Help choosing Pure Latex Bliss without being able to try one!

Hope I am doing this the correct way? I just joined your website and have a question about a mattress purchase I am about to make! I am 5’8" 190lbs 47yrs side sleeper 75% of the time, sometimes stomach 25%, my wife is 5"2" 115lbs 49yrs backsleeper, we just bought a l&p s-cape split king adjustable base as she has sinus problems and sleeps at like 70 degrees. We currently have a sealy spring free gardenvine latex bed that is about 6 years old with a 2" latex topper that we aren’t absolutely in love with but provides good support and has been a okay bed. We previously have owned several beds from tempurpedic to everything in between. I have soreness in my lower back and always worry about going with to soft of a mattress, we absolutely hate going through this buying a bed process & are hoping to get one that lasts. I have found a pure latex bliss pamper in a pair of twin xl’s & the 2" topper with active fusion (the pamper has that as well) for $2,368.50 shipped to my house. With a 30 day guarantee for exchange? What are your thoughts on price and the comfort for what I described. We actually have not been able try one of these as they are nowhere near where we live! Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Jim

Hi jim,

I think one of the most common questions asked on the forum is to recommend a specific mattress based on body type and sleeping position information (and in some cases some other specs) but unfortunately there are so many variables that there is no “formula” that can do this. You can read more about why I don’t do this in post #2 here.

If you have a specific set of “symptoms” on a mattress where all the layers are known then I’m certainly happy to make suggestions or provide some insights based on your actual experience and feedback on a specific mattress but without this type of reference point then the retailer or manufacturer is always in the best position to make the most accurate suggestions in the absence of your own personal testing (assuming they have the knowledge, experience, and enough feedback from their customer base on their mattresses to do so).

The prices for two twin XL Pampers and two 2" toppers (with a foundation?) seems reasonable IMO but I would consider what other options you would have for an exchange if it doesn’t work for you. The topper is 15 ILD which is very soft and this would give you 4" of soft latex in the comfort layers (2" of 21 ILD and another 2" of 15 ILD) which may be a little on the thick/soft side for you, especially with some stomach sleeping, and while it may be OK for your wife in terms of softness with her lighter weight … it may also be on the thick side for her back sleeping.

In the absence of specific testing (which is by far the most accurate way to know what may work best for you) … you are really dependent on the experience and knowledge of the people who are selling you the mattress and in this case it would also be important to me to either know what alternative options you have if it doesn’t work (and any costs involved) or at least be paying a price that justified the risk of buying a mattress where you don’t know how well it may work (compared to other similar mattresses that may offer more options that are available online).

For example … in talking with the person selling the PLB mattress … did they tell you that this would be the option that they believed would work best for you out of the entire PLB lineup. Did they explain why? If they did and you have confidence in their suggestions … I would follow them (knowing they are working with “averages”) as long as you have good options if the suggestions don’t work out. If not … I would either want to test the mattress in person, look for alternatives, or at least confirm that you could exchange it at little or no cost and that you have some good “exchange” possibilities that you would consider if it becomes necessary (such as other PLB choices).

If I was considering an online purchase of a latex mattress … I would be looking at some of the options available in post #21 here before I considered the PLB. I would at least talk with some of them and use their experience and knowledge to your advantage before I chose a mattress that had upper layers that were that thick and soft without a specific reference point or testing it to make sure it would work for you (again unless you are comfortable with the price, risk, and your exchange options).


Thanks Phoenix, my major problem is I live in central Montana and have limited if any options to try these in person, any suggestions are very much appreciated, was ready to pull the trigger on the pure latex bliss pamper twin XL’s with a pure latex bliss 2" topper & no the box springs weren’t included as we have the adjustable split king leggett & platt s-cape adjustable frame! I did just weeks ago move our 2" latex topper from under the mattress protector to on top of it and it made a noticeable difference in the comfort! I know it is a risk, but because of our limited options I am willing to purchase online site unseen if there is a return policy! Appreciate any help you can offer! Regards, Jim

Hi jim,

Again … if I was ordering a latex mattress online I would order from one of the members here listed in post #21 here.

The pricing is better, the merchants are more knowledgeable, they offer the same materials (and more), and perhaps most important, they specialize in online orders and they often offer the ability to choose your layering or re-arrange layers or exchange layers so you can fine tune your mattress. All of them will help you make choices based on the averages for your body type and sleeping positions.

I don’t see any advantage to ordering a PLB online compared to much better online choices with more flexibility and better value.

I would also order a latex topper from other sources (listed in post #4 here) because the PLB topper is not the best value and they don’t offer the ability to choose the ILD.


Hi Jim,

Just in case these are close to you … there are a couple of manufacturers in Central Montana that sell latex mattresses (and other types of mattresses as well) that may be worth considering. They are …

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Billings, Great Falls, MT. They are a regional factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of mattresses including their iChoice which is a “mostly latex” mattress with either a memory foam or latex topper. They disclose all the information about the materials they use in their mattresses and are typically good quality and value (and certainly better than mainstream brands). I would avoid the major brands they also carry. Bozeman, MT. They are a local manufacturer that also makes a wide range of mattresses including latex and component mattresses with a zip cover (both innerspring and latex) that can be customized and have some good quality/value and that would be well worth including in your research. Great Falls, MT. Carry Therapedic latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses (no longer carry Restonic although they are made in the same factory) Bozeman, MT. Carry Englander latex, memory foam, and innerspring matttesses. Missoula, MT. They are a retailer that also carries a range of mattresses of many types including some smaller manufacturers. They seem to have relatively good value and it may be worth checking to see if they offer any all latex (it looks like they only carry latex hybrids). Missoula, MT. Carry OMI mattresses which make range of latex mattresses (including organic) that use very high quality materials but they are also in a higher budget range than many other latex mattresses so make sure you make some very careful value comparisons here.

A little further away there is also a list for the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas in post #4 here.

Hopefully … one of these is close to you and has a suitable mattress or at least would be close enough to be able to do some testing.