Lanoodle latex topper v featherbed?

I love my latex mattress (Dunlop core, talalay comfort layer) but even though the comfort layer is a relative low ILD, it’s still too hard for my wife. I would like to add something that would be quite soft; I figure I will still have the support underneath so it won’t be that bad a compromise. I was looking at featherbeds, but then I came across the Lanoodle latex topper which logic would say is going to be somewhat softer than just adding another layer of latex but probably more durable than a featherbed. Any thoughts welcome.

Hi pspa123,

The Lanoodles topper will be somewhat in between the feel of a featherbed and a solid latex topper in a very soft ILD and will add a little extra softness and a softer “feel” to your mattress. It will have more resilience and provide more even pressure relief than a featherbed (which has no “spring” to it) but because the lanoodles are loose and can move and “flow” around the body curves more it will also have some of the “feel” of a featherbed. It would also have less risk of alignment issues than a more solid topper.

It’s difficult to describe subjective experiences with words just because they are so subjective but some of my comments about the lanoodles topper are here and here and here and here and another members comments and pictures are here and they also have a video here which may be helpful.


Even though I’m fairly happy with my new mattress, I still want to fine tune it a bit. I want to add just a bit of " cuddly cush", and want a material that displaces (as opposed to a solid surface like a latex or wool topper would provide). I was fairly certain I’d prefer a feather topper since I love my down and feather pillows so much, but I’m intrigued by the LaNoodle since it sounds like it would also have a material that isn’t solid.

Question: is there a significant difference in the temperature of these two toppers? I just discovered last night (we’re having a record cold snap in July :ohmy: ) that my latex mattress can get downright cool, despite the lovely cotton/wool covering. I’m not someone who sleeps hot, and my former waterbed had that toasty heater. Would feathers/down be warmer than LaNoodle?

Hi Stardustgirl,

That would really depend on all the factors that can affect sleeping temperature (see post #2 here) and there’s no way to quantify “how much” difference there would be but taken by itself a featherbed would probably be “noticeably” warmer for most people than the lanoodles topper because it would be more insulating.


That makes sense. I was thinking of true down coats vs. synthetic fill and thinking down/feather would be warmer, but since latex is also a natural material I wasn’t sure if my thinking was correct in comparing toppers to coats. :unsure: It sounds like the original plan of feathers is the way to go. Thanks!