I'm going in!

Thank you so much for such a wealth of information. We bought the current mattress I sleep on after we got a second house (with the idea being we’d sell the first and move to the second one full-time), and it hasn’t held up well. We didn’t pay a lot for it, and it shows.

Like so many others here, I felt unsure about ordering on-line because I can’t try before I buy, and I must say after reading some of the information here, I see I was going about my mattress purchase the wrong way. What I really wanted was to have the Stearns and Foster mattress my grandmother had on her bed. It was a super firm mattress, and I slept like a rock on that thing. Of course the last time i slept on that glorious Stearns and Foster mattress, I was at least 25 years younger and 30 lbs lighter, so my needs may have changed. I found one place on-line that seems to have its current iteration, the Suzette (I found it here: http://www.us-mattress.com/stearns-suzette-ultrafirm-queen.html). I was hoping to find a place in real life where I could try it out for myself, but so far, to no avail.

The bed that wowed me the most thus far (and this is after my first recon trip) is the Pure Latex Bliss Nature. There was a Pure Latex Bliss model that felt similar to my grandmother’s hard Stearns and Foster bed and felt a tad harder than the Nature. After gleaning info from this site, I see that it most likely wasn’t providing the support I needed, but I think I’ll need to second visit to confirm that, since I didn’t test it for support. As we’re between snow storms today, it seems a good time for the second recon trip to another store a bit farther away to try a Savvy Rest. I want to see what Dunlop does for me.

On this trip, I’ll have a notepad to take notes. I’ve checked my “but it needs to be extra firm” ideal at the door, and shall focus more on support. I’ll also take the full 15 minutes on mattresses that “feel” right.

I can’t thank you enough for providing this info. Once I know what combination works best, I can then compare apples to apples and narrow down my selection.

Hi megan,

They wouldn’t be making the mattress you remember any longer and not only may your needs and preferences have changed but Stearns and Foster don’t make the same quality of mattresses as they did that long ago. They are one of the “major brands” I would avoid (see the mattress shopping guidelines here which is one of the links in the tutorial post here).

I’m glad you found us and that you are taking the time to do some good research and testing. I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up deciding … and of course any questions or feedback you may have along the way.


Phoenix, it’s because I couldn’t find the Stearns and Foster I wanted to try out in real life that caused me to look to see what else was on-line, and that’s when i found the Mattress Underground.

I did get to the second store on Saturday, they had two Savvy Rest models, one all Dunlop and one Dunlop for the bottom two layers, topped with talalay. The all Dunlop was a split, on half, from top to bottom medium-firm-firm, which the saleswoman told me is the firmest they’d recommend, and other half soft-medium-firm. I tested both halves and it didn’t feel right. It wasn’t bad, but i expected more support in the med-firm-firm. Next i tried the talalay, and that was more comfortable. I also felt more supported. The saleswoman did note that my alignment was good on both, which was helpful to know since i didn’t have anyone with me to spot my alignment.

I told her I had tried a Pure Latex Bliss and wished they were side-by-side to do an immediate comparison. I did find it hard to relax with her staring at me while I was lying there, and I was surprised to find I preferred the talalay.

On my way home, I realized i could divert my ride by five minutes to the place that had the Pure Latex Bliss mattresses. All the salespeople were busy, which was perfect for me, as I made my way upstairs, kicked off my shoes, removed my coat, and checked out a number of mattresses. A few innerspring models, just to see, two memory foams (couldn’t get off of those beds fast enough), and every Pure Latex Bliss model they had.

I’m primarily a stomach sleeper and found the Nutrition model to mimic what I felt sleeping on my grandmother’s great Stearns and Foster mattress all those years ago. But, on my side and back, I felt that I sunk in too far, especially on my back. It felt as if my butt sunk in and there was an arch in my back. The Nature model felt almost as good on my stomach and I floated on my sides and back. The Pamper felt almost as good as the Nature, but wasn’t as comfy. The support was nearly the same, and i went back and forth between the two. I think the Nature is still the top contender. The difference in price between the two is $800, so I’m wrestling with that.

After my second recon trip, I’ve learned that my body feels supported in a better way on an all-latex rather than an innerspring model. I’m a talalay rather than a Dunlop girl. The price is a bit higher than I wanted to pay, but I could manage it.

There is a place a few hours away that makes its own mattresses (Daly Brothers/maiden Maine). I’m going to see if they make something comparable to the Pure Latex Bliss Nature. If so, then they may get my vote, as a preliminary search shows their mattress to be about $800 less.

Hi megan,

It sounds like you are doing some good testing for PPP.

I would keep in mind that much of this (including your “memory” of the Stearns & Foster) would be quite subjective because our subjective memories are not particularly accurate. It’s also not unusual for people to “feel like” some parts are sinking in too far on a latex mattress even if they are in good alignment because it responds differently from other types of materials that they may be used to and because of the way latex contours to the shape of the sleeping profile but remains “supportive”. This is one of the reasons that it’s important to spend at least 15 minutes fully relaxed in your normal sleeping positions on any mattress you are seriously considering so that you can “approximate” and predict your sleeping experience as closely as possible.

Having said that … if you felt any tension that borders on discomfort or pain or couldn’t seem to completely relax and “let go” on a mattress when you were testing then I would consider a more supportive mattress with either thinner comfort layers or firmer support layers (such as the Nature). Thinner or firmer comfort layers are also less “risky” for stomach sleepers.

This is very much a matter of personal preference. I’m also a Talalay guy (especially in comfort layers) but my daughter completely disagrees with me and much prefers sleeping on Dunlop.

Post #32 here includes some retailers that ship the PLB mattresses across the country that may be worth talking to so you can make some “value comparisons” with a local PLB purchase. I also think that a visit to Maiden Maine would be a good idea as they also have some good quality/value latex mattresses.

I’m looking forward to finding out what you end up choosing :).


“I would keep in mind that much of this (including your “memory” of the Stearns & Foster) would be quite subjective because our subjective memories are not particularly accurate.”

Yes, for the most part i agree, and Marcel Proust wrote scads of pages about that. Every so often though, a memory reawakens and the current situation hits the sweet spot as it were. That’s what it felt like when i lay on my stomach on the Nutrition model. In the intervening years, though, i did have a time where i forced to sleep on my back (unsuccessful) or side (slightly more successful) when i broke my leg and was in a cast. That’s why i want a bed that feels comfortable in all those positions. I’m doing all i can not to repeat my broken leg experience, but just in case…

You mentioned lying in my usual sleep position for at least 15 minutes so i can get a good feel of the bed. What i’m finding is that the bed i have now is not as comfy as i would like, so i do toss and turn a bit more than i have in the past before falling asleep. When i’m testing the replacement beds, i lie still and then i also toss and turn the way i do now at night to see what it feels like.

The price for the PLB seems to be pretty standard with the places i’ve checked thus far. I did notice in another thread where you mention the ILDs of all PLB mattresses (https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/new-plb-blue-specs ) that you have the 6-inch layer of the Nature as 36 ILD, but i saw it tagged as 40 ILD.

Has anyone done testing on Tuft and Needle? I do have a call into them to ask what the ILD is, so i can compare. They have a 5-year warranty, and i’m thinking that it may just be worth my while to suck it up, get the PLB and know that i’m good for the next 20 years.

As for Dunlop vs. talalay, i thought i’d fall squarely in the Dunlop camp, so i was as surprised as anyone when i found the talalay more comfortable.

It really does help to do one’s homework, Maddening, as i’d prefer having the models i like best side by side to compare, and this is where the mattresses with the longer warranties have a leg up, at least for me. I’d rather do this every 20 years than every 5.

Hi megan,

I’ve seen that the ILD is listed as 40 ILD in several places but PLB told me that it was 36. The Pamper is the only one that uses 40 ILD in the support core. Most people wouldn’t notice a difference with only 4 ILD in the support layers anyway although with thinner comfort layers it could make a bigger difference for people who were very sensitive to smaller differences between mattresses.

I would keep in mind that a warranty has little to nothing to do with the useful life of a mattress and it would be rare for any mattress to maintain its comfort and support for 20 years. There is more about mattress warranties in post #174 here but longer warranties are mostly about marketing … not about how long a mattress will be suitable for sleeping on.


Thanks again, Phoenix. I read that information about warranties, but i guess it was on a day i was in overload mode, so it didn’t stick in the old cranium.

Our first mattress we bought in 1986 and it had a 10 year warranty. I don’t quite remember when we changed that one, although i know it was after the 10-year mark and may have been in 2002 when we got new bedroom furniture.

In our current house, that California King mattress has gone into the guest room it’s too big for the upstairs BR that ultimately called most to me in this house. We got a Queen mattress for that BR, and it was cheap. We got it in 2008 but it didn’t see daily use until 2009 and is not holding up well, judged by my tossing and turning. It’s been okay, but when we got it initially, we still thought we’d be sleeping on the Cali. King and use the Queen as a guest bed, and i think if we’d kept it as a guest bed, i wouldn’t have come here and learned so much.

The Cali. King was a compromise bed, as i wanted something that felt firmer and DH wanted something that felt softer. As long as we don’t have overnight guests, he can have the Cali. King all to himself, and i’ll be a happy girl on the PLB.

Hi megan,

I think it’s probably fair to say that mattresses that were built 15 years ago or longer were probably more durable as a whole than most of the mainstream mattresses from today (see post #3 here).

In the industry today … it’s more important than ever to make sure each consumer knows exactly what’s inside a mattress they buy.


I have taken the plunge and placed my order for the Pure Latex Bliss Nature mattress with Mattress to Go. It will take several weeks (about 3.5) until it’s delivered, which suits me just fine, as i can do a spring cleaning in the bedroom before it arrives, and hopefully most of the snow will be gone, which will make it easier to unload and bring into the house.

Jeff at Mattress to Go has been great to work with thus far. No, i’m not an employee or getting any kickback, just wanted to let others know of a positive experience.

He was upfront about the length of time it would take to deliver, and that it would take about 3.5 weeks. I was glad he let me know that, and i let him know i wasn’t in a tearing hurry to have the mattress here, so waiting those few weeks would work well for me.

Thanks again, Phoenix, for such a great website! I’ve learned so much, and shall be happy to point others here when they are iso new mattresses.

Once the PLB has been delivered and set up, i’ll apprise you of how it’s working for me.

Hi Megan,

I asked you in your other post today which mattress you purchased and then I saw that you had mentioned it here so I had to go back and delete it from my other reply :slight_smile:

I think you made a great quality choice and I know from my own experience and many conversations that Jeff is great to deal with and of course is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Most important … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Now comes the hardest part when all the research is over, you’ve made a great choice, and all that’s left to do is wait with anticipation until you can sleep on it!

I’m looking forward to your feedback once you’ve received it in a few weeks.


I thought about naming the mattress i ultimately decided to go with in that other post, but felt it might be veering off-topic so updated it here instead.

Jeff kindly emailed me a how to article so i can make my own t-slats for my bed. What i have currently are just the typical cross slats, and i never thought about them warping, causing the foundation and mattress to sag and voiding the warranty.

Hi megan,

T slats (see here) are one of the things I learned about from Jeff and I thought it was a great idea.

I like simple solutions :slight_smile:


My new mattress and boxspring arrived a week ago. It took a little longer to get delivered because I wanted the short or lower boxspring rather than the standard one since I live in an old house and have low ceilings. Also, I’m short, and I like being able to sit on my bed and have my feet just about touch the floor instead of dangling like a little kid’s.

Anyhow I made my slats for the new mattress and boxspring, took the opportunity to give the bedroom a good housecleaning, and waited.

I am pleased to say that i LOVE my Pure Latex Bliss mattress set. Jeff at mattress-to-go was great to work with, and when i called today to let him know how pleased i was with my purchase, he told me he talked to another distributor to see if my lower box spring couldn’t be shipped along a bit faster than the extra 3 to 6 weeks they were saying otherwise.

Thanks again for all the info on this site. I feel that it really helped me make an informed decision, and i’m a very happy camper.

Hi megan,

Thanks for the update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m thrilled that things worked out so well for you and I certainly agree with your thoughts about Jeff and Mattress to Go.