ILD and Weight


Will a 270 pound guy on a low ild mattress destroy it sooner than a lighter person? I ask because on flobeds the automated ild suggestions given based on weight keep saying firm xfirm even though I put in that I’m a side sleeper who likes soft ish…

But the plb nature I tried seems really good and it’s ild is something 19/28/36

Hi aron82,

You can read about most of the factors that are involved in the durability of a mattress as it relates to different body types in post #2 here.

Firmer foams will also feel softer for heavier people than they will for lighter people (they will sink in more which “feels” softer). ILD is also a secondary factor in durability which means that lower ILD’s will be subject to more mechanical stress and compression than higher ILD’s in any material including latex and will be less durable than higher ILD’s yes.


The new 2013 line fore PLB come with a 20 Year non pro rated warrantee. That shows quite a lot of confidence in their product which leads me to believe that the top layer of celcion 19 ILD will stand the test of time/weight… They also only require the indentation to be 3/4 of an inch vs regular 1.5 inches of other manufacturers…

So many choices… What to do… What to do…

Hi aron82e,

While warranty exclusions and even warranty length can give some indication of the confidence a manufacturer has in their mattresses … warranties themselves don’t cover the loss of comfort and support which is the biggest reason people need to replace a mattress. A warranty is not generally an accurate indication of how long a mattress will last any particular person. Knowing the materials in your mattress is generally a much better way to predict the durability of a mattress and how long it may last you than a mattress warranty. There is more about warranties in the first part of post #174 here.