I really liked this mattress but the reviews were so bad... and it's $$$

The aireloom plush I think it was platinum preferred. it was very “cocoon like” more so then the temperpedic or any other brand I tried. It’s expensive and when I read the reviews what I thought may happen seems to be the case (eventual “sinkage” if that’s a word). any thoughts on that brand and or something comparable?

Be careful with Aireloom reviews. The reviews are worse than they should be. The mattress is quite good. Why the bad reviews?

1-Aireloom has real reviews, and most review websites are fake.

2-Many of the bad reviews are from the Macys Aireloom line which has less coils and had cheaper materials. They often lump Macys Aireloom in with Aireloom Preferred M1/M2 Luxetop Firm or Plush.

With that said, I highly recommend giving the M1 and M2 another try. They are still plush, but with a solid support coils. Even the M1 Firm and M2 Firm are quite plush. Ignore the labels. Lay on a mattress….not a label.

My favorite is the M1 Luxetop Firm. The problem with Plush (support coil too soft) and on your back…you sink down too far. The Firm coil is better for most people.


Hi suzanne2 and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that the mattress you finally choose will be unique to you, based on your Stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s), and any underlying health condition), and your PPP (Posture & alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). Reviews should be read with a skeptical eye…you never know who - or what P.R. Department - wrote them. And what does a random reviewer know about your specific comfort and support needs? You are the best judge of what you want in a mattress.

Aireloom has both a luxury and ultra luxury mattresses. In the Preferred Collection, there’s a Streamline plush and a Streamline M1 plush, which are viscoelastic foam and an innerspring support layer, and the Luxetop, Luxetop M2, and M2+ which have Celsion latex comfort layers, with visco and aireluxe foam and micro coils. Depending on your Stats and PPP, you may or may not have adequate support; it’s difficult to assess because, unfortunately, like Tempurpedic who you mentioned, are not very transparent on the densities and thicknesses of their components. A plush mattress will be the least dense foam and the ‘cocooning’ feel could simply mean you need to look at firmer comfort layers. The best way to see what kind of mattress you feel most comfortable on is, if possible, to test a few mattresses in person at local showrooms…you may like all an latex, a memory or polyfoam mattress or a hybrid. Narrowing it down to a few types can ease the mattress searching process.

Once you have a ‘shortlist’ of mattress types you feel most comfortable on, you might want to take a look at the Trusted Members of the site, who have been vetted for quality, transparency in specifications of materials and components, good return and exchange policies, and excellent customer service. If you find any specific mattress you have questions on, let us know and we may be able to help you assess them further.

@BillyIdol …’the mattress is quite good’ is not sufficient…assessing a quality mattress must be based on facts, like knowing the Mattress Specifications You Need To Know and comparing them to the Mattress Durability Guidelines.

~ Basilio

True……I felt the Aireloom Preferred M1/M2 in Firm or Plush…that you are highly likely to find a feel and support level you like. Also, of the innerspring mattresses I tried, it was best…by far. I actually was testing $6.5k (Cal King) Aireloom Preferred M1 Luxetop Firm vs $35k VISpring (Signatory Superb)? I tried 7 models of VISpring and hated then all. I hated the feel of that VISpring. Aireloom felt way better. VISpring would probably last longer. Aireloom comfort layers with latex simply felt more comfy. I suppose VISpring is “built better”, but it didnt help the mattress feel better.

M1 stands for 1 row of microcoils and M2 stand for 2 rows of microcoil comfort layers along with latex. Firm is the firm support coil and plush is the plush support coil. I felt Aireloom Preferred is simply the best innerspring mattress Ive ever tried, but some may like feel of latex and memory foam more. Thats my opinion…go see if you agree or disagree with it. I think most would agree with me.


Apply the mattress tutorial to all mattresses! TMU is the best on the internet!!! Use it!


Thank you! I was a member a while ago (don’t have that email anymore) and actually purchased two mattresses from TX mattress makers and we bought another one from a company in florida (name escapes me) these were all on the TMU suggested list. TX MM has grown to much and honestly I didn’t really enjoy either after a few years, they now hang out in the guest rooms. I’ve been to every showroom I can find and have tried simmons black, temper pedic, sealy (who is in bankruptcy so they came off the list) Mattress firm has something called the Inteli bed but they didn’t have one to try, I was interested in the "audrey hepburn model from stearns and foster (I think) but it was discontinued…I haven’t tried chattam and wells??? . I went to STAR furniture in Houston and the person helping me was pretty clueless… odd they had nothing to do but stand around all day perhaps get some product knowledge? I asked her what the name of the bed I tried was and she couldn’t tell me but she did know the price. It seems to have been a prestige collection but I can’t tell from the photos on their website (star or aierloom) I just recall it had deep divets with wool kind of tufts in the middle of those. I’m going back on Monday to try again. Other then those mentioned the only other showroom option is sleep number (yuck) and amerisleep? which seems to be another foam choice.

Hi suzanne2,

Yes, it can be almost impossible to get details on beds with ‘big brands’. They often have proprietary formulas of foam and therefore do not disclose specifications even to the retailers who carry them. Most of the major retailers you mentioned are very sparse on details, which personally would make me not consider them for myself. For non latex mattresses, we suggest any foam in a potential mattress has no more than an inch or so of lower grade foams (for memory foam no lower than 4 lbs/cuft for normal range weights, and 5lbs/cuft for higher range weights) and if polyfoam is used, with at least 1.8 lbs/cuft density, just to ensure you have support.

I wish’s you success on your search!

~ Basilio