Latex Mattress buying experience from Ebay Seller Mattresses247

I have been lurking on the site for sometime now and wanted to share my experience purchasing a Latex Mattress on ebay from Mattresses247. This is a great forum and Phoenix is so helpful and his answers are so detailed I would have felt guilty not contributing and sharing my experience.

I purchased a King Size Latex Mattress from ebay seller Mattresses247 on Ebay. After months and months of researching and comparing I decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase.

Prior to my purchase I had a few questions about what firmness I needed and emailed the seller and dealt with Valerie she was super helpful. She said that the majority of her customers are good with the Firm/Medium/Soft layers. My wife likes a mattress a bit firmer than I do so Valerie suggested I layer her side Medium Firm Soft.

So I received 3 boxes in the mail. The address the boxes came from is the same as the Sleep EZ address.
2 boxes contained the firm medium base layers which are split and the 3rd box contained the soft layer and the mattress cover which says bamboo on it.

the base layer is a 6 inch piece of latex which 3inchs firm and 3 inches medium glued together and in a see through cover. I will post pictures to show. The top layer is 1 complete layer with a seem and no cover. It was pretty neat seeing the latex soft piece uncovered and rolled up it was almost like a marshmellow texture.

One of the base layers had a little piece missing from it like someone pulled it and ripped a piece off by accident but nothing major which would cause any issues with the bed. Its in one of the pictures I attached. For the price it was really nothing to complain about.

I assembled the bed with my side being F/M/S and my wife M/F/S and zipped the mattress cover up and the had our latex mattress! To be honest I could not tell a difference between the firmness on each side with the different configurations but my wife and I are super happy with the comfort. last night was our first night sleeping in the bed and we were very pleased with our purchase.

After my purchase and before I received the bed, I noticed that the listing was for blended Talalay which got me a little nervous because I thought the mattress was going to be pure talalay but I searched on the forums which reassured me that blended Talalay is nothing to be concerned about.

One mistake I did make was not waiting until the foundation came to make the bed. I having to pick up a completed bed and put the foundation under it was a bit of a pain. Looking in hindsight I would have waited an extra night for the foundation to arrive before building the mattress.

So I can say I am super happy with my purchase so far. I feel like my dollar went really far for the quality of the product I received. It is kind of scary making such a large purchase on line for a bed which I did not test out but in the end I could not have been more pleased.

Thanks Phoenix and members on this forum for all the information you have shared, the least I could do is share my experiences too!

Hi Reza,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed account of your experiences. I certainly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Just to clarify as well …

All talalay latex is actually “pure” talalay because this is just the method used to manufacture the foam. Both the Talalay and the Dunlop manufacturing process can use natural rubber or synthetic rubber or a blend of the two to make the latex foam. With talalay … the blended is probably a little more durable and pressure relieving than the 100% natural Talalay in softer ILD’s … and less costly as well (see post #2 here for a comparison of blended and all natural Talalay).

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress. I’m also looking forward to any ongoing reports you have the time to share.


I am about to place an order for a king size all latex. My top vendors are BB, Ikea, and now mattresses247. After asking Valerie at 24/7 about the factory seconds (which was freaking my wife out) and what kind of issues to expect, she explained the following to me. Just thought I’d share the info as this has helped me decide to buy from her. I can post pictures of what I get…

from Valerie at matresses247:
I started my business 4 years ago selling factory seconds as I had available sources for supply of same. Factory seconds meant that the latex was brand new…but with minor flaws not affecting the life or longevity of the latex. Anyone thinking that factory seconds means a used is simply uninformed as to that term. So while I had a steady supply my buyers got some superb prices on latex.

Last year I stopped selling factory seconds completely as my particular sources dried up. I sell latex that originates from either Radium Foam or Latex International–once product is received from either company I make no further distinction in filling orders. With my current inventory orders are being filled with Radium Foam latex.

Hi nosugartonight,

I’ve also talked with Val at Mattresses 24/7 and we had a great conversation and I think highly of her.

As you mentioned she is no longer supplying factory seconds or returns (unless of course she were to specify that it’s from a mattress that was returned to her).

They would make a good choice for someone that was looking for more basic options and didn’t need some of the options in design or materials available with other suppliers, that didn’t mind that there may be a very slight side to side difference in ILD between the two manufacturers sometimes with split layers (if they come from different suppliers), and that was confident enough with the layering choices they make that they don’t mind the lack of any layer exchanges or mind a higher cost involved for returning the mattress.

They are certainly good value.

I also changed their description in the component layer post here because I realized that the information there was not current so thanks for bring it to my attention :slight_smile:


I’m also in the market for a latex mattress and am considering mattresses247. But one thing I couldn’t find was whether or not they offer a warranty on their mattresses? I’ve checked their site and ebay listings but couldn’t find this info. I’ve also sent a message to them but no response yet. Anyone know?

Great site btw, lots and lots of useful info for mattress shoppers!

Hi acm25,

I didn’t ask her when I talked with her and on the site it says to look at the item descriptions but I didn’t see it there.

When you find out it would be great if you could post the answer here for others that may have the same question.


Just wanted to follow up, I waited a couple weeks but never got a response back about whether or not their mattresses carry a warranty. I also tried e-mailing them directly on their website and the e-mail just bounced, which is a little concerning. So I think I’ll pass on them and stick with one of the “member” vendors.

Hi acm25,

I emailed her as a result of your post (via the links on her site but you need to click the email addresses not copy them because the one that comes up when you click it is different from the one you see listed) and she replied to let me know that she is dealing with an urgent family matter and may not be able to reply to emails or phone calls in a timely way for a little while. She also changed her voicemail to let people know.

Her email and phone are both working but it may be a few weeks before she is able to put her attention back on her business.