Hawaii Mattresses

I live in Hilo Hawaii and am wondering if there any mattress manufacturers that you can recommend in Hawaii. There used to be a shop that built mattresses here in Hilo but it closed many years ago. Any helpwillo be appreciated.


Unfortunately, the only independent mattress manufacturer I know of in Hawaii is http://greenbedcompany.com/ and they are in Honolulu. They use partially recycled materials to produce their mattresses.

UPDATE March 19, 2012: I had a long conversation with them today. They make mostly innerspring/polyfoam recycled mattresses but also carry memory foam and latex on their floor when their material supply allows it. They are also planning to introduce a line of new mattresses made by a LA manufacturer in the next few weeks. Their re-manufactured line doesn’t include the exact foam specs because the materials are re-cycled but they will give you “approximate” information. The ticking/quilting is of course new. Their new lineup will include this more specific information. As you would expect … the prices of their re-manufactured line are very low and for those who are OK with using re-cycled materials can provide great value.

Comments about some of the retail outlets in the Honolulu area for those who are on Oahu are in post #269 here.

There are also component latex mattress manufacturers who ship to Hawaii … including several members of this site (see post #21 here for a list of members that specialize in shipping mattresses across the country) … however it would still be a good idea to do some testing in local mattress stores to get an idea of the best layering and construction for your needs. This would help them in giving you the best advice to help you choose a mattress that provides the best combination of pressure relief and spinal alignment for your own unique body weight, shape, and sleeping positions. This “field testing” can use mattresses of any brand, in any price range, and available at any store as long as you are able to find out the type of materials that are in the mattress so you can get a better sense of the type of mattresses and materials that you prefer and that tend to work best for you.