix for responding to my questions & for taking the time to call St Genieve! I do hope I am making a good decision with the Aloe Alexis…I was a little “spooked” when I read the post: Brooklyn Bedding Problem - SOLVED by member Djehuty…Just for the record when I chatted with Mario, I asked what the worst case shipping cost would be if the mattress just didn’t work out. I was quoted $275.00 for a full size mattress. Since I live on the opposite side of the country, I can’t possibly imagine anyone being quoted $550.00 except maybe some remote part of Alaska. This really sounds like a case of mis-communication & from your response & findings, it sounds like Brooklyn Bedding has made every effort to reconcile the issue.

I also want to say “Thank You” Phoenix and to all of the members of The Mattress Underground for helping me make a decision!


Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Thanks too for sharing your conversation about returns … I know how disconcerting it can be to read incorrect information that can affect a purchase decision and I’m glad that you were able to provide more accurate information and some “balance” to the thread you mentioned.

I think you made great choice and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on the mattress for a bit.