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In the market for a new mattress and want to make a good choice. I’m looking for a local manufacturer, but can seem to find one within reach of the Buffalo, NY, 14304 area. I’m not looking for latex or memory foam , but rather the traditional spring bed. Having read over your mattress forum and input, I leaning to these types of mattresses all in a plush firm type since a i am predominately a side sleeper and have a history of back problems…4 surgeries.
Bay Bed & Mattress - Locally Made Mattresses At Exceptional Prices! I like the 4 layers of latex. not a fan of pillow tops, but again…like the latex torn between these two
-Serenity: The Serenity features a 704 encapsulated coil spring system with a 5 zone layout, Soft Touch™ coils and center glue technology. The foundation features PowerStack™ unit with a wide slat design. The mattress features a heavy duty 2.7 pound foam encased edge system and a luxurious knit cover for a firm edge and a plush surface. sets range from $459 Twin - $579 Full - $679 Queen & $829 King.

 -`Elan: The `Elan features a 918 encapsulated coil spring system. With a extra firm 50 ILD 2.7 pound foam pad. This bed is perfect for someone looking for the ultimate in support. The foundation features PowerStack™ unit with a wide slat design. The mattress features a heavy duty 2.7 pound foam encased edge system and a 100% cotton cover for a firm edge and a cool surface. sets range from $529 Twin - $679 Full - $789 Queen & $969 King.

In the event I can’t find a quality manufacturer in my area, should i pull the trigger on one these manufacturers sight unseen and only based on a few phone calls?

Hi shakenbake,

As far as local manufacturers in your area … there is one that I know of and like and that may give you the best of both worlds … the ability to test a mattress in person and good value.

They are They have 2 outlets within about 50 miles of you. I have talked with them on several occasions and regard them highly and also like that they make a wide range of mattresses with very good value.

This is a question that I can’t answer for any other person because it depends on all the many subjective and objective factors in each person’s personal “value equation”. While I can speak to the quality, service, and value of every manufacturer you mentioned and I think highly of all of them, I also know that each person is unique in terms of the needs and preferences that are important to them, in the level of risk they are willing to take, the amount of research and involvement in the design of their mattress that they are comfortable with, and with the cost of shipping and the ease and costs of any adjustments after purchase that may be necessary.

The last part of post #12 and post #16 in the same thread include more of my thoughts about making online purchases and the many choices and tradeoffs that are involved.

I will also suggest that if you are considering a purchase from a distant manufacturer online or on the phone … that nothing can replace talking to each manufacturer you are considering for long enough that all your questions are answered (including information that you may not know to ask about but that they know would be important).

Hope this helps


Thank you Phoenix
I’m visiting Jamestown this weekend. A bit scary is the dreaded 50% off sale they are having along with a free mattress set. Reading through their site they do seem to use quality materials and stand by their product…i guess the proof is in the pudding. Now armed with the knowledge gained from this site, I feel comfortable in making a informed decision.
Thanks Agian

Hi shakenbake,

This is very surprising to me as well and I agree that with a chain store type of outlet I usually just laugh when I see this. But with them (or any local manufacturer) if this means that everything is 50% off their regular prices on all their models (which are already good), rather than a way of saying their prices are 50% off “normal” prices or that some of their mattresses (which they may be discontinuing and replacing with new models) are on sale … then there’s going to be some pretty amazing value there as long as the sale lasts.

I’d love to know what you discover when you go there and I’m curious enough that I may even call them just to find out :slight_smile:


Questioned the 50% thing and had a wonderful conversation with a rep.


In an effort to build market share in our new Rochester market we for a year went with an ad agency. Their thrust was to run a promotion (sale) every month. In essence what that caused us to do in that market is play the same retail game that all the other retail bedding stores play in that market. That game was to inflate suggested retail prices to enable these different promotions to be effective. In essence what they all do is sell their bedding at pretty much the same price every month, but adjust the suggested retail up or down to meet the promotion. Example: Suggested Retail Price: $1299 - 50% Sale Price: $649. The $649 price is actually the price that the product sells for everyday. For over thirty years that is not the way we have run our business. To us it is unethical. We really struggled with the decision to play that game in the Rochester market but our ad agency stated that everyone else does it. So we did and have since terminated our agreement with this ad agency and went back to our strengths that have built up our business to what it is today.
Our strengths and what set us apart from the bedding retailer is:
• Being the manufacturer we sell our bedding everyday at wholesale pricing.
• Selling them directly from the factory we truly cut out the middleman markup.
• Cutting out the middleman markup allows us to sell our bedding everyday 30%-50% less than comparable brand name bedding.
• We manufacture a number of lines that are two-sided. Mattress constructed the same on both sides so that it can be flipped over.
• We can make any size mattress to fit any custom application.
• Being family owned we take great pride in our workmanship, quality and exceptional customer service.
• Our family has been making bedding for over 30 years. That being said we obviously know bedding.

We are currently in the process of taking the 50% promotion off our website. The prices I quoted below are our everyday wholesale price. I apologize for the lengthy explanation but I felt it was important to share with you who we really are. I have included a commercial that is going to air on TV. This commercial reiterates our strengths and our passion.

Hi shakenbake,

That certainly makes a lot more sense to me and I would have been shocked if the 50% was off their regular prices. Thanks for solving the mystery for us :slight_smile: